VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Kickstand mounts posted by: David on 6/24/2006 at 12:33:53 PM
I recently passed along a low-end Windsor and a Schwinn WOrld Sport that both had mounting plates in the frame for a kickstand. Did other Asian-built Schwinns also have these? Any other fairly common bikes? I would like to find one in 24" for an errand bike.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Kickstand mounts posted by Bryant on 6/26/2006 at 10:35:12 AM
Well, I just sold a Schwinn Letour Luxe that had a mounting plate. But I believe those were made in Mississippi. I'm now working on a Bridgestone 100 and that also has a mounting plate

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Age of Raleigh Grand Prix posted by: David Sides on 6/23/2006 at 7:18:44 PM
I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a Serial Number data base for a Raleigh Grand Prix. It is from the 70's or 80's, but only numbers (3037789). Any suggestions?

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Age of Raleigh Grand Prix posted by David on 6/24/2006 at 1:12:10 AM
If you can describe its original paint, components, etc, someone can probably give you a fair guess.

   RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Age of Raleigh Grand Prix posted by Randy on 6/24/2006 at 5:39:21 PM
Try this web site for serial number assistance.


   RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Age of Raleigh Grand Prix posted by David Sides on 6/25/2006 at 9:21:43 PM
The paint and style is just like the 1970's models (metallic maroon, black label), but it was made in Holland, and has a leather seat. The serial number seems to be from the late 80's, when the bikes were more "primary" in their paint colors, and had vinyl seats... It has 27" tires too. Thanks for the help!

   RE:RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Age of Raleigh Grand Prix posted by JONathan on 6/26/2006 at 2:14:57 AM
Interesting enough. Could it be that Gazelle (Dutch) built it? Some Raleighs with the Olympic rings decals are '77 & '78, like my Raleigh Record Aces, although these models are in no way to be considered the same as those earlier models (before '72..?). Check the specifications page on some catalogs from RR. Good luck. Does it have those funky wrap-around seat-stays?
Those went out in the early '70's.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Age of Raleigh Grand Prix posted by David Sides on 6/26/2006 at 1:42:16 PM
Yes - it has the wrap around seat stays, and was made in Gazelle. Beautiful Lugs too. A guy in my neighborhood has it for sale [along with about 50 other old bikes]. It caught my attention when I noticed the cool rear brake cable holder - then I saw the leather seat. I thought "I'll just jot down the serial number, and get all kinds of info about it on-line"... [sigh]
I'm trying to get a bike to convert into a racer.
BTW - anyone know anything about "Batavus"?

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Replacement Decals; Frame graphics posted by: Jim on 6/23/2006 at 12:40:16 AM
Does anyone know of sources of decals/logos for vintage restoration. I'm restoring a not too old,but beautiful Bottecchia. All I need is one of the three color bands that wraps around the frame tubes ,and shows the years when the bike won the Italian championship. I called CycleArt in California and they will only provide the decals if they do a complete paint job/restoration. They want a lot more than I paid for the bike for their paint job. not to mention shipping. All I need is one sticker! Help, Jim

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Replacement Decals; Frame graphics posted by Gralyn on 6/23/2006 at 12:04:59 PM
From time-to-time lots of these type stickers show up on e-bay.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Replacement Decals; Frame graphics posted by Randy on 6/23/2006 at 10:41:40 PM
You might get the decals you want from these guys. They have lots of stuff but be prepared to pay for what you get.

I have made my own decals and you might get away with doing so yourself. Buy a decal making kit off of Ebay and give it a try. Print what you need from your computer and stick them on. The results are not all that bad.


   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS: Replacement Decals; Frame graphics posted by sam on 6/28/2006 at 1:59:36 PM

MISC:   larz Anderson Bicycle Show-August 13th posted by: Peter Naiman on 6/22/2006 at 10:00:34 PM
The Larz Anderson Bicycle Show is less than two months away, on Sunday August 13th with set up time for the Bicycle Concours at 9:00, with show times of 10:00AM-2:00PM. We'll be doing a vintage ride through the Emerald Necklace of Brookline and Boston starting at 8:30AM at the grounds entrance.

Flyers to all past participants of the Larz Anderson Bicycles Show will be going out within the next week or so. We encourage everyone who is bringing a bike or more to the Concours, that you mail in a your registration forms for the Concours ahead of time to make registration go smoothly for everyone. If you want to pre-register, please email me offlist and I will forward a registration form for the Concours to you.

If you are not sure if you are on our mailing list and would like to be included, please email offlist with your contact information and the list will be updated.

As said before, we'll be putting on our usual Vintage Ride before the show starting at 8:30AM which will go through the Emerald Necklace of Boston and Brookline. If you plan on attending the ride, please pre-register all bikes being entered in the Concourse.

Best regards,


AGE / VALUE:   Bike hunting vacation... posted by: Randy on 6/22/2006 at 1:22:41 PM
My wife and I just spent the past three weeks travelling across Canada, visiting friends and relatives. I also spent a bit of time searching for vintage lightweight road bicycles and didn't do too badly. The results were: one Pinarello "Trevisio"(with full Campagnolo grouppo), one late seventies Bianchi, an early eighties Olmo "Grand Prix" with Campagnolo Nouvo Record grouppo, two nice Miele bikes from the early eighties(one is almost mint), a mid sixties Coventry Eagle and a Phillips which is in really good condition, a Cambio Rino "Rino Corsa"(bent frame but a good component grouppo), a nice mid eighties Nishiki Olympic Tri-A, an early eighties Canadian made Mikado "Cadence" with full Shimano second generation 600 grouppo(a keeper), a Peugeot "Super Sport" in very good condition but missing a rear wheel(soon to be a single speed), a mid seventies Holdsworth "Equipe", and a Jeunet "Captivante"(something like that). I managed to get all but two of these finds in my Ford Ranger for the trip back to Thunder Bay, Ontario where I will get back into searching for more treasure.

I did pass on a few bicycles because the price asked did not warrant the purchase but just barely. A 1979 Carlton "Criterium" escaped and a virtually mint 1975 Raleigh "Sprint" also got away($200.00 CND asking price). There were other lesser bicycles that I saw at yard sales but nothing that really caught my interest.

My point is this... The great old bicycles are still out there but one must be more creative in seeking out methods for finding them.

One might suggest that I am really lucky to find these bicycles but, the truth is, I really work at it. I will be making the trip again next summer and will organize my searching efforts with hopes of finding even more bicycles worth saving.

All that said, I agree with Graylin about the deminishing supply of vintage lightweight road bicycles. I find it more and more difficult to find vintage bikes but I do know that there is still a whole wack of them out there, hiding in basements, garages and old sheds. The trick is to find them, before the owner throws them away or decides to try riding them again.

So far, this year, I have found roughly two dozen collectable road bicycles, two of which(the Mikado "Cadence" and a CCM "Tour du Canada") I have added to my collection(the rest will be offered for sale to anyone interested). Even though some of the bicycles mentioned above were acquired for free or very little cash outlay, for the most part the price is going up and will most likely not come down. If one of us stumbles upon a really good deal(like a full Campy Nouvo Record equipped Olmo "Grand Prix", complete with U lock, spare tubes and a "Ten Speed Maintenance book from the seventies, for $60.00) we can consider ourselves lucky.

In closing I would like to suggest that it is the quest and not the find that is interesting. Sure, we all like to find a great old bicycle but the search is often just as much fun, in my humble opinion.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Bike hunting vacation... posted by Derek Coghill on 6/23/2006 at 10:58:28 PM
Do you mean that the chase is better than the catch, or that it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive?

Ooops, semantics.

Optimism is good.