AGE / VALUE:   La Perle bikes posted by: Andrew on 7/26/2006 at 12:11:57 PM
I have a La Perle with a Sturmey Archer 3-speed dated dated 1951. The bike has very pretty hammered aluminum fenders w/headlite marked "Lamarteli", an art deco aluminum chain guard. Were many of these sold in the US market?

   RE:AGE / VALUE: La Perle bikes posted by tk on 7/26/2006 at 9:07:58 PM
sounds really cool.. any interest in selling it?

    La Perle bikes posted by John E on 7/27/2006 at 2:22:02 PM
Sounds great. Have you posted over in the Roadsters forum?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   La Perle bikes posted by Steven on 7/29/2006 at 5:37:40 AM
They are actually le martelé which translates to the 'the hammered' as they have been hammered to give them their distinctive look.

AGE / VALUE:   Unknown old french bike posted by: Todd Simeone on 7/26/2006 at 6:53:01 AM
I have been trying to figure out the make of my old french bike for weeks to no avail. can anyone help me? Just want to know what kind of frame it is.

All the info, pictures, and prior discussion can be found on the bike forum link:

feel free to email with any questions.


VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Motobecane Team Le Champion posted by: Eirik on 7/25/2006 at 8:19:48 PM
I'm restoring a Motobecane lightweight that some previous owner has painted with thick black paint. Juging from the components i think it's a Team Le Champion from late 70's/early 80's. I've tried to find decals for this bike, but with no luck with either cyclart or motobecane them selves. Can anyone help? Also I'm in need of old style bar tape and outer wire in red. Where can i find this? I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me out with this, i'm quite new to lightweights.


   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS: Motobecane Team Le Champion posted by Walter on 7/27/2006 at 12:05:40 AM
LeChampions from the 70s are superb bikes. In the 80s they came down a bit.

Here's a Le Champion probably from the 80s with good pics:

Here's what the seller claims is a 78 Gran Jubilee though I think it might be a little earlier. Real good pics that show the "classic" decals that Moto used for most of that decade..

I have never seen Moto decals and I do keep a bit of a lookout for vintage Moto stuff.

There's a guy on goes by mswantak who has been making repops and getting solid reviews on his work. You might go there and post in the Classic and Vintage thread and see if he responds. That's about all I can do other than say try making them based on the ebay pics and a bubble jet printer. People do it but I haven't tried yet.

Oh, one other thing....You could contact the current Motobecane. No relation to the long defunct French company that built your bike but they do use the Le Champion name and their decals have some similarity. No idea if they'd sell them.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Motobecane Team Le Champion posted by dave koski on 8/2/2006 at 8:13:13 PM
I've got two Le Champions, one a '74 and the other late '60's/early '70's. One I got as a frameset in poor condition. I repainted it and applied new decals that I had made for me by mswantak on the vintage forum at The final result turned out great.

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Motobecane Team Le Champion posted by Eirik on 8/9/2006 at 12:47:28 AM
Will check with mswantak. Thanks alot!

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Motobecane Team Le Champion posted by Michael on 10/30/2006 at 9:10:31 PM
I have a Motobecane that I bought in 87. I was told that the bike was 15 to 20 years old back then. It has all Campy parts on it and has beautiful lugs. It has been repainted and has no decals on it. I'm guessing it's a Team Champion from some of the pics I've seen, but I'm not sure. The only thing I have to go by is a serial number I found underneath the bottom bracket. Can anybody tell me if I can identify this bike from the serial number?

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Ross Super Grand Tour posted by: Gralyn on 7/25/2006 at 1:28:55 PM
Amazingly, I actually spotted an old 10-speed in the thrift store yesterday. It was a Ross Super Grand Tour......late 70's most likely. Araya alloy wheels with QR hubs. Would have been full Shimano 600 group - but the rear der. had been replaced. It was more than I would normally spend for a bike with a 1020 frame......but I do like that old Shimano 600 group. I thought I might put the old theory to the test....and stop back by today - and see whether or not it's gone. I would expect it to be gone. Any half-decent old lightweight bike ....even if they ever do show up in a thrift store.....will get gone pretty quickly.

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Kenko Storm 1975 posted by: Nancy on 7/24/2006 at 5:53:28 PM
I have a great old 10 speed road bike that was just refurbished for my daughter to take to school. I moved after i bought it in Kalamazoo, MI in 1975. Does anyone know anything about Kenko bikes?

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Kenko Storm 1975 posted by Gralyn on 7/25/2006 at 1:16:13 PM
Is it just a Kenko? Or a Zebra Kenko?
I had a Zebra Kenko bike - from about the mid-70's. It was a pretty good lower-to-mid level Japanese bike. I have never heard of just a 'Kenko'. Maybe someone else has....