FOR SALE:   Bridgestone Skyway posted by: Gary Main on 8/15/2006 at 6:52:44 PM
early 70s Bridgestone Kabuki Skyway. lugged steel road bike all original. all stickers and paint, and tape intact, with few scratches. Shimano Disc Brake on rear.
ask for more details. $200. $250 tuned, road ready with 2 new tires. rare bike. Show me another one.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Bridgestone Skyway posted by Bryan on 8/15/2006 at 10:43:25 PM
These had disc brakes? Way back then? Or a modern add-on?

Either way, sounds like a cool bike.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   Bridgestone Skyway posted by Bryant on 8/17/2006 at 10:33:35 AM
Yeah, They had disc brakes. I remeber buying one at a flea market for $10. Nothing special, just never saw disc brakes on a bike this early. Gave it away to my daughters friend as a beater bike

   RE:RE:RE:FOR SALE:   Bridgestone Skyway posted by Chris on 8/17/2006 at 4:42:08 PM
One of the strange things I found was this exact brake unit you are mentioning.

MISC:   Raleigh Competition posted by: Jerry on 8/15/2006 at 9:40:56 AM
I own a 1972 or 1973 raleigh competition that i bought new during the bike boom of that era. The frame is white with some
blue trim. The bike is made from reynolds 501 double butted tubing. It has a zeus crank and zeus gransport derailleur. The pedals are Atom 700 and the hubs are MM Atom quick release. The bike came with sew ups which i replaced once because of dry rot,and the rims are marked Nisi-Evian light alloy corsa,made in Italy.It has a brooks b15 saddle and their is a decal that says made in carlton race approved workshop. It think this bike is rare because i can`t find
a match to it in the 1972 or 1973 raleigh on line catalogs.
The one bike that looked the same was called the gran sport
in the 1973 catalog,but it had different equipment. The bike
is in excellent condition with a few scratches on the paint.
I am putting on new sew ups and getting a complete pro tune up at the bike shop where it was bought new. What would the value of this bike be ?. In closing would you recommend selling it and buying a new lightweight road bike or keeping
it. Thanks for any input out there.


    Raleigh Competition posted by John E on 8/15/2006 at 2:31:20 PM
If it fits you and you like it, why replace it with a new bike, when you can ride a fairly rare classic? The new road bikes have some extremely race-specific features which are questionable for the rest of us: 1) carbon fiber anything; 2) tight geometries; 3) low spoke count wheels; 4) fragile 10-speed chains.

   RE:MISC: Raleigh Competition posted by jack on 8/15/2006 at 8:22:15 PM
Hmmm, did they make 501 back in 73?...are you sure its not 531? No matter, its a nice vintage bike and its greatest value to you or anyone is to ride it as often as possible. Sewups are a pain if you get a flat so many convert wheels to clinchers or better yet, buy a new set of clincher wheels if sewups are an issue. Also, if you want comfy and reliable ride qualities, get at least 28mm wide tires.

   RE:MISC: Raleigh Competition posted by jerry on 8/16/2006 at 12:36:28 AM
Thanks for the replys. Jack your are correct the tubing is reynolds 531, the decal was hard to read. I always enjoyed the
responsive sports car feel of the bike with the sew ups. Will it severely change the feel of the bike if i go to clinchers ?,and is it worth the cost. Thanks again


   RE:RE:MISC: Raleigh Competition posted by Kurt K. on 8/16/2006 at 1:03:56 AM
Either a Raleigh Gran Sport, or a rather rare 1970 Competition . Does it have a built-in derailer hanger? If so, Competition. If not, Gran Sport.


   RE:RE:MISC: Raleigh Competition posted by jack on 8/16/2006 at 2:05:47 AM
Although clinchers have improved, most still prefer the ride quality of sewups (or tubulars). Since you already have tubular rims, sewup tires will be cheaper in the short run. But after you get a few flats, and either have to fix them or by another sewup, tubulars are more expensive, and hassle, in the long run. Of course this may not be an issue for those that don't put many miles on their sewups yet still want to sometimes experience the best possible riding qualities.

   RE:MISC: Raleigh Competition posted by jerry on 8/16/2006 at 12:19:01 PM
Thanks for the response Kurt k,the bike is definitely a competion as i bought it new, and it is painted in gold on the top tube. I checked the retro raleigh web site and the the stamped serial number starts with an F, which means the frame was built in 1971. That would make sense, because i think i bought it in 1972. To answer your other ? the zeus gransport derailleur screws into the frame.

   RE:MISC: Raleigh Competition posted by jerry on 8/16/2006 at 12:27:30 PM
Thanks for the response Kurt k,the bike is definitely a competion as i bought it new, and it is painted in gold on the top tube. I checked the retro raleigh web site and the the stamped serial number starts with an F, which means the frame was built in 1971. That would make sense, because i think i bought it in 1972. To answer your other ? the zeus gransport derailleur screws into the frame.

   RE:MISC:   Raleigh Competition posted by mike on 11/27/2006 at 2:50:50 PM
my step-father is really interested in your bike, he doesn't have a computer so that's why i'm writting. if you are interested in selling it, he would be interested in it. please let me know what you think and i'll forward the message... thanks

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   1980 Soma Sport Owners Manual Wanted posted by: J B on 8/15/2006 at 4:18:28 AM

I bought this Soma Sport 10 speed in I think, in 1980. Put 67 miles on it according to my Huret Odometer, which I bought at the same time. Then put it in the basement. 26 years later, I have just cleaned out all my belongings from my parents home, where I was born and raised .

You may ask why would anyone buy a new 10 speed put 67 miles on it and promptly abandon it. Well...... I was a real "bike head" at one time. My first real bike was a Schwinn Supper Sport. I use to ride the heck out of this thing for a few years. Then it got stolen right out of our house. With insurance money I replaced it with a Schwinn La Tour. Another bike I would ride the heck out of for a few more years. Then this one was stolen right out of my Uncle's furniture store where I worked. It was stolen by a real low life employee. I couldn't prove it but it didn't make much difference anyway. I got some insurance money so off again I go to do what seems to come naturally for me. I go out looking for another bike. The 80's was the decade of the Japanese! Our local bike shop had a room full of Japanese bikes. Thought this Soma was real nice. I bought it.

Even though I got this new bike, things were changing in my life. Girls, cars, school, playing guitar in bands. and yes settling down and doing the family type stuff all happened! That's the short version, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Anyhow, now I have this Soma Sport and I got the "bike head" thing going again. The gumwalls were all gummed out of the tires and the bike seemed kind of crusty. I put new tires on it and gave it a test drive. Everything works like it did when I parked it.

I attached a picture of the bike pretty much before doing any cleaning and with the original tires (All Gummed Out)

I would like to find out everything I can about this bike. I haven't been able to find my owners manual or a sales receipt as of yet. This would for sure confirm the year. Maybe I can get a copy of an owners manual from someone or a copy of some advertising for this model. This would be cool! Looking at the serial number it seems to indicate 1980. (Soma Sport Serial Number: 80 09 53773) I googled and googled and can't find much at all about the brand. The only thing I found was I think these are the same guys but they don't make bikes any longer. Just frames and have no history listed about the Co.

If anyone knows anything about the brand or model please let me know. I would appreciate any information you could provide.

I have been taken the thing a part, polishing, cleaning and am confident this bike will be restored like new again. Real Soon!!!
For more info on the Soma Sport:
Thanks for your input,


AGE / VALUE:   Does anyone have any information on this? posted by: Jack on 8/15/2006 at 12:34:10 AM
I have a 10 speed bike I picked up at a garage sale for literally nothing, but I know literally nothing about it. It has "Silver Spirit" across both sides of the topbar and "Made in Japan" at the base of the downbar. It's an EXCELLENT road bike and I'd like to find some more information about it so I can restore it correctly. I know it was made in the 70's sometime. Any help?

AGE / VALUE:   motobecane posted by: Tina on 8/14/2006 at 10:09:19 PM
I just found an older looking Motobecane womens 10 speed. the frame is gold-copper color with a serial number stamped on the underside. the numbers 2965810 appear on one line and under them is the numbers 503. There is a Motobecane plate on the front and the Motobecane Made in France on the main frame. The white fenders have the name "Bluemels Popular Made in England. Can anyone help me determine what year/model this bike is and what it might be worth. Thank You

   RE:AGE / VALUE: motobecane posted by jack on 8/15/2006 at 4:13:21 AM
Tina, your Motobecane is most probably from the 70's or 80's..not much difference except early ones had french components and latter had japanese. Bluemels were and are popular vintage fenders of the same period. Value, probably 100 to 300 depending...older ones being more collectable like most things. If it fits you with slight modifications, ride the heck out of it! That's its true value rather than monetary and they are good bikes that will never be made again for that price.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   motobecane posted by Bryan on 8/15/2006 at 10:47:25 PM
Those white Bluemels alone go for a pretty penny on ebay.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: motobecane posted by Ret on 5/9/2007 at 8:10:00 AM
I am planning on buying a used Female model Motobecane off Craigslist. It's from the eighties, bright yellow model, with I believe the first sissy bar type style. It looks to be in immaculate condition. It has many little estras, plus two brand new matching yellow saddle bags. What do you think?