AGE / VALUE:   raleigh team issue dura ace posted by: simon on 8/7/2006 at 6:15:28 PM
i have just picked up a team issue raleigh 1980, with reynolds 753 tubing. it has full 1980 dura ace groupset with mavic ma 50 crd rims. the bike has no scratches and is in new condition ( has to be seen to be beleived ) how much is this bike worth?

   RE:AGE / VALUE: raleigh team issue dura ace posted by Warren on 8/8/2006 at 12:31:04 AM
Oodles...I'm thinking 2K. Lots of Raleigh fans...even for road bikes.

AGE / VALUE:   value of schwinn speedster posted by: Bates on 8/7/2006 at 5:28:33 PM
i have a mint 1974 schwinn speedster 3 speed with the origional owners manual totally mint.......wondering how much it's worth

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   value of schwinn speedster posted by BATES on 8/19/2006 at 8:50:26 PM
please give me any information that you only 13 and new to this type of thing

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Thinning the herd posted by: Gralyn on 8/7/2006 at 4:51:59 PM
I've been trying to part with some of my bikes - as I need the space - and have run out of decent storage. I parted with one of my Schwinn Travelers, with a triple up front - my favorite for riding roads up in the hills....and another Schwinn Traveler with a triple - but not so favorite. But, I suppose I can get over it. I also parted with Trek 400 - which looked practically new - it was a really nice ride. I parted with a few others - but I wasn't all that attached to them.
Anyway, that got me thinking......what bikes do I have that I absolutely do not want to sell? I could make out a list - but I bet it will still have way too many bikes on it. I suppose I should make a list put it in order according to my top prize bike - on down to one I could probably part with.
I also have to think in terms that the bikes I have - are probably all the bikes I will get. I really am not seeing any bikes these days. Even lower-to-mid level bikes and frames on e-bay have got priced really high - and thrift stores and garage sales just don't turn up anything these days.
Maybe I can somehow settle on a number of bikes a magic number....what....maybe 10?.....7??

   RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS: Thinning the herd posted by jack on 8/7/2006 at 9:19:25 PM
I and probably many bike collectors/enthusiasts share your problem Gralyn...and here's what I do. I don't limit myself to some arbitrary number of bikes. Rather I constantly upgrade my stable and when I get a another bike...I try and get rid of one. As the collection matures, less and less bikes are an "upgrade" so an equilibrium is reached. This number is different for different folks. Of course this doesn't address flipping bikes for profit...that's a whole other subject.

   RE:RE:VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS: Thinning the herd posted by Gralyn on 8/8/2006 at 5:14:26 PM
I have found over the years that I have gradually, somewhat, worked my way up to a little better quality bike....and really, my goal would be to keep working my way up in quality and value - to where I have just a few very nice old bikes. I have found that some of the bikes I picked up several years ago - and at the time, felt they were a real "prize" - and now they don't seem so hot...and they aren't such "prizes" afterall. (but they are really great, and well-built, bikes).

Just before the supply of old bikes all but dried up - I had found myself passing up on many old lightweights. Of course, now, passing up an old bike is no issue - as there aren't any around to pass up. But, the idea was - that I just wasn't excited about another Schwinn World Sport, or Taiwan Traveler, or old Raleigh Grand Prix, etc.

So now, I would like to gradually get rid of the ones I'm just not excited about - and keep searching for the more higher-end bikes. So, as that will go......the herd will grow smaller and smaller in number - and I will keep my best ones.....and slowly, very slowly.....add to the better ones....and then maybe sell one of the lesser of the "better" ones.

I have several I will try to part with first (ready-to-ride).....then I have numerous bikes that need to be gone-over, or re-built / re-furbished before I can pass them on. Then after that - I have several that are dis-assembled - that I will need to re-assemble - then pass on. So, gradually, I will work myself down to a handfull of bikes.

    Thinning the herd posted by John E on 8/8/2006 at 11:26:20 PM
For the time being, I am standing pat with my road bike collection:
1) 1959 Capo Modell Campagnolo, repainted & somewhat upgraded/updated; beautiful and very comfortable on long rides;
2) 1960 Capo Sieger, very nearly all-original;
3) 1970 Peugeot UO-8, highly upgraded; the perfect beater/commuter;
4) 1980 Peugeot PKN-10, Japanese drivetrain; nice compromise sweet spot between practicality and performance;
5) 1981 Bianchi Campione d'Italia, mostly original; a fair weather friend and the fastest bike I have ever owned.

The two Capos are arguably the only collectibles on the list, and the bikes pretty cover my range of needs. I am out of garage rafters from which to hang any additional bikes!

AGE / VALUE:   Evans Tricycle posted by: Laurie on 8/7/2006 at 1:32:06 AM
We bought an old tricycle at auction and really don't know anything about it. Label says ECC on it, bike is red, white pedals, think it is Evans??? Can anyone help and let me know anything about it? Thanks!

VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHTS:   Voyageur 11.8 Date ? posted by: Randy on 8/6/2006 at 6:51:22 PM
Hey all,
Anyone help me date my Voyageur ? Black w/Altus. 12 sp. 4130 frame. 1102 stamped on metal scwinn plate. Serial 2F04451. Sakae bars. Sugino super maxy crank. dia compe brakes. If I recall correctly I bought this bike new (though believe was collecting dust at the store) summer of '87. And only parts I've replaced over years are wheels and a busted screw on the rear derailer after I searched out a spare Altus derailer way, way back. Anyways, I'm getting ready to clean it up and get it back on road. Always loved this bike. Detailed it every year while I was riding it regularly. It is tall and stiff. And a bit hvy for being "super light" :)

   RE:  Voyageur 11.8 Date posted by Eric Amlie on 8/7/2006 at 1:41:17 PM
Headbadge date code reads 110th day of 1982.

   RE:RE:  Voyageur 11.8 Date posted by Randy on 8/13/2006 at 12:43:01 AM
Thanks. Cheers, Randy