AGE / VALUE:   trying to determine make of my track frame posted by: taylor on 12/29/2007 at 11:05:24 PM
I purchased a track bicycle from someone recently. He did not know what the make of the frame was... A couple of shops could not tell me. I have posted pictures on flickr...

Any help is appreciated.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   trying to determine make of my track frame posted by taylor Carpenter on 12/29/2007 at 11:08:32 PM
hmm that url is incomplete... lets try tinyurl


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   trying to determine make of my track frame posted by taylor on 12/30/2007 at 1:27:26 AM
Serial on bottom bracket is 18414 as far as I can tell. Has Brev. Campagnolo track drop-outs

   RE:AGE / VALUE: trying to determine make of my track frame posted by Warren on 12/30/2007 at 8:38:20 PM
Is that a road fork or a track fork? (oval or round blades)With centrepulls it looks like it's road. What size is the seatpost? How much does it weigh stripped? English, italian or french bottom bracket? Is that rear bridge drilled for a brake? Looks like Nervex lugs on the headtube but it's too easy to get distracted by all those xmas ornaments. Who sold this to you, one of Santas helpers? Was he training for the next "IronElf" competition.

Ride it...someday, someone out of the blue will tell you what it is.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   trying to determine make of my track frame posted by Taylor on 1/1/2008 at 11:05:41 AM
Not sure if the fork is track or road. I can not remember what the guy said about that. He may have said it was drilled for a brake... or it could just be a road. The fork crown does not seem to match the lugs though. What ever the case the brakes were not originally there with the frame.

Not sure about the weight stripped. Currently has stuff all on it... though I am pulling stuff off slowly (when I have time). I will weigh it when I get done.
I do not know how to tell the on the bottom bracket. Can you give me a tip? Rear bridge is not drilled.

Xmas lights are off now... They did help with visibility and were fun for a bit :)


   RE:AGE / VALUE: trying to determine make of my track frame posted by David on 1/5/2008 at 5:02:34 PM
The seat junction looks like a Carlton frame (british) the way the seatstays wrap around. I understand that was their "exclusive" in the late 1960s. They used Capella lugs thru 1967, I understand. GB stamped by bottom bracket also would be consistent with a british or Raleigh/Carlton origin. The fork looks to have been drilled out later. I've not seen one like it before. It may be the original track fork because it looks like it was a straight fork rather than curved. The tubes look round not oval on the fork, also a distinctive feature. Can you show the rest of the fork and the fork ends?

How hard is it to strip a track frame? take off the wheels, stem/bars, seat/post, cranks and you are basically there. There is a way to lookup serial numbers on retroraleighs I think. Maybe they have carlton numbers too?

AGE / VALUE:   Nice Berthoud... posted by: Mike on 12/29/2007 at 9:30:52 AM
Although a bit spendy? Ebay Item 320201050795.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Nice Berthoud... posted by Warren on 12/29/2007 at 5:05:12 PM
In the long run, worth every penny too.

MISC:   Bike Swap Jan. 20th 2008 Butler PA(near Pittsburgh) posted by: ralph on 12/28/2007 at 2:07:53 PM

coming up in less than a month.
excellent swap meet, especially if you are looking to sell stuff, as I came there to buy all the road bike=lightweight stuff you have. Campagnolo, Huret, Simplex, BSA, Frejus, Paramount, Rene Herse, Alex Singer, or anything else cool.

there is a special deal too at the days inn, where it is held. $50 a room, if reservations are made before Jan. 1st. must also state that you are coming there for the show.
Days Inn in Butler 724-287-6761.

Butler is just north of Pittsburgh.
the Days iNn has an indoor pool and a hot tub. and on Sat. night before the swap, a bar with a Dj and a dancefloor.

flyer here-


AGE / VALUE:   huffy american B/I posted by: connor masten on 12/28/2007 at 1:37:12 PM
I have a Huffy American B/I bannana seat, it is orange and black with front and rear fenders, it has a slick tire in the back, and chrome handle bars and sproket. it is in great condition. how much do you think it is worth, and what is the age

MISC:   Is my bike a fake? posted by: joe on 12/28/2007 at 12:11:51 PM
Need help. Just bought a Peugeot bicycle over the internet. Not familiar with them, but a couple of things seem unusual.After a couple of rides I have noticed that the paint is chipping away very easily revealing the frame, although the bike arrived in near mint condition.
Could really do with some advice in determining whether this is a genuine bike and not a re-spray or something. Would there be any manufactures mark on the frame itself? The stickers seem correct with 'Tube Special: Carbolite 103' e.t.c and the wheel rims say 'RIGIDA - Chromage Superchromix'. Can't spot any serial number or anything on the frame.Thanks for you time, much apreciated.joe

   RE:MISC:   Is my bike a fake? posted by Gralyn on 12/28/2007 at 1:27:33 PM
I have a Peugeot with Carbolite 103 frame, internally lugged. It's original, with original paint. I had it listed on ebay - and it sold - but the buyer didn't have the money, backed out, etc. - so I still have it. You can look on ebay at the completed listings and see it. It was from about 2 weeks ago....frame and fork. I have had several of these with the Carbolite 103. This was my last one. Of all of them - I never experienced anything with the paint chipping off, or peeling off. I know sometimes - if you have the forks and stays with chrome ends - the paint doesn't want to stick so well to the chrome plating. Are you peeling, or chipping off there? Or is it all over? What's under the paint? Is it Chrome underneath? Or bare steel? Or another color paint?
No, I've never experienced that with the Peogeots with Carbolite 103 frames.

   RE:MISC:   Is my bike a fake? posted by David on 12/31/2007 at 12:33:03 PM
It's hard to imagine someone counterfeiting Peugeots.

   RE:MISC: Is my bike a fake? posted by Joe on 1/4/2008 at 1:43:10 AM
Peugeot bikes were never really known for their paint jobs, I have a few late 70's ones here in white that are losing their paint and I know these are all original The paint loss looks like its just shedding the paint, the paint cracked and is dropping off the frame. Chances are it was just bad prep work and since these are stored out in the garage the temp changes are working on the paint somehow. I think if I hit it with compressed air, most of the paint would blow away. It's not all over the bike, only in certain areas. The chainstays and seat stays and head tube are the worst, with some on the bottom bracket shell.
A lot of French bikes back then had poor paint, they were pumping out so many bikes I guess paint quality just wasn't there. I do have several that are still in good shape though. All of the ones that are losing paint are white. All of the ones that are peeling are just prior to the Carbolite 103 years though. These are AO8 and UO8 models that I have here. I also had a few Gitane frames do the same thing over the years, also in white.

   RE:MISC:   Is my bike a fake? posted by Tom on 1/16/2008 at 12:52:53 PM
There may be a serial number on the underside of the bottom bracket that can help you date the bike. Visit my for catalogs... to help you identify the model