AGE / VALUE:   Cannondale SR600 Update posted by: Gralyn on 3/15/2007 at 5:33:39 AM
Well, I had wanted a Cannondale for my collection. I had no Cannondale - and I could not find a Cannondale that I could afford. So, I finally lucked out and was able to get one (frame only) that was very affordable for me. I knew it was going to be a little tall for me (61 cm) - but I had a couple other bikes in that size - and had no problems riding them. I get the bike - and it turns out to be a 63 cm. But, if you actually measure it from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat post - it's like 66 or 67 cm.
I build up the frame anyway - trying to do everything I possibly can to make it ridable for me.....using shorter cranks - so that when the pedal bottoms out - it will be closer to my foot.....using a seat post that will get the saddle as low as possible....using a saddle that sits as low as possible.....using 700 C wheels with lower profile tire......everything I can......then I try it out on the road.....and it's really just too tall.
The thing about my collection: I don't collect anything I don't ride. Since it looks like I'm not going to be able to ride this one......then I need to sell it and try and find another one in a smaller frame......or I need to trade it.

So, if anyone has a Cannondale frame (decent-looking - not dented up and missing a lot of paint) in sizes anywhere from about a 54 cm to 60 cm (measured to the top of the seat post) - and would be interested in trading for a really nice condition, nice looking taller frame - please let me know.

WANTED:   campagnolo brake drop bolt posted by: Jeff on 3/15/2007 at 12:21:13 AM
I am looking for a Campy drop bolt for my 81 Raleigh Super Course. If you know of one or where I can find one it would be great. Thanks!

   RE:WANTED: campagnolo brake drop bolt posted by Rolland on 3/29/2007 at 10:30:13 AM
There are two on e-bay as of 3/29/07. Here is a link to one of them. RO

AGE / VALUE:   Old Eagle bike posted by: Gary Main on 3/13/2007 at 8:42:04 PM
I got a cheap chinese 10 speed today, its an Old Eagle. I thought, what a turd! so i put it in the rack, and surprise, its all suntour and diacompe! and not bad either!
For an all steel 10 speed this thing is pretty light! I will report back on all its gear, and who made it.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old Eagle bike posted by Gralyn on 3/14/2007 at 9:05:49 AM
That's a new name to me. But I suppose there are hundreds of names out there - for Japanese steel bikes with Dia-Compe and SunTour components. Yes, I picked up one that was named "Compania" - and the name was scripted on the bike - to where at a first glance - it looked like "Campagnolo".

MISC:   rims for bainchi boardwalk posted by: CROSSNEYZ on 3/13/2007 at 4:51:09 PM
Hi, I have in my possession a bianchi boardwalk from 1989-1993 not sure of exact date. The rims with the bicycle are ARAYA Japan 700 cpx-45, I was wondering are these the origional for this bicycle? If not what are the origional rims for this bike? Any infor would be helpful. Thanks much!

   RE:MISC: rims for bainchi boardwalk posted by John E on 3/14/2007 at 7:14:30 AM
If the drivetrain is Japanese, I suspect those rims are original.

   RE:MISC: rims for bainchi boardwalk posted by Warren on 3/14/2007 at 5:43:05 PM
I always liked that bike and I know a shop that has one NOS in the basement.

Those Arayas and similar are abundant. Wider Arraya rims were de rigeur for a generation of hybrids in that period.

AGE / VALUE:   how much is this bike worth posted by: Jace on 3/12/2007 at 6:07:26 PM
I am trying to determine the value of a road bike that I inhereted, from my uncle Tom. It is super light weight, 12 speed, cycles gitane DEFI, yellow & silver, excellent condition, except michelin tires, (super elan23622) are dry rotted. Wheels measure about 24". It also says garanti construit avec reynolds 453 tubes renforces fabrication ti reynolds limited angleterre. It has Look clip pedals. It has helico matic wheels, made by maillard. Made in France. It has modolo corsa brakes. The seat says Muudialita. I don't have a picture to post and really don't know how.
Please tell me what you can, as I am trying to decide whether to spend the money for new tires for it or to try to sell it. Thank you very much. Jace

   RE:AGE / VALUE: how much is this bike worth posted by Warren on 3/13/2007 at 5:01:42 AM
453 is made for "sports and general purpose bikes". Single butted. It's an interesting bike though. Sachs derailleurs maybe? If the tires hold air, then sell it as is. Try Craigslist if you're near a big city. Maybe you can get a couple of hundred for it?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   how much is this bike worth posted by jace on 3/13/2007 at 6:35:29 AM
Yes it does have sach derailleurs. The rear derailleur says sach huret, and the front just says huret. It also has nervar cranks. Is this a plus or a minus? Would this add to the value of the bike?

   : how much is this bike worth posted by John E on 3/13/2007 at 7:56:37 AM
Nervar made a wide range of cranksets, including cottered steel (used on the Peugeot UO-8), relatively rare cotterless steel ("Sport"), and world-class high-end cotterless aluminum ("Star"). The 5-bolt Sport and Star cranks use a proprietary 128mm bolt circle, although I have easily and successfully adapted road standard 130mm BCD chainrings to fit.

Star cranks would add to the value of the bike, but their steel cousins would not.

   RE:: how much is this bike worth posted by Warren on 3/13/2007 at 1:53:12 PM
This bike would have geater value as a rider if it's in your size. Swap for new wheels when a good set comes along. A low mileage Helicomatic hubset is sellable.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   how much is this bike worth posted by jace on 3/13/2007 at 4:35:44 PM
Yes the cranks are deffently 5-bolt aluminum. I dont know if it is my size and i dont know how to tell if it is my size. I have only riden mountain bikes because i couldnt afford both. Im 5'11" 155lbs

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   how much is this bike worth posted by jace on 3/13/2007 at 7:48:00 PM
So what would the approximate value of this bike be? Also are you saying that i should sell the hubs that are on it and buy a newer set of wheels.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   how much is this bike worth posted by Bryan on 3/14/2007 at 2:46:12 PM
I think Warren's estimate is reasonable. maybe a few bucks more, maybe a few bucks less depending on where you are located.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: how much is this bike worth posted by Warren on 3/14/2007 at 5:55:34 PM
If you're 5'11" with a normal inseam, I think you'll need a 57/58 cm seat tube. Others can verify this. Measure from the centre of the axle to the centre or top of the toptube at the seatpost lug. c-t-c or c-t-t for short.

You're light though. A guy like you should have a Alan or Vitus with super lightweight componentry.