FOR SALE:   Vintage Young Girls Bike 23'' To Seat posted by: Marcia on 4/29/2007 at 2:59:00 PM
I found this bike at a garage sale. It is in good shape, a VERY solid bike. The rims and handle bars have surface rust and would probably look brand new with a rust remover. The tires are ALL rubber no tubes. The bike has some miles on it as the tires are worn. The plastic seat is in good condition. The handle grips are tight. The chain is tight. The brakes work. I believe I had a bike like this when I was a kid so I am guessing it is from the late 60's early 70's. I would sell it for the right price. Otherwise Im gonna hang it in my garage as a conversation piece. Its very cute. The bike is made by Sears and says Free Spirit on it. The chain guard says "coaster brake". I dont have a model number for it because the tape around the seat neck where there is SUPPOSE to be a model number and date was not entered. This would be a great collector bike as I havent seen one like this in YEARS! I have a pic of the bike in the profile of my email address. Thanks!


    Vintage Young Girls Bike 23'' posted by John E on 4/30/2007 at 2:01:47 PM
I strongly recommend posting in the middleweights forum, rather than here.

AGE / VALUE:   peugeot mountain bike posted by: jason on 4/27/2007 at 6:38:06 PM
I bought a used peugeot mtb in 95, suntour dropouts, suntour brake on bottom stays, all the decals were removed when I bought it. traded it for some tires a year later and it came back to me a while ago. stripped to the frame, it weighs just under three pounds frame and fork.
I imagine its one of the japanese made models, but the quality seems pretty high. any ideas on what they were useing for frame materials on these? jason

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   peugeot mountain bike posted by JB on 4/30/2007 at 5:29:21 AM
Have a Peugeot has Tange tubing...Japanese...very tough bike..bullmoose bars..with Continental knobbies, I can roll through the roughest terrain...does not have the newest torsion/shock amenities, but, hey, the tank-like qualities of this sweet old Peugeot provides all the confidence to handle the dirt

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   peugeot mountain bike posted by jason on 4/30/2007 at 12:36:49 PM
did some internet research and found it to be a Peugeot canyon express, says it was a handmade japanese frame.
with 700c fixed wheels it makes the sweetest fixed in the stable
I ride a old Puch meteor mountain, bullmoose bars and suntour components, not as light a frame but retro enough to get comment at the trail. it really gets them when I show up on my 1950 schwinn alla marin county kluncker, though. jason

AGE / VALUE:   stripped BB shell posted by: jason on 4/27/2007 at 6:22:59 PM
I just stripped out the fixed cup side of the bb shell on my 70's raliegh record, cheap bike but my favorite commuter,
the threads on the cup look fine, but it just pulled right out.
is there any way to save this frame? it has local history to it, and I would like to try.
any ideas what could have caused it to strip out? I have another frame just like it exept for color and am trading over all parts, don't want it to happen again.
just one of those things I guess, but feeling like a pet died. jason

   RE:AGE / VALUE: stripped BB shell posted by Warren on 4/28/2007 at 5:28:41 AM
The fixed cups are reverse thread with soft steel. Someone put a huge wrench to it and stripped the threads. Clockwise to remove, counter to insert.

    stripped BB shell posted by John E on 4/30/2007 at 2:04:35 PM
There are two good ways to salvage your frame:
1) Ream and tap (drive side or both) to Italian threading (36mm x 24TPI, both sides RH threaded);
2) Install a threadless BB, which requires only a bit of countersinking at each end of the BB shell.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   stripped BB shell posted by David on 4/30/2007 at 8:29:24 PM
Probably cheaper and easier and better to find another old Raleigh or (horrors!) something else. You can probably find one you'll like better for less than the cost of repairing your old steed.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   stripped BB shell posted by jason on 5/1/2007 at 5:41:30 AM
thanks john, warren and david
I have a line on a really old record frame,might be of higher quality than the old one. a bunch of hippy kids with a community bike shop are holding it hostage, I have to save it before somone tries forcing in a 24 tpi cup. I am going to offer them a couple of nice working fujis just for the frame, if they don't want that then maybe some hemp twine and a box of love beads. I would like to save the old frame though. there is a shop that can do the counter sinking for the threadless, but they think I am crazy for messing with such a cheap frame.
I like it cause it does not flex at all, the rusty patina on the white and red looks cool and matches the seat, bar tape and bottle cages I had on it. they don't look that good on the yellow and black frame I have. and what would practicality have to do with anything? If I was into that I would buy a new bike(horrors indeed) and let the shop work on it for me. jason

MISC:   Suntour Cyclone on 1970's Motobecane G. Jubile posted by: julian norwood on 4/27/2007 at 4:39:17 PM
Scenario: Attempted replacement of Huret rear derailleur with Suntour Cyclone.

Problem: The screw-stop on rear dropout which limits forward rotation of the derailleur is too far forward. The radius of the dropout prevents use of longer screw. No adjustment for achieving horizontal position of derailleur is possible.


    Suntour Cyclone on 1970's Motobecane G. Jubile posted by John E on 4/30/2007 at 2:08:45 PM
Been there ... done that.

Your options inculde:

1) Tighten the mounting bolt to hold the derailleur in the desired position. This will generally require adding or subtracting washers to defeat the free rotation feature, and it MAY interfere with rear wheel removal.

2) Grind the Simplex derailleur hanger to a SunTour-appropriate shape. Only a small modification is needed.

3) Devise a small metal fixture to fit between your dropout and your derailleur, to restrict the latter's forward rotation.

   RE: Suntour Cyclone on 1970's Motobecane G. Jubile posted by julian n. on 5/10/2007 at 12:53:35 PM
Thank you, John. You've confirmed my early thoughts about this. I just hoped for an "off the shelf" solution.

MISC:   Raleigh compettition G.S. posted by: Chris on 4/27/2007 at 10:08:39 AM
Either my bad luck has been lifted or somebody was asleep at the switch! Thought I was cursed because I never find anything.
Well, I did get there really early. This is what you have to do consistently but still I think the old bikes have dried up as far as estate/ garage sales go.

Todays find is a Raleigh competition G.S. Says Raleigh of England. Carlton sticker, Carlton fork Reynolds 531 tubing, it's silver 27 x 1 1/4 th wheels Now the good part!
Campagnolo Neuvo record derailer, cranks, seatpost drivetrain.

the rest is souze, and steel rear bolt on hub, plain Raleigh handlebars, common junk steel rims
the headset I don't know as it is not Raleigh's own. Doubtful it's campy I will look.

A front bag handlebar type with the straps and bolts that stabalize the bag
chrome ends on the bike 24 inch frame or larger.

I would rather have found a 3 speed Raleigh Sports or Superbe v.s. this Campagnolo equiped bike. I'm terrible this way.
Not bad for $50.00

   RE:MISC:   Raleigh compettition G.S. posted by Chris on 4/27/2007 at 10:23:06 AM
Question: When I pulled out the seatpost on the top stamped into the 531 steel frame was the numbers: 73

What does that mean? year of manufacture?
Looks older of a bike to me but I don't know my Campagnolo at all.

I only know to buy.. it.... all.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Raleigh compettition G.S. posted by Chris on 4/27/2007 at 10:32:09 AM
I typed in: Retro Raleigh's

Ka- bam!
there it is. The specs, a color picture on my computer screen.
Man, this internet thing is awesome!
Thanks go to Retro Raleigh's!

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Raleigh compettition G.S. posted by Chris on 4/27/2007 at 10:34:44 AM
Sheldon Brown has an interesting bit on two bikes he's hopped up!
It was cool to re- read his bit on this bike especially now as I own one.

My passion is for 3 or 4 speeds, club bikes, Rod brake type bikes of all sorts. I'll be selling this, It's nice but I can't get into this type of bike.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Raleigh compettition G.S. posted by Chris on 4/28/2007 at 11:13:58 AM
Well, sold it for 60.00. 10.00 profit big deal. It's going to Saline Ann Arbor.
The fork was bent, I must be slipping not to notice it.
All I saw was the Campy parts.
The Brooks Pro was missing, that's the bad thing.