FOR SALE:   Details on the Carlton on Boston CL posted by: Ron on 4/3/2007 at 8:50:37 PM
This is not my bike I havn't seen it and I have no interest other than I am tired of looking at the ad. This has been discussed before with open questions so I asked them. The triangular stickers are not fork stickers for 531 but are discribed by the owner below. The derailleur is a red Simplex which surprised me for a quality bike (I like Simplex but not that one). It does not say GS or SC on the bike. With prompting here is what the owner said:

The bike may be older than you think. It's been in my familly for 30 years or so. It doesn't say Supercourse or Gran Sport anywere on it. It says Carlton on the seat tube below the main tube. The triangular stickers, there are 4 of them, say Carlton, race approved. The medalion on the front above the fork says Raleigh Nottingham, England. The crank is a Stronglight. The brakes are Weinmann 610, Vainqueur 999. As far as I know, the derailleur is the original. The rear wheel however, is not. The saddle is a Brooks hard leather in good condition with normal wear. The bike has a few scratches. I don't know what else to tell you.
The bike is on Boston Craigs List :


AGE / VALUE:   CIOCC Value posted by: Mike on 4/3/2007 at 3:57:54 PM
Hey I have a friend trying to sell me a 1979 Ciocc He says it is rare and wants 4000, am I getting taken on this.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: CIOCC Value posted by Warren on 4/4/2007 at 3:41:06 AM
Mint condition with all campag correct group wouldn't get you much more than $1500 IMHO. Now if it's rare because it was ridden by Eddy Merckx in his last pro race and you have a signed document by him stating it was the best bike he had ever ridden, then OK.

But don't let me get between friends! If he wants $4k, put it on ebay and see what the market will pay.

AGE / VALUE:   1920's Excelsior posted by: John Fleischer on 4/1/2007 at 2:07:17 PM
Trying to figure how much this bike is worth. Plate says Excelsior Cycle Co.,Michigan City,Ind. Bike is complete and has metal clad wooden wheels. Pictures can be sent by email if interested.

AGE / VALUE:   Nishiki pro 1975 posted by: Patrick on 4/1/2007 at 12:14:05 AM
I still have my Nishiki pro . candy apple red. anyone else seen this our know of it. had it since 1975, Iwas 15 when I bought it and now I'm 46 and want to change up the handle bars so I have less mid back pain. I'll ride until 100 any suggestions for altering the bars would be helpful,

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Nishiki pro 1975 posted by Drew on 4/1/2007 at 5:59:46 AM
I have a bad back as well and I bought an alloy handle bar with a 3" rise for my raleigh International at a bike shop, $15.00 You can also buy bars with different heights, 1", 2" etc. Also, they make riser stems which will raise your bar height. I also moved my shifters to the stem from the down tube. Doing these modifications makes for a much more relaxed ride.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Nishiki pro 1975 posted by Marko R. on 4/1/2007 at 10:53:45 AM
You can buy a modern handle bar, and stem, and a 1 1/4 stem addaptor for your bike, and raise the bar fairly high while retaining a drop handlebar.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Nishiki pro 1975 posted by Gralyn on 4/2/2007 at 10:10:30 AM
I'm always looking for stems with somewhat of a rise - to bring the bars a little higher on bikes with smaller frames. The reason being: I usually ride a 23"'s really just about too tall. However, a 21" frame seems a little too short. I guess really a 22" would be just right - but they didn't make too many 22" frames back in those days. So, it comes down to the relation between the height of the seat to the height of the handle bars. A 23" frame feels good....but on a 21...or a 20" frame - when the seat is the correct height - then the bars are down too low. So, if I can find a stem that will bring the bars up an inch or two - it feels much better.

    Nishiki pro 1975 posted by John E on 4/2/2007 at 3:51:59 PM
Before giving up on drops (I am 56 and still happily using them on all of my road bikes), do consider a higher-rise and/or shorter-reach handlebar stem. I dislike stem shifters, but I strongly recommend barcons as an alternative to downtube levers.

AGE / VALUE:   Italvega/Rossin posted by: Ron Erdely on 3/31/2007 at 12:24:40 PM
I am getting back on my bike after 20 years. I got out my Rossin bike which I had hanging in my garage for that time and it still rides great. All campy. Great older bike, I consider it my "vintage Ferrari". Many of the components on this bike came from my older bike. My Campy deraillur from 1972 still does the job. Then I remembered my other bike.
When I was younger and racing, I bought the Rossin as a replacement for my Italvega frame. The frame is brown with plated midsection tubes and plated tube connectors. the rear has Campy dropouts. I am just wondering if this is a bike I should be trying to resurrect. Is it worth time/money to bring it back. I only have the frame, no front fork, so I will need to go on a search for parts.
I would like to hear from others who may know something about Italvega. If I do bring it back, the first thing I will need is a fork. Can I even find one?
I would appreciate information on this frame. Thanks.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Italvega/Rossin posted by David on 3/31/2007 at 3:56:30 PM
I think Italvegas were mostly built by Torpado. Check on Classic Rendezvous. There are a couple of people who know a lot about the Italvega/Univega story.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Italvega/Rossin posted by June Hazleton on 4/15/2007 at 11:26:09 AM
I have an Italvega bike, mens with the rectangular red, white and green decal on it. original frame. Do you have any idea what it is worth? Don't have picture yet. thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Italvega/Rossin posted by Ron Erdely on 4/25/2007 at 6:13:37 PM
My Italvega has a badge, not decal, on the head tube, brown color, decals are worn off but it was a superrecord if my memory is right.
I have no idea of it's value
I have been riding my Rossin again, and I have had riders approach me and do talk about it. It is great to talk with other people who recognize what it is. Have had interesting bike stories from others.