WANTED:   Looking for some Campy parts posted by: JOEL on 7/27/2007 at 1:17:20 PM
I need a couple of replacement parts for a 1990s Bianchi. Maybe someone has some spares.

Need a Campy Mirage front shifter/brake lever and either Mirage or Veloce front deralleur for triple ring, braize-on mount. New or used would be fine, or a cheap source for new ones would be helpful. Thanks.

AGE / VALUE:   1973 Schwinn Sports Tourer posted by: sheri on 7/27/2007 at 11:00:48 AM
I have a 1973 26" mens Schwinn Sports Tourer that is in great shape and in original yellow paint. Book rack (Schwinn Approved) & light kit (Union) were on the bike since before 1978.
Does anyone know how I would price this one? There is no rust, brakes work, slight lettering scraped off of center tube. That's about it. All of the others bikes I tried to compare prices to have some sort of damage. This looks like it came out of a time capsule.
I thank you in advancefor any help you could give me.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1973 Schwinn Sports Tourer posted by Gralyn on 7/27/2007 at 6:16:35 PM
I would think around $200. You might do some research on e-bay.....see what they have sold for. I have a green one...."71 or "72 model. You could look up some articles on the web about the fillet brazed hand-built Schwinns....then you might not want to sell it.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1973 Schwinn Sports Tourer posted by David on 7/28/2007 at 12:23:48 PM
I have a 73 that is somewhat rougher than you describe, but it is a very pleasant bike, and more responsive than I would expect for a relatively heavy one. I paid $60 on Craig's List and had to do some work. Check Ebay for Sport Tourer and Super Sport prices. I'd think yours would be worth somewhat more than a Super Sport in similar condition. (Where are you located?)

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   1973 Schwinn Sports Tourer posted by sheri on 7/29/2007 at 10:25:47 AM
Thank you for all of your help. I did what you both suggested & it really helped me out. It actually is cool to learn all of the stuff about the bike & why it's special.
I am north of Detroit.

WANTED:   Crank for 1960s Austrian Sears posted by: Aaron on 7/25/2007 at 1:23:48 PM
I just bought an Austrian built Sears 3 speed, and it has the 3 piece cottered crank and arms...The pedals were both loose and I bought new cotters and tightened the left pedal, but the right was a no-go, so I welded it (yeah, I'm a hillbilly, and a car guy generally). Anyway, I'd like to have a new crank/sprocket/pedal arms on hand for it...where might I find a set without breaking the bank...it doesn't have to be totally original either...just want it to work! Thanks!

   RE:WANTED:   Crank for 1960s Austrian Sears posted by David on 7/26/2007 at 12:07:49 PM
Since it's not Raleigh-built, it probably has standard BB threading and you could probably use an aluminum cotterless crank and BB from any Japanese bike. A spindle for a single chainwheel setup might give you a better chainline.

    Crank for 1960s Austrian Sears posted by John E on 7/27/2007 at 10:23:32 AM
The frame was made by Steyr-Daimler-Puch, Graz, Austria. It MAY be French- or Swiss-threaded, but it is far more likely to be standard ISO/English, which gives you all sorts of options, including David's recommendation regarding a modern cotterless crank.

   RE:WANTED:   Crank for 1960s Austrian Sears posted by Aaron on 7/27/2007 at 6:18:50 PM
Well, I got the whole mess apart and bought a new axle (cottered) so I could just keep my old pedals...don't want to spend much on this thing, even though I now have more in it than I want! Thanks for the help...I'm new to old bikes; glad to have this page as a resource!


AGE / VALUE:   fuji special road racer posted by: jason on 7/25/2007 at 7:49:48 AM
does anyone know what materials fuji used on the road racer?
about late seventys, suntour vgt luxe,downtube shifters nitto stem and bar, wiennman centerpulls. it feels lighter than 1020. just wondering, doesn't matter, still getting turned into a path racerish thingy, its got the longest dropouts I have seen.

yesterday a guy who works at the local farmers market commented that he never sees me on the same bike twice, and that I am just showing off by riding different ones all the time
well, yeah
each of my bikes costs me an average of twenty bucks. paint, chain, bearings, and the labor is just my meditation time. its a cheaper hobby than most of my freinds, it just takes up a lot more room.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   fuji special road racer posted by Bryant on 7/26/2007 at 9:06:12 AM
Jason, I believe the material is 1020 steel. I picked up a Fuji Special Tourer for my daugther about 5 years ago sound much like the one you have. She loves the bike and doesn't want another.
As to the bike collecting/fixing hobby my wife has given up the garage to me. The ones that fit, I ride. The ones that don't i either give to friends/family or sell. great hobby!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   fuji special road racer posted by David on 7/26/2007 at 12:04:33 PM
The 10-speed "Special Road Racer" of the mid-70s (also known as S10-S) really put Fuji on the map. It had a nice leather saddle and good handling with some alloy components. (My old catalog has lost its specs page so I don't know if it had alloy rims or not) It had an ordinary steel frame, not chrome-moly and not butted. I don't know if the S12-S you sometimes see is the same exc for the 6-speed cluster or not.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   fuji special road racer posted by Dave on 7/26/2007 at 2:07:14 PM
I came across an old Fuji - I presumed it was an S-10-S. It had been repainted at some point (very well). I still have the leather saddle if you need one.
I also ride a different bike every week... we should start a 12 step program for Bike hoarding.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   fuji special road racer posted by Gralyn on 7/26/2007 at 8:07:49 PM
I have a Fuji Special Road Racer.....and it too felt lighter than regular 1020 steel. But I don't know exactly what frame tubing it uses. Unfortunately, the paint and rust was so bad on mine - that I re-painted it and built it up as a fixie. It also came with a Belt leather saddle....and the wheels were steel.....but they were rusted so bad I had to trash them.
I can ride a different bike each time......and my hobby costs me about a buck a day overall. Actually, I could sell a couple more bikes - and my bike hobby will not have cost me anything - and I will still have plenty of bikes!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   fuji special road racer posted by jason on 7/27/2007 at 1:08:42 PM
thanks for the support, twelve step programs only work if you really want to stop though...
I got this one at St vincents for three bucks, it had alloy weinnman wheels with sunshine hubs, and a ideal saddle that I restored and put on my Moto grand touring(my favorite), it looks great on that bike.
the only problem with it is that the chrome on the rear stays is pretty bad. I think that a repaint would not be out of order.
by the way, I have a steel araya 27" rim laced onto a 71 SA AW three speed, I want to put it on this bike with a SA front hub with oil port also on a steel araya( think that they were a set.
any idea what this wheelset may have come off of? is putting them on a japanese frame a crime against good taste?


   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   fuji special road racer posted by David on 7/28/2007 at 7:23:21 PM
A lightweight bike with big wheels and SA hub is a real pleasure. Check the rear spacing on the frame, though. The axle may be a bit short.


AGE / VALUE:   Help me ID this Bianchi? posted by: Tom on 7/25/2007 at 5:33:22 AM
Not sure this qualifies as a vintage bike, but this is my new-to-me Bianchi lugged steel frame, age uncertain, maybe 7-8 years. It has a full Dura Ace kit except American Classic front hub, Mavic Open ceramic front rim, Fir rear. Chromed steel fork. Markings include Made in Italy on the seat tube, Campione del Mondo on the down tube, Coumbus Foderi Unicrown EL rinforzati on the fork, Bianchi stamped on the BB shell, Fresh Frame grade AA finish Ephrata PA on the left chainstay. Serial #A521p.

Does anyone know what year and model this bike is? It's in very good condition, very comfortable and surprisingly light at 20 lb., smooth as butter on the road. Any guess what its worth? Thanks.


   RE:AGE / VALUE: Help me ID this Bianchi? posted by Warren on 7/25/2007 at 8:04:43 AM
Nice bike...could be from the mid 90's on. Contact Bianchi with the serial number, they may help you.