MISC:   Larz Anderson Bicycle Show & Swap Meet posted by: Peter Naiman on 6/21/2008 at 4:47:29 PM
Once more we are hosting a swap meet at the Annual Larz Anderson Bicyle Show & Swap at the Museum of Transportation at 15 Newton St., Brookline, MA 02445. There has been a positive change of staff at the Museum and for the forseeable future the swap will once again be an integral part of the show. Added to the show will also be a small grouping of extinct automobiles from the early 1900s, Stanley Steamers and more, plus the Museum will bring out there unique collection of antique cycles.

The show and swap are on Sunday July 20th, with show time from 10:00AM - 3;00PM, with set up time for the swap starting @ 8:00AM, and the bicycle show corral set up time starting at 9:00AM. A pre-show Vintage Ride is scheduled to leave the Museum at 8:30AM and follow the Emerald Necklace through scenic parts of Brookline and Newton.

For this year there will be "no charge" for a swap meet space of 10X10 feet. We are requesting pre-registration for the swap. Dale Brown has volunteered to host a website for us this year which will be online in a few more days. A registration form for the swap will be available online with the website. A big thank you goes out to Dale for his assistance !!

Entry fee to the show and swap $10 for adults and five dollars for children and seniors with no additional charges except for an $8.00 charge for rental of a table at the swap.

If you plan on attending the show and bringing a Vintage Bike for the bike corral, please email to me and let me know what you will be bringing. Voting for show awards in various categories will be popular choice as in prior years. Maurice Bresnahan and I will vote for Best of Show.

More information to be posted in the next few days. Maurice Bresnahan & I both look forward to seeing you at the show.

Peter Naiman
Milwaukee, WI USA.


WANTED:   EARLY 70's Dawes posted by: Scott on 6/18/2008 at 5:31:03 PM
The one thing I'de like just about most in the world these days would be a 1971 Dawes "10-speed", around 56cm/22 1/2". I had an opportunity to pick one up on ebay some years back, but I let the chance slip, and have never seen another like it since. Anybody got one of these just sitting around out in the garage?

AGE / VALUE:   who makes it? posted by: John on 6/18/2008 at 3:27:55 PM
The only thing I know about bikes is how to ride them so I'm seeking expertise from he braintrust of bike gurus out there. I recently found an old bike at a second hand store and I paid ten bucks for it and wish to know who he manufacturer is and a approximate value for it. It is a very light weight ladies bike,single speed,with coaster brake at the rear.It has a headstock badge which is a decal that says sport 2000 and made in west Germany. It has an italian made aluminum kick stand and the rear reflector mounting bracket just below the seat says esge germany. It has 26x1-3/8 continental tires.It also hs a decal on the chain guard that is kinda like a circle with two sort of needle shaped objects extending out from either side,horizontaly. The circle contains what appears to be an Italian fag( red,green,wite) and an "S" in the center of it all.The only other distinguishing decals are on the down tube which are kinda 3-d sqare geometric shapes. It is in pretty good shape,everything works and it is complete and appers to be all original. only thing that appears o be missing is the rear fender mounted reflector. The serialnumber in the bottom of the crank housing is 4679989. I cleaned it up quite a bit and it looks really niceexcept for some rust/pitting on top of the handle bars and a few little rust spots on the frame /fenders but really not much.The finish is still pretty nice/has anice shine to it. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks much.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   who makes it? posted by David on 6/24/2008 at 3:48:13 AM
I doubt anyone can ID a [probably] German bike from one of dozens of manufacturers. "ESGE" is a component mfr and their flat brake bridge/rack mounting plate are widely used on German and Swiss utility bike frames. Unless your bike is very light (like well under 30 pounds) it is probably an ordinary utility bike and not of much interest to collectors. Of course, if it works well, you got a bargain! Ride it!

AGE / VALUE:   track frame with nervex lugs posted by: stefan on 6/17/2008 at 4:45:12 AM
hi there. can anyone help me identify my frame?
its a track frame (horizontal drops)
serial number: nervex 59355402e58
it was purchased in new zealand and the guy who sold it to me thought it may be a rotrax. others suspect its a carlton. it came with a stronglite crankset.
it has marks where the head badge was mounted, no decals or other markings at all.
any help would be greatly appreciated!


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   track frame with nervex lugs posted by KBody on 6/19/2008 at 10:53:03 AM
This could be made by any one of a hundred british small frame buiders. Probably 1957 to 1962, typical time trialists frame for fixed wheel. Is it about 73 head 71 seat angles, perspective is distorted. Looks lika a standard reynolds fork blade, round / round, bottom bracket height on 27's about 11 inches. No mudguard eyes, probably drilled for 2 brakes. Rotrax would have had a curved rear brake bridge, as would many others. Head badges were commonly rivetted prssed aluminium, even on fairly low production numbers. Some builders stamped frame numbers under the bottom bracket, often preceded by 2 figures for the year. The stronglight chainset is from the end of the suggested period.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   track frame with nervex lugs posted by stefan on 6/20/2008 at 5:21:53 AM
hi kbody, thanks for your help. i noticed on photos of other rotrax track frames the rear brake bridge was always curved. the bridge on this frame is drilled, but the fork isnt. its currently at a paint shop so cant measure the seat and head angles yet. its good to have an idea of its age though, much more vintage than i thought! is it likely to be reynolds tubing? im hoping to have it identified before it is clear coated so that i can apply decals, if not i guess it will remain decal free, apart from a small nervex decal a friend gave me.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   track frame with nervex lugs posted by stefan on 6/20/2008 at 5:26:19 AM
also the brake bridge is straight, so cant be a rotrax.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   track frame with nervex lugs posted by Keith Body on 6/21/2008 at 3:03:21 PM
It would be extremely unusual to drill for rear brake only. The front fork looks like reynolds standard. If the frame takes a 27.2mm seat pin then the seat tube would be 20 / 23 gauge butted, 99% likely 531. Rotrax may not all have curved brake bridges. Check how well the tubes are cut where they meet at the bottom bracket. Also a small builder would not need to drill or punch a gas hole at the seat lug into the top tube, or at the fork ends. Butted 531 would weigh about 6 pounds with head bearings and no bottom brack fittings.
I met Mr Prince of Rotrax in 1958. In the 1960's I bought spokes 100 gross (14400) at a time, this frame is from my era.

AGE / VALUE:   Who made it??? posted by: Rafael Moreno on 6/16/2008 at 6:24:17 PM
Hello all,

I just got a frame a friend found in an old barn. It has significant surface rust and no head badge. It is a steel frame fully lugged. The dropouts are all campie. It accepts a seat post size of 27.2. Now the one distinguishing feature of this bike is that the seat post clamp bolt is on the inside of the frames main triangle v.s on the out side above the seat post stays. I was unable to locate a S.N. So who made this frame?


   RE:AGE / VALUE: Who made it??? posted by rafael on 6/16/2008 at 8:45:39 PM
lets try this again...


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Who made it??? posted by Don (ollo_ollo) on 6/16/2008 at 10:35:56 PM
Perhaps its a Legnano

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Who made it??? posted by Keith Body on 6/18/2008 at 8:58:15 AM
If its 27.2 seat pin then its probably made from UK components. Check the bottom bracket threads, if the chainwheel side is left hand thread then the lug set was made for UK, but could be sent anywhere from there. French native lug set would have a right hand thread , 35mm x 24 TPI. Italian would be 36mm x 24 TPI.
I will try to remember more later.