AGE / VALUE:   Motoconfort Super Touring posted by: Michael Bonham on 7/30/2008 at 8:30:00 AM
Hello hello!
I was lucky enough to come across a "Super Touring Mottoconfort" bicycle. It looks vintage probably 70's. Made in France.
It looks as if it was bought originally with stocks fenders, and racks (front and back). As well as a light generator and front and rear lights.

The only problem is.... *Drum roll* I can not locate any information it! None at all! Not a pic on Google, nor a tech at any of our local Portland Bike shops.

I was lucky to find a tech that could find new tires for it.
26 inch 584, incase your wondering.

If you have any information on it please share the wealth!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Motoconfort Super Touring posted by David on 7/31/2008 at 6:03:43 AM
Nice find! French utility bikes are extremely practical. They were mostly mass-produced in St. Etienne and have a wide variety of labels.

The tires are usually labelled 26 x 1 1/2 or 650B (the French designation) and are returning to popularity.


They're also available from many diff outlets - Google 650B


AGE / VALUE:   schwinn serial # posted by: joe on 7/30/2008 at 8:03:49 AM
hi guys, i have a schwinn varsity bike,it has a serial number that starts with EU, can't find it in any of the guides. does anyone know what year this equates to?
thanks in advance,

AGE / VALUE:   Anyone know details of a Truline english race bike posted by: Chris C on 7/29/2008 at 1:47:13 PM
Hey guys, Ok so your not going to believe this, but I found a Truline Glider in a ghetto bike shop in Brooklyn, NY. It was fitted with more modern brakes and gears, but was still only listed for $60, and I bought it on the spot. My friend (bike mechanic) says it's an old English frame built during WWII. I have not found any info on this brand and today someone left me a note taped to it asking if I would sell it. Does anyone know the value of an older frame like this one???

AGE / VALUE:   unknown Frame dumpster find posted by: Willis on 7/28/2008 at 8:33:36 AM
Hey guys...I have searched all over the internet to figure out what the bike I picked up last weekend was but I can't find anything that indicates make. I got it for all the fancy features which made it seem better than the lowest grade bikes from the time. Here they are maybe someone here can figure this out:

Lugged Steel frame with "Crow Feet" Fancy Lugs(similar to Gran Prix Raleigh), pump pegs on downtube, serial number is C##### stamped on BB very eratically (not level stamping)
Simplex rear deraliure
Birmalux Bars
GB forged stem, flat on the top with GB forged on the side
Weinmann 999 centerpulls
Gum hoods and cloth bar tape
BB is sugino and cranks are Sakae but I think these were added at a later date as they are decent shape and the simplex rear mech has little to no teeth on it.
Bike did not come with wheels or seat.
25.4 seatpost. Simplex downtube shifters (plastic kind in metal housing)

When I took the Stem and handlebars off to take the fork off and repaint (serious rust issues starting to develop) I realized everything was english size nuts/bolts. i.e 1/4, 3/16, etc. Had to dig around to find a wrench that worked but leads me to beleive this is English. I have considered this might be a Grand Prix or a Super Course Raleigh (which I hope it is a Raleigh simply becuase my daily driver Mountain Bike set up for city riding is a Raleigh M800!) but I can't find literature with downtube pump pegs. Also considered posibility of a Dawes Galaxy or similar but not everything is matching with any of the above. Bike came no stickers, badging, etc and looked to have been repainted. BB has a strange elliptical shape (oil well?) on the bottom. I will try to link to some pictures as soon as I get some. Bike is being primed and painted rattlecan to stop the rust. Thanks!

   RE:AGE / VALUE: unknown Frame dumpster find posted by Willis on 7/28/2008 at 5:55:27 PM
Link to pics as follows. Yellow base coat.... rattle can

BB and Serial #c58616

Headtube curly lugs

BB and braze ons/chainstays



   RE:AGE / VALUE:   unknown Frame dumpster find posted by Keith Body on 8/7/2008 at 2:52:21 PM
Just saw your pics. Product of fairly large maker, crimped chainstays and mass production type bridge, sort of thing Sun or Carlton (and others) did for standard bikes 1960's. Seat pin diameter will give you a clue to the tubing. 25.4 mm will indicate cheap, 27.2 mm is near best.
Was that the camera, it looked like the top tube is bent?

FOR SALE:   Lots of vintage cycling parts, mostly Brittish. posted by: Peter Naiman on 7/27/2008 at 11:52:35 AM
I'm selling a very large lot of "Vintage" cycling parts. I will take Paypal, or other payment types with "guaranteed next day shipping by USPS Priority Mail". If you think my prices are too high, reasonable offers are welcome. Pics of all parts are available.

1952 Maes 15" ctc Alloy bars $25.00 15" alloy bars ctc Rare engraved
one side Primo extra, other side Giro Disicilia map showing Palermo,Messina $35.00

GB Stem 4" with allen key binder bolt $35.00 SR? 2 12" alloy stem $30.00

Lucifer Baby 800 dynamo with wire and rear red light $50.00

Stronglight 49d cranks English pedal thread, with 52/48 chainrings 170s Marked Deposee with bolts caps and spindleSCM 85-d. $75.00.

Stronglight 49d Right side crank ONLY Marque Deposee 170 9/16 thread. $30.00

Stronglight 49d double ring set 52x40 $40.00

Stronglight 49d Double ring set 52-42 $40.00

Stronglight 49d inner ring 40 th $15.00 TA ring set 49d 50x45 $45.00

TA inner ring NOS 42 $25.00

Solido Steel cottered crank set $25.00

Lyotard Berthet pedals 50s $35.00 can be used on Pre-war bikes through the early 60s.

Lyotard Berthet pedals 60-70s $25.00

Older TA Handlebar mount bottle cage $45.00

Campag REAL old Alloy and chrome rear hub 40 HOLE! NO quick release chrome not good VERY old Camapg logo $50.00

Campag 32 hole front hub one piece alloy 60-70s hub $35.00 or B/O.

Pair of wheels Alloy rims 36 hole Wolber Gentleman GTA rims, built on Brampton chrome large flange front hub, plus very rare Sturmy Archer five speed BLOCK hub large flange rear chrome hub to make a nice period wheelset $175.00 or B/O. Very nice set !!

NOS Reynols 1/2 X 3/32s chain in original box. $50.

NOS TDC single speed freewheel, 20 tooth, brittish thread. $40 or B/O

Miscellanoius period chains, 1/2 X 3/32, used and free with any purchase above.

Lycett Swallow saddle, Leather overall is in good shape, but has one 3/4" tear around front rivet. Chrome rails are very nice. $60 or B/O.

Set of Mafac brake handles with no rubbers in nice shape. $15.00.

NOS Benotto Handles Bar Tape in original package. Asking $7.99 a set.



Phillips 18 tooth single speed freewheel in good condirtion. Brit thread. $15.00.

Phillips 20 tooth single speed freewheel in good condition. Brit thread $15.00.

Set of four Shimano alloy wingnuts I guess from the early 60s ?? $25.00

One set of Altenberger rear wingnuts, alloy, and excellent condition $25.00.

Rare Sturmy Archer stem from the 1940s or 1950s. 70mm $35.00

Very nice GB Stem, 1950s. 120mm. $25.00

Maillard 14-28 touring freewheel. Brit thread. $10.00


Peter Naiman

Milwaukee, WI