AGE / VALUE:   Skyway 27" road frame posted by: g.schwahlen on 7/3/2008 at 3:24:42 AM
Does anybody know if Skyway ever produced 27" racing bicycle frames. I got a old frame with Skyway decal on it and it looks original - nothing really fancy but I thought that Skyway only produced BMX stuff.


AGE / VALUE:   Old Atala info wanted posted by: DG Fischer on 7/1/2008 at 8:23:47 AM
Ive had this old Atala for years and I can not find any information on it. Anybody have any info or a general year of manufacture?
Any help would be appreciated.

Cut and paste for pictures

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Old Atala info wanted posted by David on 7/2/2008 at 6:18:05 AM
Like Raleigh, Peugeot, and Schwinn, Atala made a full line of bikes, from rod-brake roadsters like yours to lightweight racing machines. Unfortunately for you, most people are interested in the lightweights so there isn't a lot of info to be found on the other end of the range.

MISC:   Multicolored Raleigh Head Badge posted by: Bryant on 6/30/2008 at 5:30:34 PM
Hi all,
I am working on a Raleigh record that has a Multicolored Raleigh Headbadge. It isn't the normal headbadge that is red and gold but an Oval with the peacock in red, and blue with a white background. Anyone know when this head badge was made and why? Was it an anniversary of some kind? Thanks


   RE:MISC:   Multicolored Raleigh Head Badge posted by Kevin T. on 7/1/2008 at 9:15:04 AM
Yeah, I've had a couple of those, it is their anniversary badge and I'm not sure which one anymore but I got the info from retro Raliegh.

   RE:MISC:   Multicolored Raleigh Head Badge posted by David on 7/2/2008 at 6:08:55 AM
But it's a heron, not a peacock.

AGE / VALUE:   werke express neumarkt bicycle posted by: tltmason on 6/30/2008 at 5:39:05 AM
werke express bicycle it has a steel dog on top of front fender its ww 2 time period i would like to know what year it is the hub is torpedo it has 35 k stamped on it

AGE / VALUE:   Another old Schwinn Super Sport posted by: Gralyn on 6/29/2008 at 12:06:08 PM
OK, I just saw another old yellow Schwinn Super Sport on ebay last night (1972 model) was already over $200. I went back this afternoon to see what it actually sold $307 !!!!!!!! I could not belive it. Well, I have one just like it. Per the serial number, it was made in 1971....which I suppose makes it a 1972 model. I had the wheels hanging in my work shop and the rest of it was hanging up in the back of the garage. I got it out last night - I suppose I will re-build it or something and list it on e-bay. Who knows?

Here is the item:

   Schwinn Super Sport posted by John E on 7/2/2008 at 8:42:32 AM
Fillet-brazed CrMo Schwinn frames have long been undervalued, probably because they look too much like their heavier electroforged cousins. If your Super Sport is reasonably complete, I recommend cleaning it up and keeping it essentially original. Another good option is to "hot rod" it with a 3-piece aluminum crank, which also opens up all sorts of (9/16" shank) pedal options.

   RE:Schwinn Super Sport posted by Gralyn on 7/2/2008 at 5:49:40 PM
I believe my Super Sport was all original except for the tires. I'm not sure about the bar tape - it was white, plastic type - and it looked to me that it was probably original - but it was so old and dirty - and wouldn't clean up - so I put some new, just like it (probably NOS) on it. It has Campy dropouts - I didn't know that. Well, since I already have a 71, or 72 Sports Tourer - I think I might just try to sell the Super Sport. I need the space.