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MISC:   mountain bike info site posted by: John E on 5/28/2001 at 11:02:34 AM
Has anyone else seen this website? It has some pretty good data on older mountain bikes and components --


   RE:MISC:   mountain bike info site posted by Wings on 6/3/2001 at 11:41:24 PM
John, Thanks for posting that site! About an hour later I left it -- very interesting. Excellent pictures. It covers a broad variety of bikes. I especially enjoyed the fat tire bikes.

   RE:MISC:   mountain bike info site posted by Steve on 11/13/2001 at 2:04:34 AM
I have an 1985 Mt. Fuji 18" In great shape. Does anybody know what it's worth today
Email me if you have info.Steve..

MISC:   Info on old Tom Ritchey MTB posted by: Craig on 5/11/2001 at 11:13:38 AM
I have what I believe to be an early Ritchey MTB, and I would like to get some more info on it. It has a 20" lugged/fillet-brazed frame, with a flat-crown fork, and it is coppertone in color. Downtube decal says "Ritchey Mountainbikes," and it has bullmoose bars that clamp to the steerer tube with a single allen-bolt. Headset is an Edco "Competition." It has UKAI wheels with Phil Wood hubs (steel hub with aluminum flanges),Huret Duopar rear derailleur, Suntour front, 7 speed Suntour Winner? cogset, and Suntour "Power" thumbshifters, non-indexed. Brakes are Shimano cantis, with Magura levers. Crankset is a TA triple,180MM, with Hutch BMX-type pedals, and Ritchey integral bottom bracket that is machined into the frame. I believe the bike originally had a 5 or 6-speed cogset, but was converted at some point in its history. Any info on this bike, as to its age and/or value would be appreciated. I can provide more info and pictures if necessary.

Thanks in advance,


   old Tom Ritchey MTB posted by John E on 5/27/2001 at 6:06:52 PM
You just might have something there, Craig. The TA cranks, old-style Phil hubs, and old-style transmission shout "early 1980s" to me. Do you have access to Frank Berto's "The Birth of Dirt?"

   RE:old Tom Ritchey MTB posted by Craig on 6/10/2001 at 5:52:19 AM
John, I've never read that particular book, but it sounds interesting. I contacted Jeff @First Flight Bikes, and he pinned the date down to late 1983, early 1984. The bike is in excellent condition, except for worn paint on the right chainstay from chain slap. I can send you a photo via email if you would like to see the bike.

Thanks for the reply. - Craig

   old Tom Ritchey MTB posted by John E on 6/19/2001 at 7:46:34 AM
Yes, Craig, I would like to see a photo of your rig. You can email it to j.eldon@abac.com, my DSL line at home. If you want to compare geometries, etc., I posted an eBay photo of a clone of my 1988 Schwinn mountain bike in bicycleforum.com's PhotoAlbum section. To bad it fetched only about $200; I think your bike is worth significantly more than mine.

   RE:MISC:   Info on old Tom Ritchey MTB posted by john reed on 7/28/2001 at 2:04:25 AM
Sounds like my bike except for the color!
I have a 24" Ritchey Mckinley I bought in 1984 from Gary Fisher when he had his first shop in Faifax, California.
The only two standard colors were blue and grey. I have one of the grey ones. The serial number is 352. This bike is like wearing the most comfortable pair of shoes. I've contemplated buying other bikes, but I know the ride wouldn't be the same. I think that most of the original parts were Shimano. The brakes, levers and shifters are still Shimano original. It is getting harder to find parts for it to keep it looking "vintage". I remember something Gary told me about the bike when I bought it that the frame would probably outlive me. I feel sometimes like I'm riding a piece of art. It's kind of cool!

   RE:MISC:   Info on old Tom Ritchey MTB posted by Dr. Bob, Bicycle Therapist on 8/21/2001 at 7:53:06 PM
Hi all, enjoyed your e-mails about the old Ritchey. I have one of the first two Ritcheys in Durango. My friend Rick, who owns Durango Cyclery owned the other. I still have mine. His was gray, mine blue. TA triple crank, Mafac cants. Huret front Derailleur, Deore rear. Suzue sealed hubs w/ blue Araya A7 rims. Symmetrical dish rear wheel. Wheelsmith built. Batman handlebar grips. Snapring BB. Other goodies. Killer bikes!! Still ride mine all the time. It still is pretty original. Would like to swap digital pics, e-mails with anyone interested. S/N: 2R149. 1982 or 1983. '$900 new price, back then. Drop a line. Bob

FOR SALE:   Ringle' head set posted by: Vinny on 5/10/2001 at 2:19:44 PM
hey guys this isnt old school but maybe someones interested , Ringle' slamma jamma threadless head set never been mounted its still brand new in box. original value is about 140.00 its very similiar to the king 45$ + 5 $ shipping

FOR SALE:   Stems posted by: Mark on 5/9/2001 at 6:45:43 AM
I have many NOS ControlTech Ahead stems, Answer, Ringle, Cook Bros., Interlock and others. Prices at $10-$40

   RE:FOR SALE:   Stems posted by Dan on 5/19/2001 at 9:58:18 PM

I own an old school cruiser with a 5" headtube. To offset this height, I am looking fora really low profile stem. One that will set my bars almost below the top of the headtube. I would also love it to be out front more than most. Do you remember once upon a time, "Tuf-Neck" made an inverted version of it's neck for cruisers. If you have something like this, even from another company, please let me know.



FOR SALE:   Cannondale 24/26 OS MTB posted by: randy on 5/8/2001 at 7:36:50 PM
I bought this new in the mid 80's, hot pink, 24" rear and 26" front wheels. Stock, good condition.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Cannondale 24/26 OS MTB posted by Jeff on 5/10/2001 at 7:31:57 AM
What size frame? Does it look like the one on this site?

   RE:FOR SALE:   Cannondale 24/26 OS MTB posted by Brett on 6/2/2002 at 10:28:15 PM
I hope this finds you in time. I have an '85 Cannondale SM600 24" rear and 26" front tire. Serial #0100, even the inner tube says original equipment. Didn't know what I had till a local bike shop offered me a new bike in trade, then told me I didn't really want to sell it. The bike is on display in his store, still mine. I don't know what you have, but neither did I.

MISC:   Parkpre posted by: Chris on 5/6/2001 at 1:01:06 PM
I am looking for information on Parkpre, I know the company closed some time in 1998. I am colating information for a web site devoted to Parkpre mountain bikes. So far I have plenty of images but little history on the company. If anyone could help I would be most grateful.
Many thanks
Website URL: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/c_ambler/parkpre/

MISC:   Info on old Mongoose???? posted by: Jonathan Smith on 4/22/2001 at 5:29:16 PM
I have an older Mongoose mountain bike... It has pro-class style wheels... It is all chrome.. suntour components...
Mongoose All Terrain that is the only markings on this... I know this bike is semi old I have owned it for a few years... And was just curious of the year of making and what it might be worth??? Can any one help please email me...


   old Mongoose posted by John E on 5/27/2001 at 6:10:09 PM
What is the brake system, Jonathan? If you have an under-the-chainstays U-brake, figure 1986-89 (it was a short-lived fad borrowed from the old rod-brake roadsters). Also, please post more details regarding the SunTour components, and I can check them against Berto's timeline in "The Dancing Chain." Low-to-midline Mongeese are rebranded Giants, but yours may be different.

FOR SALE:   FULL SUSPENSION MTB posted by: Mark on 4/20/2001 at 9:43:49 AM
I have acquired an early full suspension MTB that I need information on. There is not a marking, decal or number anywhee on the frame, but I know it's probably from the early to mid 80s. It has a chrome steel frame, rear suspension swing arms that attach on the upper seat stays, front unmarked chrome suspension fork, low-end early to mid 80s Shimano components with 5sp thumb shifters and plain steel wheels. It is the oldest full suspension bike that I have ever seen, but I don't know what the heck it is. Please help.

MISC:   Bike Comparisons posted by: Paul S on 4/19/2001 at 8:22:47 PM
I currently own 3 mountain bikes and would appreciate any opinions from the contributors to this group on their realative merits.

1983 Diamondback Ridgerunner
1985 Schwinn Cimmarron
1989 Bridgestone MB-1

FOR SALE:   Old School Gary Fisher posted by: Gary Main on 3/26/2001 at 8:30:59 PM
Have a Gary Fisher MTB for sale, its a Ha Koo E Koo, has under stay brakes, etc. its nice quality bike, will list and pics, if any interest is shown.

WANTED:   Salsa / Interloc stems posted by: EVAN on 3/17/2001 at 9:31:18 PM
I'm looking for an old quill Salsa or Interloc MTB stem. Please email if you have one to sell. Thanks!

MISC:   RESPRAY TITANIUM FRAMES posted by: Ed Raulins on 3/14/2001 at 3:07:04 PM
I am contemplating respraying my titanium frame road bike,
and was wondering whether there were any hidden dangers in stripping the old paint & powdercoating a new finish.
Appreciate any comments.

   RE:MISC:   RESPRAY TITANIUM FRAMES posted by Oscar on 3/26/2001 at 3:01:35 PM
Titanium does not corrode the way aluminum or steel do. That's way you see some lightspeeds in their bare brushed metal finish. As far as I know, it accepts primer and paint just as well, and should not be a problem with stripping and repainting. Red looks best on most bikes.

   RE:MISC:   RESPRAY TITANIUM FRAMES posted by JimW. on 5/16/2001 at 8:29:08 PM
Or, you could check out:
Leni Fried does incredibly artistic anodized finishes on
titanium bike frames. Titanium is good looking; why powder
coat it so that it looks like a Toys R Us crapcycle. Nothing
against powder coating, it has its place, especially on a steel
frame. Titanium doesn't need it.

WANTED:   Flat crown Ritchey fork for MB-1 posted by: Liz on 3/12/2001 at 11:36:17 AM
Looking for the original flat crown fork to build up my 18" NOS MB-1 frame. E-mail if you have one.

MISC:   Info about early Stumpjumper & Gitane posted by: Tim Welsh on 3/9/2001 at 1:27:22 PM
Two truly old school mtn bikes I have: First is a Stumpjumper - dark blue with the Tomasinni brake levers, & BMX style stem & bars, & double fork crown. It's all original I think - it only has a 5-speed cog. Does anyone know how to date one of these - I know its a very early one, but how early? Also I came across most of an early 80's Gitane mountain bike. It is a light frame and also has a double fork crown, but only a double crank (components are all missing). I appreciate any info about either bike.

   Stumpjumper posted by John E on 3/13/2001 at 9:50:39 AM
Specialized introduced the Stumpjumper in 1982 [Berto, "The Birt of Dirt," p. 15, 53], and, with that 5-cog cluster, I suspect yours is from the early 1980s. If you post the serial number, someone may be able to decode it for you.

I think the Gitane is more likely mid-80s, as the Europeans were a bit slow to get into the mountain biking act. If the bottom bracket is English-threaded, the frame was produced in the Orient (probably Japan, possibly Taiwan), rather than in France. What brand of cranks does the Gitane have?

FOR SALE:   1983 Ross Mt. Washington Mtn Bike posted by: Dan on 2/28/2001 at 7:33:29 PM
I was wondering if this was of any interest to anyone. Definitely an "old school" mtn bike. And it is in pretty good shape. I have used it pretty much constantly since I was 11 years old. Now that I'm approaching 30, its time to get another one. But I figured somebody out there might want it. Email me and let me know.
Thanks, Dan

   RE:FOR SALE:   1983 Ross Mt. Washington Mtn Bike posted by Dan on 2/28/2001 at 7:40:08 PM
My email is dibiased@yahoo.com