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MISC:   Specialized Stumpjumper posted by: Mike Patterson on 10/21/2003 at 5:50:14 PM
i recently picked up a spec stmpjmper comp. It is white with a U-brake on the rear chainstays and cantis on the front ridgid fork with a one inch headtube. It has shimano Doere Lx components and Biopace chainwheels. !8 speed and there were no wheels, saddle or seatpost with it. My question; how old is this bike? Thanks....Mike

   RE:MISC:   Specialized Stumpjumper posted by Bob Hufford on 10/28/2003 at 2:19:32 AM
Sounds like '88 or '89. Dig around here ...


FOR SALE:   Early 90's Cannondale M400 posted by: Greg on 10/19/2003 at 2:19:48 AM
Early 90's Cannondale M 400.Frame fork stem and head set.I believe to be an extra large.It has a 31.5" standover height.Replaceable der hanger.Cro mo fork.Very good condition.Decals very good.Bought to build but realized it is to big for me.My loss your gain.First $35.00 takes it.I can be reached at 815-988-3181.Thank you!

FOR SALE:   1989 Fat City Cycles "Monster Fat" Mt. Bike Frame posted by: Dan Alexander on 9/6/2003 at 3:50:54 PM
I am the original owner of this classic 20.5” (large) black steel frame. The frame comes with a 26.4 x 330 Syncros black seat post and black Ringle seat post clamp. I can send pictures if you are interested.

I have the original hand signed card with the signatures of the Somerville, Mass builders, including Chris. The bike has been well used and well loved. It has some scratches and small dings, but nothing a new paint job can’t handle. My wife is pressuring me to clean out some of my old bikes so I am reluctantly looking for a loving buyer.

Serial number: 0079M2L
Seat Tube: 20.5” (52.5cm) C-C
Top Tube: 23” (58.4cm) C-C

Feel free to give me a call @ 503-292-3339 if you would like more details or to discuss a price.

MISC:   m/b info posted by: luke on 8/24/2003 at 8:02:58 PM
hello ,does any one have an idea of a 1990,s huffy'spokane'
mountain bike with a 18 speed.
what i mean is , i have one and anybody know about them???
i love rideing it as it's easy to shift and after a 5 mile
trip,i feel i've barely ridden anywhere.
thanks luke

FOR SALE:   Classic Klein website!! posted by: Jeff on 8/16/2003 at 10:31:14 PM
Stumbled across this website featuring Klein mountain bikes. Great pix including some prototypes!

WANTED:   Wanted: 80s mountain bike parts, frames and tires posted by: Dave on 8/5/2003 at 6:24:42 PM
Im looking for late 70s and 80s mountain bikes, parts, tires, etc to rebuild some of my old bikes. Im looking for old Onza Porcupine tires, Specialized Ground Control tires, Tioga Farmer Johns and cousins, old Suntour, Shimano, Campy, Huret, TA, etc. If you have anything let me know. Thanks!!

    Wanted: 80s mountain bike parts, frames and tires posted by John E on 8/26/2003 at 7:16:29 PM
Good luck finding those Specialized Ground Controls. I really liked them, too, but the sidewalls rotted out very quickly.

FOR SALE:   1983 or 84 Stumpjumper Sport posted by: Ned on 8/1/2003 at 3:52:37 PM
I have an orginal Stumpjumper Sport '83 or '84. It is in solid condition. I'm interested in it's value and possibly selling it. Does anyone know the '83 specs/components?

   RE:FOR SALE:   1983 or 84 Stumpjumper Sport posted by Billy on 10/10/2005 at 5:27:30 PM
Hey There,
I've got an '83 that's perfect as well. I'm not sure the bikes have much value yet. They sold for $750.00 and 499.00 for the Sport originally. The '82 bikes are highy sought after because of their rarity. If the bike has the first generation parts ie Mafac canti brakes, T/A crankset etc. it's worth something, if not $200.00-$300.00 range is probably about correct.
Ride on,

MISC:   Univega mountainbike posted by: Elvis on 7/30/2003 at 1:54:40 AM
Hi all. Just picked up a Univega mountainbike, old style rigid frame, cantilever brakes, all suntour XCM components.
The bike rides okay and i am looking forwards to taking it into the woods by the passsaic river but Testing it this evening i noticed the chain skipping for no apparent reason. It shifts fine so the fact that the chain skips when going up hill puzzles me. Any ideas what's wrong? the gears and derailieurs all seem fine. Any suggestions appreciated!

   RE:MISC:   Univega mountainbike posted by JONathan on 8/5/2003 at 2:56:13 AM
Have you investigated the possibility of the chain being stretched beyond it's working limits? They'll skip teeth on the smaller cogs especially. Might want to look at the teeth wear on the cogs, too. Chainrings while you're at it. A mew chain worked wonders for me, except it may wear out faster with the old tired cogs and chainrings grinding it down faster. Good Luck, JONathan

   RE:MISC:   Univega mountainbike posted by Dave on 8/5/2003 at 6:23:47 PM
What has happened is someone replaced the chain and left the old freewheel and chainrings on. They no longer mesh perfectly causing the chain skip under load. Put back on an old stretched out chain or try and find the old chainrings and freewheel in new conditions. They all have to be the same age to work together properly. Theres nothing wrong with putting back on an old chain. Its just a little less efficient.....

   :   Univega mountainbike posted by John E on 8/26/2003 at 7:20:29 PM
"Theres nothing wrong with putting back on an old chain. Its just a little less efficient..... "

I respectfully disagree, Dave, because an elongated chain will wear out aluminum chainrings rapidly and because an elongated chain is a weakened chain. Chain sideplates do not stretch, but the pivots wear, causing the apparent "stretch." When a chain reaches 100.5 percent of its original length, i.e., 24 half-links measure 12-1/16" instead of exactly 12", it is time for a new chain. Chains are cheap; worn-out chainrings and falls resulting from chain breakage are not.

   RE::   Univega mountainbike posted by CMJ on 11/18/2003 at 2:30:14 AM
While you're both correct, maybe this person just needs to get by. If he puts the old chain on, the bike will move I just wouldn't want to trust it under high stress. Since the old chain and gears have worn out together, as long as the teeth around already "cresting", I've found that a [lubed] drivetrain can still squeeze out a few more hundred miles. Sometimes that's all a student living on the cheap needs.

Lighten up ;)

   RE:RE::   Univega mountainbike posted by CMJ on 11/18/2003 at 2:34:37 AM
I meant, "...as long as the teeth AREN"T already..."


FOR SALE:   Breezer frame posted by: Matty B on 7/19/2003 at 6:02:59 PM
I have a old Breezer frame I want to sell.It's a Lightning Frame classic black/white colers.This was a complete bike bought in 93 or so ,i have the fork but i won't be able to get that untill the end of aug. is anyone interested in this frame?

   RE:FOR SALE:   Breezer frame posted by chris on 7/31/2003 at 7:45:14 PM
hi there,

i need some more information on this breezer lightning frame.

what size is it?
in which condition is the frame / fork?
could you send it to switzerland?
have you got any pictures?

thanks for your help

greetings chris

MISC:   Raleigh Seneca posted by: Brewboy on 7/15/2003 at 9:35:09 PM
I just picked up a Raleigh Seneca Mountain Tour frame on ebay. Anyone out there know anything about this bike? It has a Shimano Deore front der. on it.

MISC:   Lug Frame Stumpjumper posted by: Dave on 6/20/2003 at 4:12:18 PM
I have found, for sale a Specialized Stumpjumper with a lugged steel frame. It is in good shape.. Anyone with an idea as to age & value, your opinion would be appreciated

WANTED:   Pre-1990 Mountai Bikes posted by: Brian Todd on 5/19/2003 at 12:13:53 PM
Pre-1990 high-end mountain bikes and components.

   RE:WANTED:   Pre-1990 Mountai Bikes posted by J. Collins on 6/12/2003 at 8:07:28 PM
Trying to get information about a Raleigh Elkhorn mountain bike made in the 1980's and not having any luck. With all the readers that are here, maybe someone can direct me to an article or a web page? I think it was an early model of mountain bike.

   RE:WANTED:   Pre-1990 Mountai Bikes posted by John on 7/5/2003 at 2:16:39 PM
I have an all origional Specialized 1984 Stump Jumper. I also have my receipt and the Specialized 1984 Specifications brochure.

Bike is in excellent condition and has been used very little.

   RE:WANTED:   Pre-1990 Mountai Bikes posted by Darren on 7/12/2003 at 4:12:46 PM
I have a 86/87 nishiki ariel mtb 18 speed. DB Tange, RM-20/suntour hubs,smoke lite comp K tires.
specialzed shocks (upgrade)on front ect.up grade with old deore compontes Very vintage paid $675 new. Will be putting it up on ebay in a few days.

   WANTED:   Pre-1990 Mountai Bikes posted by John E on 8/26/2003 at 7:22:00 PM
Sorry, my 1988 Schwinn Project KOM-10 is not for sale. :)

   RE:WANTED:   Pre-1990 Mountai Bikes posted by Mike Patterson on 9/18/2003 at 12:21:49 AM
Ok, not sure of it's age but I have a splatter-painted blue GT Tequesta with a ridgid fork and U Brake.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Pre-1990 Mountai Bikes posted by Andrew on 10/21/2003 at 7:44:57 PM
Darren, I will be putting up for sale a bike my pops had purchased in 1989 when he was stationed out in Japan. It is a Nishiki 18 spd (#GE07547)red which he never used! Thats right its a little dusty but brand spankin new kept indoors!
I even have the original receipt dated 10-14-89 with a purchase price of about $400. I will be putting this bike on ebay very soon. My question to you is how much is this bike worth and if your interested whats your offer?

MISC:   cannondale f700 "olympic '96" posted by: Elvis on 5/19/2003 at 1:57:48 AM
Hi all. I got this nearly a year ago but took it out today to take apart, clean, and put back together.... problem: I never owned a cannondale before. Love the patriotic paint job, and the bike is great for winter commute to university. But I took it apart and need some chain info.
The chainring is marked "For Shimano size 16 chain only." is this a standard size mountain bike chain? what does the size 16 mean? [i no longer have the old chain, used it for a fixed gear bike...]. Can I just pop the chain off my 96 TRek 820 and use that?
Second question: any idea what i should ask value wise if I decide to sell it? A friend of mine has expressed interest.
Any info appreciated, thanks.

MISC:   Info on Decathlon Mt. Bike posted by: Elvis on 5/5/2003 at 1:16:47 AM

Just picked up this bike. It's a small orange framed Mt. bike. I've never heard of the make before; it's marked "Decathlon B24 rockrider. Anyone know if this was a foreign company? One spoke is out on the r. wheel and it's got sturdy looking older rims I wonder if I have to use foreign spec spokes... Any info appreciated. Thanks!

   RE:MISC:   Info on Decathlon Mt. Bike posted by QUEEN on 5/29/2003 at 3:12:10 AM

   RE:  Info on Decathlon Mt. Bike posted by Elvis on 6/1/2003 at 4:32:47 AM
Actually, I found this one in the Trash in the town where i live in NJ, USA. The rear wheel was shot so I replaced it. Never seen one like this before so I don't know the history of the company or much else, for that matter, save that it had some French components so it seems a foreign make.

   RE:RE:  Info on Decathlon Mt. Bike posted by Jacques on 6/10/2003 at 7:13:36 AM
Hello, Yes Decathlon is a French make. Its a Big Sportswear brand with alot of Shops around France. Its nothing special. Like a Huffy in the USA

Best regards from switzerland

   RE:RE:RE:  Info on Decathlon Mt. Bike posted by Elvis on 7/30/2003 at 1:54:35 AM
Thanks. I figured it wasn't something to sell and retire on the proceeds, but it seemed decently made and the components were pretty good, so i had to ask.

FOR SALE:   Torker 26" posted by: Myke on 5/4/2003 at 10:52:22 PM
Make an offer. This "Torker" may have been a "beach bike". Front stem tag reads"TORKER-Fullerton, CA"
I bought it as a mountain bike before mountain bikes were popular and accessible. It has 26" Araya rims, frame is "4130 chrome moly" , Does have broken brake caliper studs,(one on back and one on front). Will email photos on request.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Torker 26 posted by luke reddington on 5/19/2003 at 1:58:39 AM
hye i think i have one of these also quite odd if u ahved a pic of it pls e mail me @ lreddington@msn.com thx much

   RE:FOR SALE:   Torker 26 posted by luke reddington on 5/19/2003 at 1:58:41 AM
hye i think i have one of these also quite odd if u ahved a pic of it pls e mail me @ lreddington@msn.com thx much

   RE:FOR SALE:   Torker 26 posted by ken on 11/27/2003 at 12:31:46 AM
do you still have your torker,if so e-mail me at knagle10@earthlink.net