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Archived: Musclebikes (Sting-Rays, Krates, Choppers, etc.)

FOR SALE:   Ross Apollo 5 speed w/shifter WRL posted by: Eric on 8/29/2000 at 2:24:05 PM
Original paint is black. Comes with white raised letter tires. NOS rear slik. Seat is mint. Chrome is excellent. Asking $400

FOR SALE:   Huffy Wheel posted by: Eric on 8/29/2000 at 2:22:14 PM
bike is all original. It is only missing the chainguard. Asking $450 shipped.

FOR SALE:   69 Schwinn Krate painted black posted by: Eric on 8/29/2000 at 2:08:38 PM
Photos are available. Bike is in excellent condition. Asking $700.

FOR SALE:   1980 Schwinn Sting BMX all chrome posted by: Eric on 8/29/2000 at 2:05:25 PM
Many NOS parts . Photos are available. Asking $330

FOR SALE:   69 Screamer in condition 7.8 price $600 posted by: Eric on 8/29/2000 at 2:02:18 PM
Bike's chrome and paint are in very good condition. Photos are available.

FOR SALE:   65 Schwinn Stingray with 20" springer $400 shipped posted by: Eric on 8/29/2000 at 1:59:17 PM
Price has been reduced to sell. Photos are available.

FOR SALE:   Sears spyder chopper style bicylce posted by: Eric on 8/29/2000 at 1:56:05 PM
This bike is displayed on Oldroad photo database. Mine is missing the plastic gas tank. Asking $330 shipped. Bike is red. Looks really cool. It has the long extended fork.

AGE / VALUE:   FOREMOST--Swinger--muscle bike posted by: ray on 8/28/2000 at 11:06:43 PM
DO YOU HAVE INFORMATION ABOUT ( FOREMOST -Swinger )?? It is 20",5 speed,bannana seat and twin bar frame .. thanks

FOR SALE:   Two Schwinn 20" springer for Super Deluxe posted by: Eric on 8/28/2000 at 2:14:55 PM
Don't hesistate this won't last long. I have only two. These springers came off of two 66 Super Deluxe. These springers are hard to find. The chrome is very very good on one ($325). The other springer is in good shape too but both struss rods were painted silver. The rest of the chrome is excellent ($270). Photos are available.

   Only one left posted by Eric on 9/4/2000 at 8:24:49 PM
There is only one Schwinn Super Deluxe springer left. The springer with the painted struss is still here. Come and get it before it is gone.

WANTED:   CCM Mustang posted by: a creative brain on 8/28/2000 at 12:31:48 PM
I have been doing a littel research on the Canadian made CCM Mustang. Has anyone got any history on this great coaster or 3 spd stick shift bike?

   RE:WANTED:   CCM Mustang posted by jd on 8/29/2000 at 1:08:35 PM
You can probebly get info from Lazy Walker Bikes. They have a huge website and deal in vintage CCM stuff.

AGE / VALUE:   1971 grey ghost posted by: Steve on 8/27/2000 at 6:57:42 PM
I recently read an article about how uncommon my bike was and I had no idea. I've had my grey ghost from 1971 when I paid around $100.00 at the time. I've looked it over pretty good and it has all original parts (tires, tubes, reflectors, fenders etc....) I've kept it in my parents basement for the past 20-25 years and recently re-discovered it.The seat looks great and there are some scratches from use. Anyways, I'm considering selling it, but would only do so for a very good price. If anyone is interested email me. Thanks.

MISC:   The Bicycle Billboard posted by: christian on 8/26/2000 at 5:01:56 PM
Want to spread the word around?
Visit http://www.angelfire.com/dbz/forum
and post it up.

   RE:MISC:   The Bicycle Billboard posted by Mike Thomas on 9/10/2000 at 4:38:45 PM
I have a 1972 AMF Aerobee Avenger 5. It is in good condition and I was wondering if anyone could provide me with any information regarding it's value.

FOR SALE:   Schwinn Stingray/Krate speedometer-$45 shipped posted by: Matthew on 8/26/2000 at 2:32:51 PM
Hello. I have a Schwinn Stingray/Krate speedometer that I would like to offer you. The chrome is flawless (execept for one small half centimeter size knick), no sun fade, perfect cord, and 100% clear glass. The face itself is black with "Schwinn Approved" in white on the bottom. The gold numbers are flawless, and the orange metal needle does'nt even wobble! Perfect, rust-free cable. Only thing is the driver bracket is broken (the thing that holds it to the fork). Easily fixable-$45 and it yours. Thanks.

AGE / VALUE:   eaton road-king posted by: John on 8/26/2000 at 2:04:37 PM
Im really not sure of the year but does anyone know the value of it. it is in perfect condition please reply

MISC:   2 kinds of 5-speed Raleigh Choppers?? posted by: Franny on 8/26/2000 at 1:34:42 PM
I've been told there are 2 kinds of 5 speed Raleigh Choppers. Are they the Mark I and Mark II? I'm lead to believe it has something to do with shifters? Anyone?