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Archived: Musclebikes (Sting-Rays, Krates, Choppers, etc.)

WANTED:   Tank and fenders needed for Dyno posted by: Robert Jake on 5/9/2001 at 9:29:37 PM
I have been looking for a fiberglass or metal tank along with full dress fenders (Indian Motorcycle style) for my Dyno cruisers. Does anybody have a source where I can purchase the items from. I here of people finding them on the internet but I am having no luck doing so. Any help would be appreciated.

   RE:WANTED:   Tank and fenders needed for Dyno posted by chris.d on 5/10/2001 at 4:14:27 PM
this bike shop hase a bike like your talking 518 459 3272 c,k cycles.. it new from duro..has tank with indian stickers

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Tank and fenders needed for Dyno posted by JimW. on 5/14/2001 at 9:30:05 PM
Go to:
to see those fenders for sale. $300.

AGE / VALUE:   parts and pieces posted by: Sean Guice on 5/9/2001 at 4:45:35 PM
I have a replica 1999 Orangekrate and would like to
know if these have increased or decreased in value-just curious.Also need a white with silver stripes seat for the wife's Fair-lady.Also need powder blue hand grips.I also
have a Western Flyer RAMROD chopper-anybody know anything about these.I need a rear fender for it.How do I find out the year it was made.
I also have a accs. bar to make a girls bike a boys bike
for a schwinn 20 inch.Any info-price greatly apprieciated.

AGE / VALUE:wanted / trades posted by: kirk adam on 5/9/2001 at 3:06:46 PM
i need parts for manta-rays, fastbacks, stingrays, other banana bikes. i am currently working on three. i esp. need a seat for my orange manta, my yellow manta and my green manta. i am also working on a 66 and 72 fastback. i need a parts for those as well. i have lots of cool stuff up for trade including.....silver christmas trees, guitars (including a fender), atari 2600 rare video game carts, sears screamer 5 speed, herman miller chairs, moog synth, ford ranger pick up truck, 64 persons polo seat (needs recovering and painting, pan is good) 65 vw karman ghia convertable project car......i am always looking parts (and complete bikes) for fastbacks, sting rays, other banana/muscle bikes. drop me an email and let discuss.

MISC:   stingray fenders like alice in wonderland posted by: zac on 5/9/2001 at 3:09:09 AM
i've just recently gotten into (obsessed with) stingrays... i bought a '68 5-speed "fixer-upper" on ebay, and the day after i mailed the money order out i discover a '73 fastback put out for trash pick-up on my walk home (the irony of moderized urban living)... my question involves fenders. i got a bundle of various parts on ebay, and the front fender included is too large to fit inside the fork of the fastback... however it seems way too small for the 5-speed... my first instinctual responce is to try and "make-it fit"... after fighting off this primal urge i found someone selling "fastback fender braces" on e-bay, is this what i need? or should i pull out the channel lock and go to town on that baby? i thought maybe its a fender for a 16" krate wheel, but i really have no idea... since i'm new to the scene i'm hesitant to buy something that may or may-not answer my problem... any help would be appreciated; and i'll accept well-meaning lies as well... thank you

   RE:MISC:   stingray fenders like alice in wonderland posted by jj on 5/9/2001 at 5:42:37 AM
Congrats on the trash find!
Your Fastback requires a narrow fender. The tires are 20 x 1 3/8 .vs. the 20 x 1 3/4 of a regular Sting-Ray.
So.. Don't force a wrong fender into the fork!

   RE:MISC:   stingray fenders like alice in wonderland posted by John B. on 5/13/2001 at 6:55:51 AM
I have been fighting the Fever all my life! "Schwinn Fever that is!" Take a look at the tire and rim cross sections in this web site. These guys are Great here at OldRaods! So much need Info! Also, if you’re buying on any Auction Board, Don't be afraid to ask the seller questions! They'll help, because they want to sell their items. But be careful, just like everywhere, there are guys out there that don't care how they make a buck! Just remember! If it doesn't say Fastback, chances are it wouldn't fit a Fastback! Don't be afraid to spend a couple bucks more for a part, especially if it is NOS. But if your going for a 100% original look, it will take you some time! Schwinn sells a Bunch of Reproduction items for StingRays and Fastbacks on their Web site. (TIRES!! for one thing.) If you’re a Purest, (Everything Correct, by Manufacturer and Year) it will take you some time. Try to find as many books on Schwinns as you can find! And talk to as many "Schwinn" or Bike People as you can! Like Pete at Hyper Rays, he has the parts but in a little expensive. (http://members.aol.com/hyperrays/) Most New bike parts will not fit on Old Bikes!!!!! It's your Bike build it however you want! You must have good luck! The only bikes people pitch out around here are Huffy's! Happy hunting and Schwinn's forever!! ( The comments in this reply were not made to upset anyone, Just my opinion, Thank You! )

WANTED:   Columbia 88 Fork posted by: Randy on 5/8/2001 at 7:57:57 PM
Looking for the Columbia 88 Playbike fork assembly in good condition. Please write me directly. Thanks!

AGE / VALUE:   funky bicycle posted by: todjob on 5/7/2001 at 9:59:50 PM
i purchased an early early korean bmx style bike (dont give me any crap about this bein muscle bikes only there was no other post) anyway the guy said he bought it in 1977 and this thing has shocks up front a gas tank and a motorcycle looking seat made by kendo it looks like a real motocross bike anybody have any info? im picking it up friday

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   funky bicycle posted by JC on 5/8/2001 at 5:05:27 AM
There is a BMX topic at this site. You will have better luck there.
It has coil springs in the rear, too, right? Probably drop-center rims and heavy-duty spokes, too? They are pretty cool. If you want to flip it, let me know. I want one. I'm also looking for the old Kawaski aluminum bikes and the Yamaha moto-bikes.

MISC:   Krate Raffle posted by: Russell on 5/7/2001 at 12:09:41 PM
I told myself that I would find a Krate this year. On a visit to my parents house in Goldsboro, NC I stopped off at the local bike shop. They had one of those new Orange Krates on raffle so I plucked down $5 for five tickets. My wife calls me to tell me that I got a call from the bike shop so I start to get excited when she informs me that I won second place in the drawing. A heart monitor!!!!

Still looking for that first Krate.

   RE:MISC:   Krate Raffle posted by Keith Willnauer on 5/7/2001 at 9:10:23 PM
Smithtown bike shop.Smithtown N.Y.[long island]ANY krate you want.Just bring a briefcase full of cash.

   RE:MISC:   Krate Raffle posted by RayLayed on 5/16/2001 at 11:54:33 AM
I just picked up a still in the box new Orange krate.I paid $300.00 for it on ebay.Look there, they have them for sale all the time.I have a new apple krate too, I paid $495.00 right after they came back out in 1999.I had a 1969 pea picker but it was given away after I moved out on my own, RATS!!!!!!Good Luck....RayLayed

WANTED:   repaint for my sting-ray posted by: Robert on 5/6/2001 at 7:24:04 PM
I would like to find out what my options are for finding a shop to send my '65 Sting-Ray to. I was thinking maybe lime green. Unfortunately my bikes previous owner stripped off all the original paint (whatever that was) and shot it with a hideous colored red. Also searching for a nice springer fork to complement the bike. What are some realistic prices, and are there more than one type of springer out there, like factory stock and period add-on after market option ? Thanks in advance.


   RE:WANTED:   repaint for my sting-ray posted by Cal on 5/7/2001 at 6:58:51 AM
Try to find the original color.
Take off the cranks and look in the bottom bracket. Also inside the head. Sometimes you can find traces of the origianl paint.

It may have come with a springer. Is it a DeLuxe? How bad is the original springer? You'd be surprised at how well the old schwinn chrome can clean up.

   RE:WANTED:   repaint for my sting-ray posted by sam on 5/9/2001 at 6:43:30 AM
You can find DeLeon's Restorations at the Vintage bike of Tx site http://users.argolink.net/vbcoft/links.htm He does rays and can advise you on what's best.A lot of the low rider sites have springer forks-www.lovelylowrider.com is a good company ---sam

   RE:RE:WANTED:   repaint for my sting-ray posted by mike on 5/9/2001 at 7:06:47 PM
Robert, If you want to do it yourself try pete at Hyper-Formance.com He has the factory paint, parts, and info you will need to do it right! good luck and have fun...

   RE:WANTED:   repaint for my sting-ray posted by Chris O. on 5/10/2001 at 5:19:07 PM
you can go to http://communities.msn.com/LOWRIDERBIKES
they have all kind of springer front ends.

WANTED:   SLIC CHIC CHAIN GUARD posted by: chris.d on 5/6/2001 at 5:02:19 PM
need a chain guard for a sl chic voilet color..

AGE / VALUE:   landfill posted by: todjob on 5/5/2001 at 9:37:40 PM
I used to work in a land fill most guys get no benifits and min.wage at the smaller landfills,there was a guy that would pay me $5 for each working bicycle i saved him (this was in the 80's) anyway the point is money talks and you dont have to worry about it but the only down fall is you have to buy some crap at first or they will get pissed and quit looking for you so explain what you are looking for and have some pics.if you can it will help,some of these guys are a bit challenged and its the only job they could get so be patient,another awsom place to look is farmers turnarounds at abandond farmhouses a turnaround is where they would load the trash and go to a gully on their land and use it as a land fill,i've found more than 1 bicycle doing that

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   landfill posted by Cal on 5/7/2001 at 7:01:36 AM
At our dump they purposly crush the stuff thrown in to the junk metal pile (where people put bikes). I guess there were a couple fights at the dump - people fighting over old toasters and lawnmowers, so now they run a tractor over it to discourage picking.
Makes me sick.

FOR SALE:   schwinn stingray posted by: todjob on 5/5/2001 at 8:07:39 PM
tomorrow or monday i will put up for sale a 1975 stingray 3 sp.on ebay for starting price of $1.00 look up "todjob" to find my seller list there is a catch,I will have a buy it now option to buy this bike ONLY with buy it now i will offer free shipping the buy it now price will be $185.00
this is not a hoax $1.00

AGE / VALUE:   schwinn posted by: Keith Willnauer on 5/5/2001 at 3:12:22 PM
Slik chik M4 build date.Coppertone,totally original.Condition-8.No accessories.Value?No way is this to be a boys parts bike!N.O.S. coster brake cotton picker.CF build date.A few frame scratches were touched up[not by me]from 25 years of shuffling around in a bike shop.Has streamers and skull and crossbone valve stem caps?Value?No yellowing on the seat or grips.

AGE / VALUE:   rollfast posted by: Keith Willnauer on 5/5/2001 at 6:41:57 AM
Hi,some more info,it's a skoot not scoot, like a stingray,the tires are crown's and has front and rear cable operated brakes. Also have pink and white girls model with wicker basket and white walls[single speed]just like a fair lady.Any info welcome.Anybody have a speedo setup for these bikes.These are a brother and sister pair.Thanks,keith.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   rollfast posted by Cal on 5/7/2001 at 7:03:58 AM
The girl's model would be a Skat. They looked a lot like a Lil Chik or Fairlady, but the Skat had the rare Troxel flowered banana seat. Pretty cool.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   rollfast posted by zac on 5/9/2001 at 3:43:19 AM
that sounds suspiciously like a bike my girlfriend bought at a vintage clothes shop two years ago... a year ago she was downsizing her stuff and gave it to a friend... he (choke) painted it black, tore off the flower seat and put fake fur (ugh) on the troxel seat... he commited various other crimes against aesthetics on the bike before i rescued it from him... its a great ride (without the fur)... and i'd like to give it a comeback, but i don't even know where to start looking for parts (not to mention how to deal with the paint) to restore it to i't's original spendor... it's just another plot line for an after-school special now...

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   rollfast posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 5/31/2001 at 4:17:19 PM
The man put it up on blocks and went off to war never to return. It sat there 36 years until Bobby fixed the roof and took the car in trade. Bobby did this type of thing to the car and it was really painful to see. We were unable to get it away from him and then it was smashed into a lot of pieces. We saw it that night it left the garage it looked wonderful, I sat in it and closed my eyes and smelled the interior. Now I carry mad money to prevent this from ever hapening again.
It was black and valuable and he got it up and running without any real effort the previous owner had set it up well and there was not one scratch on it anywhere. It was mint too. Then painted flames on the side,a tacky interior assult with this same furry material, painted the engine, then a minor accident and then the end.
Later on he had another accident in a Yugo delivering pizza and came thru without a scratch.
I told him the fellow would come back and kick his butt, "because you don't do that to a car like this" The problem with bikes is that a certain type of person likes to take a paint brush to it effectivly ruining the value.

AGE / VALUE:   ROLLFAST SCOOT posted by: Keith Willnauer on 5/4/2001 at 3:21:28 PM
I have a boys rollfast scoot 3 speed stick shift.It's all original and in good condition.Green with dual red line tires.[it matches my verdoro green red line tire's 68 gto]It has a 1973 amhurst N.H. bike license on it.I never saw one that wasnt a single speed coaster brake.Any info would be welcome.Thanks,Keith.

AGE / VALUE:   AARRGH! A bent fork! posted by: ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 5/4/2001 at 1:37:47 PM
Hey I like musclebikes, don't get me wrong but when the thing is 60 miles away each way and you battle the cantankerous owner to get up into the hot loft and then there is all this junk in the way( and he knew I was coming for it too) and then it is covered in orange house paint with a bent fork (but it had a spring on the 16 or 20 inch front wheel!!) and missing it's origonal wheels and he deliberately left the switch for the electric power in the OFF position so I cannot see anything and then to stand there and complain. (I cannot use the flashlight and he took it away from me momentairly) And keep in mind that I don't know what the heck it is anyway. If I drag it out I have to buy it so the heck with it!! I said No, thank you. A bent fork killed this one. Some Montgomery Ward chopper thing with a tall headrest and a head pad. (I know, I know!) That is what lured me out there in the first place!! $40.00 for a Bendix kickback yellow or blue innards without the shell? No thanks! I don't use these hubs and don't know anybody who does at the moment! I had my hands on a frame for a Apple Krate I think and left it there. Perhaps a Green Runabout? It looked awfull small. It would have needed re-painting and I am not re-doing one and don't want it anyway! There will be other bikes.

yesterday was a big letdown after a 2 hour wait outside and when the magic door opened I ran to the foyer and..... And? Nothing. Nothing but Wards cheap 10 speeds. Oh well, this happens.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:The keeper of Aladdin's cave is crazy. posted by ChristopherRobin2@stramail.com on 5/4/2001 at 2:01:21 PM
"No, you can't buy that! Put it back up there! I'm going to keep it and build that up into a wheel and ride that myself." Yea right, and I'm gonna convert and go to Uganda and do missionary work! It was this bitchin- cool wide rim 20 inch!! it would be great if I knew what it goes to.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:The keeper of Aladdin's cave is crazy. posted by todjob on 5/5/2001 at 9:30:28 PM
my favorite line,i get this with bicycles cars what ever
as you see it from the road its been there a looooooong time so you go to the door to ask and an old man about 80 comes out,"is it for sale?" (i ask) the reply? " Oh,Oh no,I'm going to restore that someday" and as I leave the same answer enters my head (yup you'll get it restored allright,about a week or two after you pass away you'll get started on it) one time I asked about an item got that reply and 3 years later went to an estate auction at the same place and bought the item (it hadent moved an inch)

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:The keeper of Aladdin's cave is crazy. posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 5/31/2001 at 4:00:40 PM
I told you before I am not going to move that stuff!
After 15 years of trying to buy these cables he throws them away!!
I have made a friend with the scrap yard fellow so I can rescue things and best of all this fellow is ok, I mean he has all his marbles and that is important!