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Archived: Musclebikes (Sting-Rays, Krates, Choppers, etc.)

WANTED:   manta front fender posted by: john on 6/29/2001 at 11:26:09 PM
havin a real hard time finding a manta front fender. any kindred souls have one laying around to sell? thanks for your time

WANTED:   Sears Bike? posted by: Rick on 6/29/2001 at 9:55:46 PM
I am trying to locate the model number of a bike I owned as a child. It strongly resembles a 1970 Murray Eliminator. The differences are; the Sears bike was single speed with a "Drag Brake" in place of the gear shifter, it had rear coaster brake, and had springs on the rear seat supports (Sissy Bar). I recall this bike was Purple in color. If anyone can provide information on this Sears bike, I would appreciate it.

AGE / VALUE:    posted by: Stingrayman on 6/29/2001 at 3:18:49 PM
I have just been offered a lime green SEARS? Spyder for 5$. Do you have any information about it? It's missisng its headbadge but I think it's a Sears. It say's Scorpion on the chaingaurd. Is it worth 5$ ?. I hope that you will reply.

AGE / VALUE:    posted by: Stingrayman on 6/29/2001 at 3:18:49 PM
I have just been offered a lime green SEARS? Spyder for 5$. Do you have any information about it? It's missisng its headbadge but I think it's a Sears. It say's Scorpion on the chaingaurd. Is it worth 5$ ?. I hope that you will

AGE / VALUE:   western flyer mx posted by: Tino on 6/28/2001 at 8:19:37 PM
I have a bicycle I would like to get some information about.
Here we go: It has the cantilever style frame with a western flyer badge (decal) and another decal on the bottum of the seat post tube that says murray. It has a springer front end( cross over type) and springs on the brackets that go to the seat. The sprocket is covered by a plate that says western flyer mx. What i would like to know is what year this bike is, if there are any pictures on the web about this bike so i can find out how original it is. Also does this bike have any collectors value? Thanks.

AGE / VALUE:   ASK THEM, SAY IT, JUST DO IT! posted by: ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 6/28/2001 at 5:49:18 PM
I pulled into the driveway and didn't see any bikes just clothes, blankets, the usual worthless cheap dishes. Still, I asked any bikes for sale? Any bikes? They looked at me and I was sure they were gonna say "No" but I was wrong! There was a Schwinn Manta Ray hanging up inside the garage loft and it was a bit rusty but complete with the disc brake too. This one belonged to the son and they wanted to ask but lots of times they pull it down and sell it so always be ready to find something cool. Carry some crazy money and have figured out how you will get this home.
This isn't so much luck as it is a numbers game. Keep going and you will find stuff! The trick is knowing the material before going out into the field.

   No truer words were spoken!!! posted by Gary M on 6/28/2001 at 6:13:19 PM
Amen Brother!! i get a lot of them that way. In fact a pal of mine went into a bar in Iowa, and some old duffer started talking about the old days, and claimed he had a 48 Harley that looked like new, and would sell it. Seems he had offered it to several people and they didnt beleive him.
Surprise, half an hour later my buddy paid $3500 cash for a MINT, NO BS, 1948 Pan/Springer, with a factory installed sidecar. 1st kick machine!! Why did he get such a deal??? he asks, and carries cash. Money dont talk... It yells.
That exact same bike is on display in a cycle Museum today.
original spark plugs, reinstalled, he still had them. He dug through the closet and pulled out the most awesome set of leather saddlebags ever produced. This machine is worth about $20-$30,000 without question. And all it took was a few questions in a bar. ASK ASK ASK. better to sound dumb then see someone else get the bike for $5, like the 1950 Ladies Schwinn i got today.

   RE:No truer words were spoken!!! posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 6/29/2001 at 7:35:05 AM
You said it better than I did! Always ask because you don't know the situation there, they do and the lady might just ask her friend on the other side of the fence. "Do you still have that old bike? Why don't you get rid of that old thing? Why just today there was this tall guy askin about old bikes and I thought of you, Margaret!" No, really people! This is how it works! Women love to gossip and chit chat! There is a networking angle here that is very effective! Ask, because they just might have something stashed away like that motorcycle that they want to get rid of. After all it is in the way, they stubbed their toe on it, are tired of looking at it, and they didn't want Harvey's brother Earle to sell it to their husband back in '37 anyway so they have a deep seated negative feeling about it and then you come along with cash money and a trailer! Always ask and leave a card with your number on it!
Ok, you look for bikes and theres no bikes what about art pottery, antiques, mission style furniture?
Good luck and be very careful that you don't make a wrong step and fall down the attic stairwell.It's a long way down!

   RE:RE:No truer words were spoken!!! posted by King of Cash on 6/29/2001 at 10:45:05 PM
Ain't it comical what folks with no money have to do to get one of those old kids bikes? Kick back in your doublewides and admire your rusty old bikes!

   Hey King!! posted by Gary M on 6/30/2001 at 10:05:05 PM
Its not uncommon for people to collect so many salt and pepper shakers, they have closets full of them. Or old records, by the milk crate. We can ride our collectibles.
Ever see a old picture of a smiling young kid holding a salt shaker? probably not.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   ASK THEM, SAY IT, JUST DO IT! posted by goob on 7/1/2001 at 8:50:01 AM
i had an old fella aske me if i wanted an old swine he had in his barn. said it needed a chain and he bought one and the thing wouldn't fit. I said YES love to have your old swine it was a 49.

AGE / VALUE:   Mattel "Varoom" Bicycle posted by: Marty on 6/27/2001 at 11:16:59 PM
Looking for information on a Bicycle I believe was made by Mattel. Circa 1966. Frame was a red/burgundy, tires were solid rubber on white spoked white rims. I was made to look like a motorcycle complete with a gas tank, painted flames, keyed ignition and a plastic motor which made the classic "varooom" sound. Any information or leads would be appreciated.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Mattel posted by Doug Reed on 6/28/2001 at 5:44:17 AM
a friend of mine had one but it had pneumatic tires not solid rubber he bought it brand new (or his dad did) I think they are pretty hard to find these days.

AGE / VALUE:   WANTED: Tires $$$ Need these tires.. posted by: GS on 6/27/2001 at 9:19:24 PM
Looking for IRC Tractor Grip tires in 20x 2.125 size.
Will pay very well for nos tires.
Please let me know if you have any or know
where I can get some.


MISC:   Rocky's Bike Show, Swap Meet and Auction posted by: Rocky Demery on 6/27/2001 at 6:42:34 PM
Bike Show, Swap Meet, Auction Sunday, July 8th, 2001. Food, Music, $10.00 Set Up Fee. Carney's Point, NJ. Email me for directions or with any questions. Thanks andyd@snip.net

AGE / VALUE:   schwinn wheel discs? posted by: Brandon on 6/27/2001 at 12:30:37 AM
A while back on Ebay I saw a solid 16" front wheel for a Schwinn. I think it was aluminum. Does anybody know who made these, when, and possibly have a picture? Did they make a back?

AGE / VALUE:   would like aprox. value posted by: joel on 6/26/2001 at 8:49:44 PM
i purchased a light blue fair lady today for my youngest daughter and would like to know the value it is all original on a scale of 1 to 10 i would say its an 8 the serial number is lj524813

AGE / VALUE:   space ranger posted by: justin on 6/25/2001 at 5:24:03 PM
high tve just restored this old stingray style bike
it has a slightly diferent frame with a straight bar running from forks to cranks if you know what i mean not curved like a stingray there all called dragsters in australia
any ideas on age of this bike ille try to get pictures up thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   space ranger posted by sandy on 6/27/2001 at 7:59:00 PM
I think I have one of those bikes! Mine is made by a company called M.T.D or M.D.T., out of Cleveland, Ohio. I am the original owner. My Mom bought it for me in late 1970, and I still have it. It's a 3-speed, with a "very strainge" looking banana seat. I have never seen another one, please post a pic, soon. I would like to see if we have the same bike. I hope this helps.

MISC:   New BikeRod&Kustom Webzine posted by: JimW. on 6/25/2001 at 12:48:05 PM
Rocket Bikes&
17 new rides in the gallery,
including Bradley Wilcoxon's
Nexus7/Krate Repop conversion.
Check it out.

AGE / VALUE:   '70? Schwinn Sting-Ray Pixie posted by: Craig Reed on 6/24/2001 at 8:30:29 PM
Would anyone have info on this 16 inch/S-7 tires sidewalk bike? very cute & all original/intact, double top-tube frame, red & yellow, oval red & yellow badge, smaller-than-usual red banana seat with trademark yellow S stripe offset from center, chrome seat strut and rear fender, real nice condition 'cept for small black rubber-block pedals in kinda rough shape

MISC:   Ross Barracuda info posted by: Duane on 6/24/2001 at 5:07:55 PM
I bought a Ross Barracuda, it was the bike I Had as a kid, it is around a 71, a 3 speed stick shift, the only problem is that someone removed the shifter, does anyone know how I can find out what shifter was suppose to be on it, I am hoping i might find a ross catalog with a picture, any help would be appreciated Thanks Duane

   RE:MISC:   Ross Barracuda info posted by Cal on 6/25/2001 at 5:03:51 AM
There are a couple Barracudas in the picture database but they have thumb shifters. Check the rear hub. If it is a Shimano, then it had the '333' shifter with a round base, long flat chrome arm and T handle. If it is a Sturmey-Archer, then it probably had a Sturmey-Archer Sportshift with the triangular base, short arm and cylindrical handle.

   RE:RE:MISC:   Ross Barracuda info posted by Doug Reed on 6/25/2001 at 4:48:37 PM
A friend of mine had a Barracuda when we were kids Great bike I thought his was a stick shift but not positive, You lucky guy have fun with that one they,ve got to be a rare find.

   RE:MISC:   Ross Barracuda info posted by Duane on 6/26/2001 at 9:09:30 PM
I am pretty sure it had the round shimano, I see them for sale in white, but for some reason I thought mine had a black tee handle and chrome disc where the ones I see are white, did they make them in chrome and black

   RE:RE:MISC:   Ross Barracuda info posted by Cal on 6/27/2001 at 5:14:06 AM
I don't think I've seen a Shimano T shifter in anything other than white. But they made so many variations of this stuff in the 60s and 70s ya never know!