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Archived: Musclebikes (Sting-Rays, Krates, Choppers, etc.)

AGE / VALUE:   age posted by: zach petty on 7/27/2001 at 5:06:19 PM
age on sting ray serial# dl580788

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   age posted by D.L. on 7/29/2001 at 7:49:57 PM
Should be April of 1975

WANTED:   Schwinn Stingray 5 speed posted by: Peter on 7/25/2001 at 8:02:44 PM
I am looking for a Schwinn Boys Stingray 5 speed bicycle,
reasonably priced. Whatever the condition, please contact me.
I will restore the bike to ride it for myself & family. We are NOT collectors or
dealers, so you can be sure it won't wind up on Ebay for a profit. We just love
these old Schwinn bikes, and intend to use it for what it is designed for, TO RIDE,
and not collect dust in a basement or garage.
I am located in North Jersey, & hoping to find one close to
home. Any one interested in selling this type of bike,
please e mail me ... Thank you .....

   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn Stingray 5 speed posted by Stacey on 7/26/2001 at 1:02:40 PM
I have a Schwinn Sting Ray in mint condition it is a 20in. bike the gear shiftknob is in the middle of frame it is 5 speed with banana seat.. the back tire is a drag slick. the front tire is 16x1 3/8 called a liner tread....it is gold and red and it has believed to be ramhorn handlebars...
If interested $400.00 or negotiable...please contact Tim Anderson at (937)687-1071....
Thank you...

   RE:WANTED:   Schwinn Stingray 5 speed posted by Peter on 7/28/2001 at 10:45:09 PM
I am still looking for the same ..........
as of 7-29-01 ........
thanks ..........

AGE / VALUE:   stingray junior posted by: robert on 7/25/2001 at 6:41:39 PM
i would like to know what schwinn made stingray junior bikes and if they have any value

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   stingray junior posted by JR on 7/26/2001 at 6:33:35 AM
Juniors don't quite bring the same money as a full size StingRay. The frame is about an inch shorter and the cranks are shorter.

They are ideal for turning into lowriders, though then you kill the value. An original stingray junior from the 1960s in good original shape should fetch at least $200.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   stingray junior posted by Bob on 7/26/2001 at 6:57:34 AM
Just send me $800.00 and I'll ship out 4 nice Juniors to you. Seriously, I'll go find more for $200 a piece. I'm not sure what you're smoking, but you might want to share it with everyone, so we can see prices the same way that you do. Unless the Junior was pristine, I've never seen one go for more than $140, and that one was perfect.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   stingray junior posted by Schwinnut - Bob on 7/27/2001 at 7:43:36 PM
Howdeeeee.... Say, my nextdoor neighbor is looking for a junior '60s Sting-ray for his little boy. Tell me watcha got in as much detail as possible and I'll pass on the info. Send info to my email address above. Thanks.

WANTED:   top tube stick shifter posted by: Chad on 7/25/2001 at 12:41:08 PM
Does anyone know where I could get one of those top tube stick shifters?
Whether it is fom a parts company or private sale, I don't care. I just
need one for the chopper that I am trying to build.
Thanks in advance


   RE:WANTED:   top tube stick shifter posted by Peter .... on 7/25/2001 at 7:59:26 PM
For Schwinn parts, try Hyper-Formance.com or try
Ebay.com if you dare! If you try Ebay, type in bicycles for search,
unless you need Schwinn, then type Schwinn in ...
Good Luck .....

MISC:   treking up mount olympus hunting down apollo posted by: zac on 7/25/2001 at 9:31:55 AM
i'm interested in putting together a ross apollo, what resources are available for parts, seats, etc... are there sites dedicated to the bike? information hasnt been as forthcoming as that on stingrays (understandably i suppose)... if anyone has any information, please let me know, and if you have any spare parts id love totake them off yr hands...

   RE:MISC:   treking up mount olympus hunting down apollo posted by Gary M on 7/26/2001 at 7:51:16 PM
Good Luck!! mine arent for sale. the seats are real tough.

   RE:RE:MISC:   treking up mount olympus hunting down apollo posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 7/28/2001 at 8:52:28 AM
I had a Ross Apollo 3 speed in root beer brown, my pal had one in orange. Both are gone now, but I have a seat post clamp for one of these. They pop up on e - bay and if you keep looking you will find parts or better yet, a whole bike. Regular,consistent looking with a good upbeat attitude and the money stashed away for when you do find one by accident and you'll be ok. Put out feelers, tell people you are into old bikes.

MISC:   Correct parts for Columbia Playbike? posted by: MikeH on 7/24/2001 at 11:36:15 AM
I'm restoring a '68 girls Columbia playbike that I pulled out of the dump. Can anyone tell or show me what the correct parts are for the shifter, gears, brakes? Who might have parts? Thanks,

   RE:MISC:   Correct parts for Columbia Playbike? posted by Cal on 7/25/2001 at 6:12:16 AM
There are pictures of Playbikes in the picture database

MISC:   New Repro Krate posted by: Robert on 7/24/2001 at 8:47:06 AM
I have a new Apple Krate and I want to assemble it correctly. The front wheel has a nut and washer on each side. What is the correct order of assembly. I would guess the wheel goes in the springer fork tangs, then the washer, then the second part of the springer over the washer, then
the fender bracket and then the nut??? Could you also tell me how tight the nut should be in foot pounds??
Thanks, Robert

MISC:   Sears Spyder posted by: Eric on 7/23/2001 at 4:47:51 PM
Hi i have a late 60s sears spyder 3 speed shimano grip shift its gold with a shwinn look alike cantilever frame it had two cable fulcrums on it and a pulley on the seat tube, i need to find out which fulcurm is correct, does anyone have a old spyder 3 speed gripshift like this, there are no pictures in this site to help, Thank You, Eric.

AGE / VALUE:   How to fnd a stingray or collectors bike + question posted by: Jim on 7/23/2001 at 3:29:08 PM
O.K., I'm going to let you all in on a little hint that will help you to acquire that bike of your dream, or a collectors bike. It worked for me. In response I also have a couple of questions that I hope someone can help me with.

To finding a bike I will give you 2 words.."garage sales".

Take some time and do some garage sailing, most generally on a Thursday (Big day for sales). When you are at these sales if you do not see any bikes, ASK ASK ASK ASK...and be polite. Tell them you like old bikes and ask them if they have any laying around they would like to sell. You will be amazed !!!!

I acquired a 66 Raleigh girls bike with faded paint for $15.00 !! At another sale I acquired a mans 55 Rudge Sports with a dyno hub for $15.00!! I had TWO OLD Roadmaster girls bikes offered to me for free !! And last night I hit my prize .....

A 1974 Stingray Fastback 5 speed thumb shift with ALL original equipment and a small tear in the seat about the size of a dime for $60.00 !! Yellow to boot !! I love it !

In all of these situations these bikes were out in an OLD BUILDING just waiting to be cared for. The Stingray for example was out back in an old building covered up with a bunch of stuff. When I pulled it out I tried not to let my eyes pop out. Another point, don't act to excited if you see something, remain calm and make an offer. If anything tell them it will cost you quite a bit to restore it. TAKE IT WITH YOU THEN DON'T WAIT. You might lose out if you do.

The Rudge also came out of an old garage and was shoved in a corner. I picked up the front wheel and turned it and the light lit ! I remained calm.

I would not have gotten ONE OF THESE BIKES IF I DIDN'T ASK ! You would be surprized at what people have laying around in old buildings, forgotten. I acquired all 3 bikes in the space of a month PLUS a foldable SPRICK for $5.00 !

So go to Garage sales, Estate sails, be polite and ask. If they say they have something look at it THEN if you can, don't wait because I lost out on another good bike of some sort this way.

Now that I helped everyone maybe you can help me. I also picked up a Ross 16" childs bananna bike for $5.00. I know little about ROSS. Are they or were they a good company? This bike is about a 1970 and in all original and nice condition. Can someone fill me in on Ross and show me where I can possibly date this bike with it's serial numbers.

Thanks much and happy garage(bike) sailing !



   RE:AGE / VALUE:   How to fnd a stingray or collectors bike + question posted by Cal on 7/24/2001 at 5:30:31 AM
Excellent advise, Jim. That's what I do, too. Always ask. Sometimes when someone is having a garage sale they don't even think of dragging out that 'old crusty bike'.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   How to fnd a stingray or collectors bike + question posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 7/24/2001 at 10:07:54 AM
Fifteen years ago I had to ask the swap meet folks to bring their English bicycles and parts to the swap meets. These were balloon tire collectors and they thought nobody wanted English bikes so they didn't bother bringing them in. Now they do and I have competition at these meets. Interest is up.
If you read Jims advice and do EXACTLY as he recommends you will be rewarded with cool things just like he has! It is still out there, a lot of things are still there. He is dead on right with everythingnhe said. Do it, ask them, trust us!

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   How to fnd a stingray or collectors bike + question posted by Jim on 7/24/2001 at 2:05:07 PM
Thanks guys,

Also I failed to add that the bikes I found were all within a 10 mile radius which really surprized me.

Most people at garage sales are looking to sell anything they can and will gladly sell you an old bike. I can usually hit about 12-15 sales on a Thursday and my guess is that if you hit enough you will strike sooner or later. Check real close especially if its an old house or has some old buildings. In my case 3 of my bikes came from such. I also had a guy give me an old roadmaster 20" muscle bike (girls) free. It was in the woods! But it was very delapidated. Some people will give them to you rather than throw them out.


   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   How to fnd a stingray or collectors bike + question posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 7/28/2001 at 9:00:18 AM
Ask at garage sales, Ask them. One lady and her husband had a Crescent made in Sweden! all Campy Neuvo Record parts, chrome frame, intricate lugwork. Origonal and dirty. Now when I went looking that day, I would never have guessed that I'd see a Crescent! Believe, and carry enough money. If I didn't have to pay the telephone bill that I had run up like a nitwit, I might have taken a run at it and possibly/likely brought it home! Bring nets and heavier rod and reels in case you get into deep water and attempt to go after larger fish.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   How to fnd a stingray or collectors bike + question posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 8/1/2001 at 11:00:41 AM
It turns out that it was the stainless steel version that Classics Rendevous is looking for pictures of.

WANTED:   Iverson choppers posted by: George on 7/22/2001 at 9:10:26 PM
Im looking for 1 or 2 iverson drag strippers, or dragsters. They dont have to be in the best condition, I want to have at least one to custom and restore. If anyone is lookin to sell, just throw me an email. thanks

AGE / VALUE:   schwinnn fair lady posted by: cruiserking on 7/21/2001 at 7:23:00 PM
i have a fairlady in mint condition never had a wrench on it since its birth been in my girlfreinds grannys garage. she wanted to sell it or trade for 24 or 26 bmx cruiser stuff its bone stock original 3 speed working condition. please needs new home were moving cant take with us. asking price is 250 or best off ill have pics soon E MAIL ME DIRECT i dont cruze theese boards verry much .

AGE / VALUE:    posted by: A friend on 7/21/2001 at 7:50:34 AM
Can anyone tell me the going price for 20" sting-ray rims. The S7's. The hub says schwinn approved Germany. The rims are a 7 rated, minimal charactor, no rust. No bent spokes. The gentleman has a signiture Schwinn hub front rim aswell. They are both in the same condition. Thank you in advance.

AGE / VALUE:   fairlady?? posted by: kathi on 7/19/2001 at 11:18:50 PM
i have what i think is a fairkady blue with a body serial # of be51220 can anyone tell me what year it is, i must be dense becuz i figure out the serial guide for nothing!!!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   fairlady?? posted by stingray on 7/20/2001 at 3:07:57 PM

WANTED:   Lowrider w/ hydraulics posted by: Vincent on 7/19/2001 at 8:10:39 PM
Hi, I own a nice chrome lowrider bicycle, with an old 1960's style of shwinn frame. I have been wanting to put hydraulic pumps on it. I've seen it in pictures and it is possible. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy these hydraulic pumps for my lowrider bicycle. This is IMPORTANT to me. Please Reply at buff_ryda@hotmail.com... Thanks so much,

   RE:WANTED:   Lowrider w/ hydraulics posted by A friend on 7/20/2001 at 9:09:45 AM
Vincent, Go out and buy a Lowrider Magazine at your nearest liquor store. Depending where you live it varies. You might try your nearest 7 eleven store.

FOR SALE:   F/S Grey Cable Housing posted by: Blue Moon Bikes on 7/19/2001 at 7:14:59 AM
F/S Grey Cable Housing. great for restorations. Comes in 50 ft rolls, usually does 5-6 bikes+/-. A Nice color. Going fast. Forty-five dollars shipped.