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Archived: Musclebikes (Sting-Rays, Krates, Choppers, etc.)

MISC:   Parts for "70" Apple Krate posted by: Thomas Daigle on 9/6/2001 at 7:57:29 PM
I need an original rear slick tire and seat. HELP!

   RE:MISC:   Parts for posted by MM on 9/9/2001 at 6:42:01 PM
Log onto Hyper-formance.com, good luck

WANTED:   Shimano Clik Stick posted by: Joey on 9/6/2001 at 1:27:15 PM
Need a a Shimano Clik Stik 3 speed shifter for current restoration. Condition: NOS or C8+
Reply with availability, price or even a solid lead on where one can be found. Thanks!

WANTED:   60s-70s Schwinn Krate posted by: DeathKrate on 9/6/2001 at 11:36:34 AM
I'm looking for a Schwinn Krate either in decent condition or to restore.
Please email me at taebay@yahoo.com if you have any you wish to part with or
any idea where i might find one.

WANTED:   Dragster posted by: Steve on 9/3/2001 at 5:02:20 AM
I used to own a bike called a Dragster. It was similar to a Rayleigh Chopper, just much bigger and had a 3 speed gear lever that came up from the bottom of the frame through to seat height. Has anyone else ever heard of one of these bikes / know where I could get some information on them - I am keen to get hold of one again and would like to find out how much etc etc.


   RE:WANTED:   Dragster posted by Jamie on 9/4/2001 at 10:45:24 AM
There is a Dragster in the picture database. It sure has a strange frame!

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Dragster posted by Steve on 9/5/2001 at 4:54:09 AM

I've seen that one but its not it! I can't remember the make of the bike, just that the model was a dragster...

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   Dragster posted by JimW. on 9/7/2001 at 12:25:40 PM
There was also an Australian musclebike called the DragStar.

AGE / VALUE:   1957 Schwinn Slik Chik Stingray posted by: Mike on 9/1/2001 at 8:15:34 AM
I recently rescued this gem from an old womans shed. It is ALL original and in very good condition except for the seat. Perfect for restoration. Serial # JE24235. If interested I can send picture. Anybody know its value?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1957 Schwinn Slik Chik Stingray posted by MM on 9/1/2001 at 8:38:54 AM
Hey Mike, 1957? are you sure? Based on your serial # J = Oct, and E = 1969, Still a good find, In decent shape, could be worth about, $150.00 to $200.00, for boys parts bike or for resto...

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1957 Schwinn Slik Chik Stingray posted by Mike on 9/1/2001 at 5:32:05 PM
According to the chart on this website it's a 1957. Someone please help settle this.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1957 Schwinn Slik Chik Stingray posted by Mike on 9/1/2001 at 5:38:49 PM
My bad. 1969 is correct. Thanks MM. Anybody interested? The bike has hand brakes.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1957 Schwinn Slik Chik Stingray posted by Kurt on 10/8/2001 at 1:24:52 AM
Hi, Do you still have the bike? Can I see a Pic.

AGE / VALUE:   Grils 20 in Murray Wildcat. posted by: Gary M on 8/31/2001 at 11:09:39 PM
anyone interested? i am about to cannibalize it, unless someone speaks up

WANTED:   Info on Brentwood Bicycles posted by: Mack on 8/28/2001 at 8:29:10 PM
I have a 70's Brentwood bicycle and looking for information -- even another one or two if possible need some parts from that era also

Brentwood -- KIng Kat

I have never been able to get any info on this bike bike -- no one has ever seen it and also one person i talked to said it might be part of a Woolworths inventory that thier stores sold in the 70's

Well any info on this would help allot -- i put a pic in the database

WANTED:   Huffy 3 Speed posted by: Mack on 8/28/2001 at 8:26:50 PM
I have a 3 speeed huffy bike from the 70's and i am looking for parts -- anyone out there help me out


FOR SALE:   Schwinn STING RAY parts + more posted by: Jeff on 8/28/2001 at 6:26:23 PM
NOS Schwinn Sting Ray seat-still in bag solid white w/ chrome mylar stripes ; extra nice silver glitter ribbed seat ; NOS single white Schwinn chub grip ; NOS Schwinn #346 chrome kickstand ; NOS large diamond jr. pedals ; NOS Midget pedals(but have 9/16 axles) ; (3) sets nice krate bow pedals ; Schwinn silver glitter combo lock ; 1965 Schwinn catalog ; 1971 Schwinn tandem frame + parts ; 20" side stamped S2 single knurl rim ; 20" center stamped S2 rim ; 28 hole blueband 2 spd kickback hub(needs work) ; Fastback parts ; Krate/Fastback/Early cranks,sprockets,brake calipers + levers,spoke protectors,gear clusters,seatpost clamps + MORE-please email for more info-Thanks!

MISC:   sears 24in 10 speed stingray posted by: bill on 8/27/2001 at 8:46:59 PM
I would like to know if anyone would have any information on this bike. It has 2 shifters side by side on it, one for the front derailer and one for the back. Also it has 2 hand brakes that work 2 rear brake calipers. It has no front brakes. It has red line 24in tires. It has high rise handle bars and a blue sparkle banana seat. Has a sears head badge. It looks like a sears version of a mantaray.

AGE / VALUE:   Sting-Ray Apple Krate posted by: Ben on 8/26/2001 at 7:32:10 PM
I have my brother's Sting-Ray Apple Krate, purchase date 12-23-72, owners manual, rear tire size 20"x 2.125" wide tread, front tire size 16"x 1 3/4", male, babied original condition, seat is excellent-red, Paint is excellent, no extra features or accessories. Any idea what this thing is worth? and yes we are interested in selling this jewel.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Sting-Ray Apple Krate posted by Kurt on 8/31/2001 at 8:12:24 AM
Hi,Ben do you have any pics.of bike

AGE / VALUE:   MURRAY CHOPPER posted by: JOHN on 8/26/2001 at 4:01:10 PM
i am in the uk, and I've found a NOS, still wrapped Murray Chopper from 1960/70. Can you tell me were i can get more info on this bike, and a rough guide to its value.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   MURRAY CHOPPER posted by John on 8/27/2001 at 9:04:34 PM
Hi John

Are you buying this bike . If not I would be interested . Please let me know .


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   MURRAY CHOPPER posted by Catfood Rob on 8/31/2001 at 11:36:05 AM
Sorry, my names not john, but I sure would like to see that bike....swop it for a nearly n.o.s. tomohawk??????????

AGE / VALUE:   crate stingray???? posted by: david on 8/26/2001 at 8:28:32 AM
i know this question has probably been asked a 1000 time but what is the difference in a 73 stingray frame and crate.
i would like to build me one someday.
also i am building a 70 fastback and will have some excess parts

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   crate stingray???? posted by Jeff on 8/27/2001 at 5:13:19 AM
That would be Krate, not Crate...
I don't think there is any difference between a 1973 5-speed Sting-Ray frame and a 1973 Krate frame. Although the 1973 Krate wearing a rear disc brake may mean something is different.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   crate stingray???? posted by david on 8/27/2001 at 3:58:55 PM
thanks Jeff, i dont know why i spelled that crate.

FOR SALE:   screamer frame posted by: david on 8/26/2001 at 8:25:57 AM
i have a screamer frame and a few parts, will sell or trade for fastback,or crate parts.
also have older style shifter for 5speed screamer

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn tire date posted by: Drew on 8/26/2001 at 4:01:44 AM
Does anyone know how to read the product date codes on Schwinn tires from the 50's - 70's ? Any information is helpfull, Drew-