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Archived: Musclebikes (Sting-Rays, Krates, Choppers, etc.)

AGE / VALUE:   Sears 20" 10 Speed Spyder?? posted by: Tom on 10/16/2002 at 7:16:05 PM
Hello, I recently purchased a 20" 10 Speed Bike. It has Dual stick shifters on the bar (Round, not split rail). It also has combo Monkey Bar / Wheel Steering. It is Flamboyant Blue. I received some info from the seller, but was looking for more. What year is the bike from? How common is the steering mechanism? Also, I seldom if ever seen Dual shifts on a 20" 10 speed. ANybody out there have more info On what I have, and if it is unique, custom etc??

FOR SALE:   Ratfink posted by: steve on 10/16/2002 at 5:24:40 AM
this may be off topic, but is anyone looking for Ed "Big Daddy" Roth collectables, or old CARtoons magazines from the sixties? I have a few items I'll sell or trade for musclebike parts

   RE:FOR SALE:   Ratfink posted by JimW. on 10/19/2002 at 4:20:41 AM
There's a guy who has a website I ran into a couple of years ago. He's a musician with a band I never heard of, with "birds" in the name of the group. He collects muscle bikes and Rat Fink stuff, and his site shows both collections. Unfortunately, I'm away from my home computer, so don't have the bookmark at hand. Somewhere in the archives of this list is a post I put up, back then, giving the guy's site URL, and mentioning that he was seriously interested in a RatFink Wheelie Bar, which he wanted to locate very badly. Good Luck in finding him.

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   Ratfink posted by JimW. on 10/19/2002 at 4:28:54 AM
As soon as I posted the above message, I remembered that it was actually a band called 3 on the tree. Bound to be birds, eh? Anyway, I added that to the keywords "rat fink" and "bicycle" and found his site.


It's well worth seeing his collections, and he might be looking for something you have. Sherlock Jim

MISC:   bicycle grave yard posted by: jeff on 10/16/2002 at 2:20:14 AM
Hi everyone!not to long ago maybe six months i was at my dads house looking at this heap of bike he had stored in the garage, he had always had it and i dont know what it is, just a large balloon tire bike with a rack, it is purple,blue,and green. i asked why is it painted with house paint, just spattered on here and there, i had a great idea! it was to restore the bike for him for fathers day. well this was the start of what i did years ago, bikes were the thing back then, i could lace a wheel in no time flat...lol well i took the old bike and did some research, The bike is a 56 western flyer x-53 no tank no chainguard :( i was on the hunt for the stuff i needed to get the bike started on a full restore, i had the frame and everything else that was painted on the bike powdered coated, the wheels were taken apart and cleaned new tires and seat it is really shaping up! i did a two tone green with scalloped painted fenders wow. then nearing completion i ask my father were is the chainguard, he does not know but did give me the address were there was old bike parts in a ladies yard and that there might be one in there somewere, I went over to the ladies house the next day to find not one lot but two lots of bicycles and parts, the old lady came to the fence and asked me what it was i needed. i told her i needed a chainguard for my fathers bike i was restoring for him and would she mind if i came in to look around. i was in heaven so to speak. there is every imaginable bike you could think of in there huffy, western flyer, schwinn, bantam, pixies, all parted out nothingt is very whole some may have sissy bars with seat and crank with sprocket, piles of rims taller than I, handle bars piled high i found a wald rams horn in there the other day, she want take any money from me can you believe that, so i asked her how many bikes do you have she said she was tired of counting and at that point she was at 600 plus and more to go, it is hard to identify things no head badges ect, I ended up finding a chain guard for the western flyer and only one side of the tank am still looking for the other side...lol here is some great finds thus far, a 16 in schwinn rim and nos union spokes for it and two atom drum hubs complete, and stingray frame, a fastback fram, four girls frames and know of about 6 more there two s-7 rims four s-2 rims two s-5 rims and two s-6 rims four schwinn handle bars schwinn seats in need of repaira batam and two pixies all needing put back to gether, four mag sprockets three needing rechromed and lucky seven sprockets galore, i couold go on and on. I just wanted to share a bit of my life here in louisiana, keep hunting for that bike part that you need it just may show up!

   RE:MISC:   bicycle grave yard posted by Russell on 10/16/2002 at 4:44:07 PM
That's great finding that bicycle graveyard. I need to find one of those in North Carolina. I keep hearing about different ones, but when I go to hunt for them they have disappeared.

I've got a lead on some muscle bikes from a guy that visited by artist studio about six months back. I talked with him recently and has about 5 bikes up in his girl friends attic. Keeping my fingers crossed for a few decent frames and parts.


   RE:MISC:   bicycle grave yard posted by Richard on 10/20/2002 at 1:33:56 AM
While you're digging around in there, I'm looking for parts to rebuild the 68 Huffy Rail that I have had since I was 12. I'll make it worth your time. I need the Headbadge, chainguard, 5 speed shifter, the 2 chrome tips that go in the top rails and 5 speed wheel.

   RE:MISC:   bicycle grave yard posted by tom on 10/20/2002 at 12:03:06 PM
can you please help me out and go to the ladys house for me and get me a front fork for a stingray and stingray bars please i will pay u for them b/c i live in nj and thats too far from here and im only 12 please help me

chopper tom

MISC:   identifying girls bike frames 20 inch posted by: jeff on 10/16/2002 at 2:20:14 AM
hi to everyone who share this great interest in old bikes.
i am building my first girls bike for my wife, i have four girl frames, two use larger front sprockets and the other two use the lucky 7 sprockets, all i had to start with was the frames, now i have built two s-7 rims the rear has a 3 speed sturmey archer hub i want to have the bike with front calliper, i noticed after looking at all the web sights not all girls bikes had the front calliper brake, my question is which frame do i usefor a three speed front calliper brake girls bike , will it be a slik chik fair lady lil chic ect ect ect please inlighten me with some help and info thanks kindly jeff

   RE:MISC:   identifying girls bike frames 20 inch posted by Russell on 10/16/2002 at 4:50:28 PM
I've got a Schwinn Fair Lady with a 3 speed rear hub and front brake caliper. The sprocket is the larger version.
I would look at the Schwinn girl frames you have with larger sprockets and check the front forks to see if they are drilled for a brake. I hope this helps.


FOR SALE:   1964 StingRay posted by: Joe on 10/16/2002 at 2:26:37 AM
for sale 1964 Schwinn StingRay lots of surface rust but still very solid bike has the center stamped S2 in the rear.original front and rear fenders non original seat .the serial numbers are M4XXXXXX first 250.00 shipped thanks Joe

MISC:   Remembering Peter Mole posted by: Jeff on 10/16/2002 at 12:12:21 AM
A man named Peter Mole probably had more to do with the birth of the muscle bike than any one person. He was a California parts distributer who was pushing the Persons Solo Polo seat, asking them to haul out the mold to produce more of them. He also had large numbers of the long horn handle bar and really worked to sell both in the San Diego area, the birthplace of the muscle bike. Peter also was the one who contracted Huffman (Huffy) to build the Penguin at their Los Angeles plant, he then sold them to independant dealers. This was early to mid 1963. "High Rise" inanity had begun, and a eight hundred pound gorilla was in the corner....SCHWINN! Peter had single handedly gotten the ball rolling in '62-'63.

   RE:MISC:   Remembering Peter Mole posted by Larry on 10/16/2002 at 2:28:07 PM
Everyone I have heard this claim from, doesn't even live in California. This so called issue, that really isn't, should be put to aside, and ended. Just too let you know living here on the westcoast it wasn't a one company who said, "i'm building a mucsel bike. The term did not even exsist. But one thing I do remember is, young people in larger families who had brothers and sisters, got there hand me down bikes from the older sibblings. A lot of 50's bikes were being passed down, and also to neighborhood kids who couldn't even afford a bike, and I remember parents who were too cheap to buy the kid a bike. By the time the younger kids in the family got the bikes the chaingaurds were bent, beat; tanks were removed and tossed. Fenders came loose with normal play. You need too remember something here, we did not have computers back then, we were young and having too much fun. Bikes took a beaten, and companies like Schwinn knew this. So what did you end up with was a lightened up bicycle . Alot of the young people out here were influenced by the motorcycle clubs who hung out about the westcoast. They would fix there bikes up in the image these cycles. Sure no dought these bicycle companys jumped on the band wagon. There was a craze going on here. Who knew where this was going. Think about for a moment, prior to the Sting -Ray what were they selling? Ya, these were middle weight bikes with speeds, heavy balloon tire bikes were fadding away. We rode the bikes, now they hang ceilings of garages and diplayed like trophys. So enjoy this peice of Americana history, and have fun doing it. And remember, "don't sweat the small stuff".

   RE:MISC:   Remembering Peter Mole posted by Jeff on 10/17/2002 at 1:03:06 PM
I just remember that in San Francisco in 1964 we were selling half the stuff we owned to get the PERSONS seat & high bars, my older brother even built a bike with a 5-speed shifter on the seat stay and a Schwinn freewheel laced into a 20" rim. Peter Mole was the only adult that seemed to be into these bikes and he worked to get odd parts to the shops. Always starting by taking the frame to Clark auto-body for a custom paint job (mine was Corvette orange). We were emulating the bikers, the San Francisco area had lots of Hell's Angles. My parents cringed when I dyed my jean jacket black & wore wrap around shades when I rode by bike! Our club was called 'The Baja Muscle Cats', 16 members. Then the Stingray appeared and it started to change, corporate and clean cut was not cool. I wish I had some of those bikes today, we spent lots of time and money putting them together. Can't believe it was 40 years ago!

   RE:RE:MISC:   Remembering Peter Mole posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 10/18/2002 at 5:32:16 PM
What happened to Peter? Is he still with us?
Tell me more.

   RE:MISC:   Remembering Peter Mole posted by Jeff on 10/18/2002 at 9:13:31 PM
All I know is he conducted a few interviews about five years ago, talking about the glory days of American bicyle manufacturing, something we will not see again!

   RE:RE:MISC:   Remembering Peter Mole posted by humberchristopher28@hotmail.com on 10/19/2002 at 3:02:17 PM
This is a job for.... Bike Rod N Kustom!
and thanks.

AGE / VALUE:   Sears Spacliner to Spyder transformation? posted by: Randy Terra on 10/15/2002 at 4:54:02 PM
Hi there.
I am not interested in the monetary value of this bike in question. I was just curious if any of you out there new the possible age of the Sears Spyder I have been riding around on. From what I have seen on eBay, which is a great source of bicycle images, Sears made a 24" Spaceliner that looks like the Sears Spyder I have. I have also once seen one other 24" Spyder sor sale. I gues they recycled the frame to make a larger muscle bike. So about what year did Sears put out the 24" Spyder? I ounce owned a Murray Spaceliner with the exact same frame. They must have made the bike for Sears. I just love the four top tubes. It is a really graceful frame. I aquired my current Spyder as a total rust bucket. I actualy use the bike for our local version of bike polo. With small straight handlebars and the 24" wheels I think I have a certain advantage in the game over the tall bikes. I also run two rear center pull brakes off of a single brake lever on the left side of the handle bars. I think the bike looks menacing and I like the shtick!
Thanks for any help on the dates.
Take care, Randy.

AGE / VALUE:    My totally negative attitude towards this restoration/The bicycle wheels episode posted by: chris on 10/15/2002 at 4:23:37 PM
While cleaning out the garage so I can get the cars in, I pulled off the tarp and this thing leapt out at me! It said( I'm kidding) "Hey You! When you gonna restore me, Eh!"
"Oh man, the work that is gonna take" I cast an aphrensive eye towards it, the rusty dented cissy bar, bent fork, missing wheels, shifter and parts searching nightmare. Wait, I have the shifter, thats right. Oh.
Other folks would say "Are you nuts? that's a cool, rare bike there!" they'd want it! If the bike could talk it would say "Why did you bring me home then, if this is your attitude towards me?" I'd say "Because he was gonna throw you out, that's why!" I'd say.

No, it's just a bike, a future project looming awefully over my head. If I sell it 'as is' I'd regret it immediately.
This is the curved seat model bike in the Barris bike rod n- kustom article at the Bike Rod n kustom site. I forget the name of the bike I have but you can see it and read about it if you can acess this web site. Mine is another bike just like it. I'm 'really up the tree' if I cannot get into the bike rod n kustom site someday.
So word of a possible problem with this site is not a good thing for me to hear right now.
I'll try to "Pull it together, man!" so I don't show up at a swap meet all deheveled, unshaven and smelly trying to sell this. (Or worse, at the home of a local rival collector dude) I want to restore this, I really do. I went a little batty looking for that drum front wheel for that Krate. It was not anywhere to be found. I look up and I am in the middle of 6000 wheels, all scattered about. The buy section and the leave there section in diffrent piles and I'm trying not to get the two mixed up. He say's "Chris, You Ok? You know, you gotta put these all back in there!" I had stoped making noise and he had his helper go check on me. The crazy thing is, I know what almost every wheel was and what model bike it went to.
Oh, the goodies! All sorts of rare, strange stuff. Everything being tangled together was not good. The remainder is still there,(albeiet picked over, by yours truly) piled floor to ceiling. They won/t get in and cut thru that floor again! There is too much stuff in the way!

AGE / VALUE:   BikeRod&Kustom posted by: Russell on 10/15/2002 at 3:58:50 PM
Man did Homestead put in a new policy or what. I can't get to the Bike Rod & Kustom site. Seems they have a limit on how many people can view their site in a months time. How lame is that.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   BikeRod&Kustom posted by JimW. on 10/19/2002 at 5:02:30 AM
Hi Russell,
The policy began about a year and a half ago, when Homestead went from being a free site provider, with unlimited space and bandwidth, to a paid site provider, with ridiculously low space and bandwidth for their standard package. As BikeRod&Kustom has become more popular, it has continually run out of space and bandwidth, and I've had to buy more (out of my own pocket) to keep it from going down once a month. At the time of the last issue, I had just shelled out for more space and bandwidth, and thought it would last for a while. Wrong. This time, I got fed up with being extorted, with the site held for ransom unless I paid more money for more bandwidth. So, BR&K went on hiatus until the new bandwidth cycle started on the 17th. It's available again, until the current 8 gigabytes of bandwidth is used up.

BR&K, because of the vast amount of content and big photos, uses a lot of bandwidth, and the more people who come there and look at it, the more quickly bandwidth is used up. I'd like to move the site elsewhere, but producing new issues takes up all my time, so I never have a chance to tackle the huge task of moving everything somewhere else.

Sorry, but that's the way it is.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   BikeRod&Kustom posted by Russell on 10/20/2002 at 4:12:19 AM
I love your site and obviously so do alot of people. I hate that Homestead makes you pay more money out of your pocket. Yahoo e-mail sneaks in new policies on me all the time to get me to pay more as well.


MISC:   Rare Stingray tire posted by: Mark W. on 10/15/2002 at 12:07:14 PM
This is the correct tire for late '64 Stingrays, ebay #724365134. These are amazingly hard to find. A couple of years ago a NOS example sold at a California show for $875. If you have a Oct. '64 to a Jan '65 Stingray, this is your tire!

WANTED:   Schwinn Grips posted by: Randy on 10/15/2002 at 12:12:14 AM
I need a pair of white slimline grips. Anybody? Thanks!

AGE / VALUE:   Wanted: Huffy Rail/Slingshot parts posted by: Richard on 10/14/2002 at 1:08:16 AM
These bikes were also sold by Sears, Firestone and JC Penny's.

AGE / VALUE:   Wanted: Huffy Rail/Slingshot parts posted by: Richard on 10/14/2002 at 1:08:16 AM
These bikes were also sold by Sears, Firestone and JC Penny's.

WANTED:   CCM Mustang posted by: Al on 10/13/2002 at 4:37:49 AM
WANTED parts for CCM mustang , mid to late 70's bik need seat , hand brake and more.

WANTED:   Mid 70's Sears Screamer posted by: Al on 10/13/2002 at 4:32:19 AM
Mid 70's sears Screamer , 3spd all the goodies.looking for one please send pics if you have any. click on my name highlighted in blue for e-mail address.