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Archived: Musclebikes (Sting-Rays, Krates, Choppers, etc.)

AGE / VALUE:   S-2 rim or wheelset posted by: Tim on 11/24/2002 at 1:06:38 PM
Does anyone have an s-2 20" to sell reasonably? It doesn't have to be perfect, just a rider.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   S-2 rim or wheelset posted by stuart on 12/24/2002 at 2:47:45 AM
i have a front s2 rim for sale. the hub has some weird thing that you would have to take off with a wrench or something. The chrome is in awesome condition and the rim is perfectly straight. e-mail me if you are interested.

AGE / VALUE:    1969 mustang 3sp sport shift posted by: dave on 11/24/2002 at 3:26:12 AM
I just picked up a mint #10 100% orig. gold 1969 C.C.M Mustang 3spd this bike is perfect in every respect, does anyone know the value? and were can I find information on this bike? thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:    1969 mustang 3sp sport shift posted by Al on 12/2/2002 at 4:04:36 PM
69 Mustang , cool . I have a Mustang I am fixing up I have spoke to a couple of guys with others. how do you know the year of your bike I can guess that mine is from the early to mid seventies.
by for now.

WANTED:   Want to trade... posted by: Stacey on 11/22/2002 at 7:37:04 PM
WANTED ' A pair (matched set) of 20x1.75/2.125 non-Schwinn slicks.

HAVE ' NOS White Shimano Click-Stick 5 (Complete in opened bag)& a nice Grimeca rear drum brake hub 28H for a five speed. Will give BOTH for a nice set of tires.

Please e-mail direct. Thanks

FOR SALE:   73 Stingray Lemon 5speed trade for 66 posted by: MS on 11/22/2002 at 3:58:06 PM
I have a complete yellow 73 stingray 5 speed that i would like to trade for a 66 stingray. I would prefer a blue 66 bike. If you have one of these 66's but dont care to trade plese contact me. A 65 or 67 will be considered.

AGE / VALUE:   schwinn ten speed sting ray? posted by: rick on 11/21/2002 at 7:21:03 PM
Have this schwinn sting ray(1969?)On the chain guard it saids: schwinn ten speed phatom. all the part are genuine schwinn. the bike is grey in color and a white with grey stripe bannana seat. the tires still have the rubber nubs on them. Is this bike a real schwinn?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   schwinn ten speed sting ray? posted by Cal on 11/27/2002 at 2:45:53 PM
Nope, it's a "Frankenstein" bike, put together from other bikes. Schwinn never made a 10 speed Sting-Ray.
Check out the "Sting-Ray Summary" under the General Resources section here.

AGE / VALUE:   Gios Easy Rider Chopper posted by: Aussie on 11/21/2002 at 11:25:49 AM
Just picked up a Gios Easy Rider in not bad original condition. It is green. Does anyone know how many of these were made, what colour they came in and are they a rare item? A good photo or brochure would be very handy.

AGE / VALUE:   Murray Eliminator Info Needed posted by: Shannon Reynolds on 11/20/2002 at 5:54:05 AM
Hi. I just bought a piece of my childhood back, an old Murray Eliminator like the one pictured here in the gallery. It differs from the pictured one in that it is a single speed, coaster brakes, and has the larger front wheel. I'd like to dress it up a bit. On the list of things I'd like to do are the following:

1)springer seat + sprung sissy bar
2)springer front suspension
3)Front + rear disk brakes
4)5 speed or custom 10+ speed gearing

What if any parts for other bikes would fit on a Eliminator? I'm not too picky about getting stock parts, I just want it to work, so aftermarket or alternate parts are fine by me. Would Schwin sissybar springs work? What types of front springer suspensions will work without changing out the fork?) I'd like to gear the bike, preferably above a basic 5 speed. What sort of mount would I have to get, or have fabricated, to place a 10+ speed crank inplace of the standard one? Would a larger crank even fit within the Eliminator's chainguard? As for the disk brakes, what parts would be required? (I've never messed with disk brakes before and an clueless about them.)

I'd also like to know if anyone has info on using the bike's serial number to trace its manufacture date? I've looked all over the internet for info on the Eliminator and I've found almost zilch. (Even writing the Murray company has produced no answer.) Any info at all about my bike would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

MISC:   Any Cool Bike Shops in San Jose or Salinas Area of CA? posted by: mike on 11/19/2002 at 11:50:43 PM
I just got a '68 Schwinn Ramshorn Fastback, but the slick is all cracked so I can't ride it and it squeaks like crazy, and the front tire is swapped. I'm trying to get the original tires, but right now, I'm just trying to get some slicks so I can ride the bike to school.

Does anyone know any cool or cheap bike shops so I can pick up some tires, or any bike shops that have old schwinns so I can drool over? Oh yeah, the bike shops should be around the San Jose or Salinas area of California.

Thanks a lot everyone.

   RE:MISC:   Any Cool Bike Shops in San Jose or Salinas Area of CA? posted by a friend on 11/20/2002 at 11:14:55 PM
Mike, try Memory Lane Classsics they are located in Grand Rapids Ohio Ph# (419) 832-3040 or 832-1342 ask for Larry or Harv.

AGE / VALUE:   schwinn rims posted by: sheridan on 11/19/2002 at 11:21:32 PM
what year are schwinn 20'rim that say model 200 and say schwinn approved in script writing i think they are 1966 thank you

MISC:   seat stripe posted by: jeff on 11/19/2002 at 10:56:14 PM
I have bought a yard of some glitter naugahyde vinyl to redo two schwinn seats, the only thing is that i need to some how get the stripe and S on the vinyl, i was thinking about the automotive vinyl paint but dont know how it will hold up, if anyone has ever done a stripe on a seat please inlighten me. thanks very much.

   RE:MISC:   seat stripe posted by JimW. on 11/20/2002 at 10:36:14 PM
I'd recommend that you look in your local yellow pages under "silk-screen printers". They can silk-screen the graphics onto your seat for you. This is much better than trying to do the job with that auto vinyl stuff, which won't last nearly as long as the special vinyl ink screeners use. Professional vinyl-coating materials are extremely toxic because of having to bond to a material which is impervious to most paints. I doubt that the stuff you buy at the hardware store is nearly as good for the job.

   RE:RE:MISC:   seat stripe posted by jeff on 11/21/2002 at 12:59:08 AM
I did go check a screen printing place out and he said that the stripe would peel off, idunno i was willing to pay, but he said it would not work, he also told me that i do need a special vinyl ink and then make a stencil and paint it on, duh! well i guess that i will search around and see what i can come up with. ty

   RE:MISC:   seat stripe posted by jim johnson on 11/21/2002 at 5:35:23 AM
if you are willing to pay, get it done right by pete or buy a new seat. you can't fake redoing a seat, i've tried, we've all tried. in the end it's worth it to spend a little extra and pay the professionals or buy a new seat.

   RE:RE:MISC:   seat stripe posted by jeff on 11/21/2002 at 1:14:43 PM
thanks jim i did talk to pete before i posted here he told me he had the kits for 50 dollars, and i ask him if he could screen this material? He can but it is like 6 in one hand and half dozen in the other as far as money goes , might aswell bye a kit huh, anyone need gren sparkle material a square yard...lol

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   seat stripe posted by mike goldman on 11/23/2002 at 3:17:27 AM
do you have green sparkle material? i have a green columbia 20'' muscle bike with a non-matching seat.


FOR SALE:   SLIKS! posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc at OldRoads.com on 11/19/2002 at 2:42:08 PM
We've just landed a load of brand new 20" x 2.125" straight cut blackwall sliks. They'll fit Schwinn Sting-Rays, Raleigh Choppers and all other 20" muscle bikes.
You'll find them as part number TI_SLK on page:

Price is $15.95 plus $4.50 shipping. (US funds only, US shipping only)

Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc.

AGE / VALUE:   20 inch tires!! posted by: Aaron on 11/17/2002 at 2:46:28 AM
Does any one know about tires? W'ell if ya do then I'am looking for some "firestone supersport" to fit 20A, T/RA, HB-5, and HB-9 rims the size is 20x1.75 and 20x2.125 with the red strip. Could any one point me in the right direction. Thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   20 inch tires!! posted by VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc. at OldRoads.com on 11/19/2002 at 2:41:52 PM
Have a look at the "Tire and Rim Chart" in our "General Resources" section for compatibility information.

Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc.

WANTED:   i need a luckyseven sprocket posted by: tom on 11/16/2002 at 8:51:08 PM
i am looking for a lucky seven sprocket for my 66 stingray please help im i need for it ill buy it or trade also got ross apollo 5 speed and 3 speed for sale 75 each obo and a amf renegade 45

   RE:WANTED:   i need a luckyseven sprocket posted by George on 11/30/2002 at 11:45:02 PM
How many lucky seven sprockets do you want, I have several. I live in Battle Creek Mich. call me at 616-964-4513

AGE / VALUE:   bike posted by: the name is nick on 11/13/2002 at 5:38:30 AM
the name is nick and i am cool and hip. i have a rollfast 20in and gold. i need a softer and cooler seat (banana) for it. the seat must be gold. who has one? i got the cash. and i am hip yoooo.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   bike posted by KrateKid on 11/17/2002 at 2:26:11 AM
Hey Nick,
I got you covered
Lets Talk!

AGE / VALUE:   e- BAY ITEM #735243166 posted by: Christopher on 11/13/2002 at 12:53:28 AM
Item#735243166 Raleigh Chopper 10 Speed Crank chainwheel N.O.S.
Not my auction, no relation to sell.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   e- BAY ITEM #735243166 posted by Chris on 11/13/2002 at 1:19:36 AM
Take a look at this and then go to the Raleigh Chopper sites on the web for a double check.
The Raleigh Chopper 10 speed crank is very diffrent from this one that is offered. The Raleigh Chopper crank has circles in it.
The one offered looks like it is off of a Raleigh Sprite. While other parts from the Sprite will also be found on the Chopper, this crank unfortunitly, does not.
I wish it did. The Raleigh Sprite is plentiful to find and if that crank was the same on both bikes it would be wonderful. Unfortunitly, the cranks are diffrent and this Chopper crank is hard to find and it goes for a bit more money usually too.
Now, what is throwing me here is the rounded crank arms. The Chopper did use rounded crank arms but I never have seen a 10 speed Chopper with this crank. And Sprites had rectangular arms. Perhaps the Sprite used two styles over it's life? Anyways it's wrong.
You could use this perhaps, I don't know and anyways it would not be original. The front Huret derailer for the Chopper was specially modified by Huret for the Chopper. So no ordinary Huret Alvit style front derailer will work. That really bits because I need one of these on my Chopper.
Mostly though because it is like $200.00 in there for this special derailer and also because you will have an harder time finding one of these. Unless you hit upon a milk crate full of parts and only if somebody took apart a Chopper and threw the Chopper derailer in that particular crate.
The Raleigh Sprite will offer cotter pins and red Raleigh R nuts, the tall top nut off of the headset as well as the whole headset. look it over, perhaps other parts too.
This 10 speed chainwheel is lower end, the Chopper 10 speed chainwheel was more attractive.

I put a non original rear hub in mine because it was cheap and new and alloy and the rim it is in is all peppered. I found a new rear hub but I am still looking for the rear wheel. The Trelleborg tire has to go as it is not original.
So I have ways to go yet with mine. I'll end up paying good money for the 10 speed derailer and the chainwheel too. Unless I find it someplace on my own, and I doubt that.
Having found 3 Sprites within one week I'd be really happy if the parts interchanged with the Chopper's, any of them.
This is tricky, tricky, picky business even for an old hand like myself.The rear derailer ring that goes behind the sprockets is a certain exact type. So, if you want to be original not any old Sturmey Archer ring will look and be right. Work? yes it will but it'll be off. I admit to having to look at the pictures of other peoples Choppers dispite all the years of Raleigh-ing. I am new to the Chopper party still myself.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   e- BAY ITEM #735243166 posted by Catfood Rob on 11/17/2002 at 9:00:21 PM
Right as usual Chris....but I see Jim Barnard has a correct front shifter on at the moment...but for huge dollars.
But that krank sure is wrong.