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Archived: Musclebikes (Sting-Rays, Krates, Choppers, etc.)

AGE / VALUE:   Please don't paint your kickstand! posted by: ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 2/10/2002 at 6:15:19 PM
Is this a painted kickstand I see? It is!( Im seeing really offensive things today! Painted chopper kickstands!) E- bay item#1072683849 Mk 1 Raleigh Chopper parts
Not my auction, no relation to seller
I find the painting of finished metal parts annoying. Chopper kickstands are never painted in this way!
Somebody got too happy with the spray nozzle. In "Goldfinger" Oddjob(he throws the hat) drives this awesome blue/black Lincoln to the scrap yard where it immediately gets picked up and hoisted into the crusher. They show the car getting all crunched up. It didn't have a scratch on it. I cried "No, No!" at seeing this! And now, today painted chopper kickstands!
I saw a rusty Chopper too on e- bay. You can spray ammonia to loosen up the stuck parts.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: Take a look, posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 2/10/2002 at 6:39:31 PM
It's a frame and fork and a couple other parts. A kickstand can be soaked in paint remover.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Please don't paint your kickstand! posted by Certain paint stays on 2/10/2002 at 9:58:23 PM
I think the only post factory paint that should remain on a bike is vintage artist done
'custom paint work'.... I have a '65 Stingray with psychedelic patterns done on the entire bike back in 1968 by hot rod artist Benny Krups. Looks a bit like The Who's 'Magic Bus' and have been offered good money for it, but it's a keeper! Mark L.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Please don't paint your kickstand! posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 2/11/2002 at 5:29:34 PM
Exactly. Unless it has been decorated and signed by somebody of note the only finish should be factory paint. Be on the look out for Stingray bikes that have been "blessed" by artists like this.
This adds value and really makes it bitchin cool! Talk about your "hard to find" accesories! I saw a piece on T.V. and the magic bus is rotting in a field somewhere.It was something to see!

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Please don't paint your kickstand! posted by Kevin C. on 2/12/2002 at 1:21:43 AM
The owner of the Magic Bus died the other day. Perhaps one of his heirs will consider selling it to the Smithsonian instead of allowing it to rust into the ground. The TV show said that he absolutely refused to part with it.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:  Funky Bus posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 2/13/2002 at 1:38:10 AM
I gasped and freeze framed it and looked in awe. It was so beautiful. I was wishing somebody would drop in a new motor and trans and tires and drive it cross country. Still, the Smithsonian is the best and proper place for it.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Please don't paint your kickstand! posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 2/14/2002 at 7:05:45 PM
The gates only open up to us upon death, and then I have to stumble thru it all in disbelief with all the other vultures.

MISC:   Date codes posted by: Steve on 2/10/2002 at 11:52:50 AM
Can anyone share how to date Schwinn tires from the '60s ?

   RE:MISC:   Date codes posted by chrismeme on 2/15/2002 at 8:53:22 PM
look on the back tire brake look for bendex on it and to mak sure its schwinn and that will have the date

AGE / VALUE:   Slik Chik posted by: Vern on 2/9/2002 at 12:59:16 PM
Would a 67 Slik Chik in fair to poor shape be worth $100. I have a chance to get one for my Wife. Does anyone repaint the chainguards on these bikes and replace/repaint the logos? Thanks.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Slik Chik posted by Drew on 2/9/2002 at 6:38:53 PM
If it's complete, it could be worth $100, but you may want to ask around for another and find a similar one that needs almost no work for not a great deal more money. Paint,decals, ect. are available, but you can spend alot more than you wanted to. Others may know where to find restration suplies...

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Slik Chik posted by Vern on 2/10/2002 at 1:01:23 PM
Thanks, Drew

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Slik Chik posted by brian on 2/17/2002 at 4:26:00 AM
Hey Vern. Pete at Hyperformance Rays has all you need to do a restoration on that Chik. I believe he can screen the chainguard for ya too. You may find a better conditon bike as stated for just a little more as they are not as collectible as the Krates and Rays. I have restored/built over 30 Rays, my 70 Deluxe is in Liz's book and my showbikes have been seen in Lowrider Bike. I just found this site and when I git off my lazy arse, I'l post pics. I have a beautiful '64 Slik Chik in Sky Blue I built for my wife. The paint was a solid '9' but I won't sell it so I shot some touch up in the bad spots and clear coated it with House of Kolor blue metal flake. It looks awesome, just like the grips! Slapped on white walls (S-2 slik in rear) upholstered the seat in white leather and chrome fenders. The final touch was the chainguard. I never understood why Schwinn made the SC logo so plain...ugly block letters. I took the guard to a sign shop I used before. I drew out Slick Chik with the beautiful 'styleized' S (from the Sting-Ray) and the C and had it hand painted to look like the Sting-Ray lettering. Killer! That's the way it should have been done. I don't know what it is, but I swear that Chik rides waaay nicer than any Ray I own? Oh well...nuff ramblin'...good luck. Aloha

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Slik Chik posted by Vern on 2/22/2002 at 12:55:06 AM
Thanks, Brian. Taking the chainguard to a sign shop is a great idea.

AGE / VALUE:   Sears Screamer 2 posted by: Vern on 2/9/2002 at 12:40:27 PM
Does anyone know what year(s) these were made? Does anyone know where to find serial or model numbers on Sears bikes? I have a Sears service center near me that tells me parts are probably available if I can give them a model number. I doubt they have parts this old but worth a shot. Thanks

WANTED:   Schwinn Manta Ray chainguard & fenders posted by: Erick on 2/9/2002 at 6:20:40 AM
Wanted , Schwinn Manta Ray chainguard and nice set of fenders , paint not important on guard, will be repainted, also interested in complete Yellow 72 Manta ray

MISC:   Nice Project Ray on ebay posted by: Mike on 2/9/2002 at 12:46:54 AM
I was just browsing ebay and found a decent looking 65 ray and thought you guys might wanna see it.


MISC:   Ann Arbor Swap Meet Vendor Form posted by: Steve on 2/8/2002 at 10:08:05 PM
If you are going to the Ann Arbor, Michigan show this year and want to be a vendor, we've included a sign up form on our web site for your convienence. Go to:

Click on the "VENDOR FORM AND FLYER" link. Follow the directions on the page.

See you in April!

AGE / VALUE:   Verson brand posted by: mark on 2/6/2002 at 4:20:25 AM
Hello, can someone tell me the story with the Italian Verson bicycles? A friend bought one for $20 thinking it was a Sting-ray (she was in a basement, and was actually there to buy a table.) Is it a cheap import from the Sting-Ray era? Any value to bikes in good shape with this marquee? Thanks.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Verson brand posted by mark on 2/6/2002 at 1:31:31 PM
I've posted pics to help with identification:



Looking at the label she sent me, Maybe it's missing the first letter? Iverson, after the old company? Everson? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: IVERSON brand posted by Gary M on 2/6/2002 at 5:52:19 PM
looked at the pic before the label. instantly recognized an Iverson. How? Well i have the girls single speed here. Isnt that nylon fork bearing ridiculous? Mine is tight, and the bike is in real good shape. i have been planning on cannabilizing it for a custom someday. But for now its all original gathering dust.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: IVERSON brand posted by JimW. on 2/14/2002 at 10:55:56 PM
Check out http://bikerodnkustom.com
The current issue has photos, catalog pages, and all sorts of info about the Iversons. They were designed by George Barris, the King of the Kustomizers. If you've got an original one in good condition, hang on to it. It will be worth a lot, in the near future.

AGE / VALUE:   Rollfast Skoot posted by: Brian on 2/5/2002 at 3:07:38 AM
anybody know the age of a Rollfast Skoot Ser.# A182842
tire on rear is 20x2.125 front: 20x1.175 Goodyear

AGE / VALUE:   Lil Tiger posted by: cornfed on 2/4/2002 at 3:44:33 AM
I'm looking for info about my childs' bike. Serial# 811505. What year is it and is it collectible?

Thanks in advance.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Lil Tiger posted by brian on 2/23/2002 at 10:28:44 AM
I'm not sure, but for some reason, Schwinn did not use the date coding they used on the Sting-Rays that would have made it easy to date a Tiger...I've restored a bunch of them along with the 'Rays. The early Tigers have the Sting-Ray stlye 'hockey stick' or 'fish tail' chainguard. The later ones have the safety (full covered circle around the sprocket) chainguard. Maybe a Tiger expert out there could help with the dating. I don't think they will be as collectible as the early 'Rays or Krates, but they are small and cute enough to keep in any collection. I built a full 'show' and 'rider' Lil Tiger for my youngest son. Good luck.

MISC:   Sears Screamer 2 posted by: Vern on 2/3/2002 at 10:19:16 PM
I just picked up this bike but it is missing some parts. I need: seat, rear fender, brake caliper, shifter. Is it hopeless or are there parts to be found? I'm not particular about stock parts if there are parts that would interchange. Any help appreciated.

   RE:MISC:   Sears Screamer 2 posted by Stacey on 2/3/2002 at 11:15:06 PM
Congrats, Vern! Seat, caliper and shifter (if a three speed, the trigger or twist grip shifter are the easiest, top tube mounted sticks can be hard to find) shouldn't be too hard to come up with. The fender might be tough. It all depends on how it mounts and if you have latitude for alternate mounting methods. I assume this has a 20 x 2.125 back tire on it, yes? I have a rear caliper from a Huffy MTB that should work. You're welcome to it. PLMK.

In the wind,

   RE:RE:MISC:   Sears Screamer 2 posted by Vern on 2/5/2002 at 1:13:33 AM
Thanks for offer. I should have plenty of calipers laying around. This bike is a single speed with the mag wheel (20 x 2.125). Someone told me they came with a top tube mounted "drag brake" shifter. I've also got a Sting-Ray fender that might work. If i can find shifter I'll be in business. Thanks

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Sears Screamer 2 posted by Stacey on 2/5/2002 at 7:45:27 PM
Dumb question, Vern. If the bike is a single speed, why do you need a shifter and a brake caliper? Just one of those things that made me go "Huh?".

   Sears Drag Brake posted by Gary M on 2/6/2002 at 5:57:55 PM
someone had one of those back in the day. a brake caliper hooked to a long handle shifter type setup. Eric i think it was. thing was cool for awesome one handed whiparounds. No idea if it was a shifter someone put on a brake or if it was factory.

MISC:   Solo Polo posted by: Mike on 2/3/2002 at 1:44:24 AM
Does anyone know what years the Persons seat had the tag and what years they were stamped on the underside + when were the red seats produced?

AGE / VALUE:   take a look! posted by: ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 1/31/2002 at 8:17:29 PM
take a look, I never saw one Kustomed before! I had one of these as a kid.
E- bay item# 1069681444 Kustom Ross Apollo 5 speed
Personally, I don't like the recovered seat but that's just my idiotic hang up. They do that with these seats, it's cool!
The bike looks awesome! ( Not my auction no relation to seller)

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   take a look! posted by Stacey on 1/31/2002 at 9:12:04 PM
Nein spretchn Deutche, Chris! Man, you gotta learn how to copy & paste the URL! Check out the number you posted above... A Real STRANGE Ross indeed. not even any wheels. You wan to try it again compadre?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   take a look! posted by Kevin K on 1/31/2002 at 9:34:16 PM
Was???????????? Was ist dass????????????? Wo ist das Rad ?????????????? Guten Tag Christopher Robin

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:  posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 2/1/2002 at 7:28:54 PM
Sorry! I screwed up! Ok, I'll learn to cut and paste.

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:  posted by Stacey on 2/2/2002 at 9:58:45 PM
(The sound of a toe paitently tapping)


(The toe is still tapping but a bit more hurriedly)

Well? What't the bloody URL? I've been looking, quite un-successfully I might add for this wonderous bike and have been yet to find it.

(Tap, tap, tap)

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:  posted by Stacey on 2/6/2002 at 5:10:10 PM
Tap, tap, tap.

   It's gone. posted by ChristopherRobin2@starmail.com on 2/7/2002 at 1:48:52 AM
It completely vanished! I can't find it no matter how I type it in. Completed or not, I dunno.
Sorry! It has me bothered too. I didn't study it long enough and I was going to go back to it.
It had a stretched, chopper style fork, was black and Oh, the heck with it!

   RE:It's gone. posted by Stacey on 2/7/2002 at 2:09:27 AM

FOR SALE:   f/s 68' Fairlady Skyblue Exc. condition posted by: Steve on 1/31/2002 at 3:44:06 AM
Bike is all original w/ mint nos correct pedals. Also, orig. flower basket. Have pictures to e-mail. $225.00 plus shipping.

WANTED:   Fair/Decent Yellow Oval Slik posted by: Baldy Jeff on 1/31/2002 at 2:00:14 AM
Just need a fair or decent shape blackwall tire--cracks or bad logo acceptable--
You might be surprised how much I'm willing to pay!
Baldy Jeff