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Archived: Musclebikes (Sting-Rays, Krates, Choppers, etc.)

FOR SALE:   Sting Rays & other bikes for sale LOOK! posted by: JOE on 6/15/2002 at 8:18:12 PM
1968 Sting-Ray Jr $175.OK orig, 1974 Standard Sting-Ray red $375.Real Clean, 1971 Cotton Picker Coaster $650.OK orig, 1960s Murray Wildact $150.Clean, 1971 Sears Spyder(Huffy Slingshot w/ long frame) 16x20 $375.pretty nice, Ross Apollo 5 speed stick $150.good cond, Murray F3 series Eliminator $150.real clean,late 70's Sting-Ray II $85 ok orig. 1975 Evel Knievel 20" BMX $150. needs resto all there, 1970 Vista Banana 16x20 $100.needs resto seat and strut missing E mail for pics if you are serious. Thanks!

   RE:FOR SALE:   Sting Rays & other bikes for sale LOOK! posted by bigkieth on 6/19/2002 at 1:15:52 AM
how can i see the bikes that are for sale.

FOR SALE:   Shameless self promotion posted by: Ray on 6/13/2002 at 9:02:01 PM

   RE:FOR SALE:   Shameless self promotion ??? posted by Guido on 6/14/2002 at 5:57:55 AM
Here`s the description text for proof of self promoting a store, website, service etc. etc. etc.

What a great little speedo. This is the early Schwinn Sting Ray round speedo complete in box NOS. It looks just as it did when packaged at the factory. You cannot have a fully decked out Sting Ray or Krate bike without this centerpiece topping off your clean original or restoration. No counterfeits here, just original NOS from front to back. Nice box with checker flag Sting Ray emblem. Look at the miles on the dial 0000.2 just enough to test it at the factory. Never installed or molested. Box has very very slight discoloration on one panel but it is barely noticable. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime offer. Not the regular old square or small round Sting Ray speedos but a premier piece of original Schwinn history. Shipping cost $7, payment due within 10 days of auction close.

The only thing he has promoted, apparently seems to be a highly desireable piece of Schwinn goodies. $300. in 8 bids by serious collectors with 4 days left to go. Shameless ??? Hmmm.

   Oh geez, Ray IS wheelman posted by Guido on 6/14/2002 at 6:03:23 AM
I thought that was an accusation of "shameless self promotion" lol lol. And here I was getting on your case for being wrong,...... and defending ya at the same time. Ouch ! Sorry bout the mistake. Yep, official moron here.

   RE:Oh geez, Ray IS wheelman posted by Cal on 6/14/2002 at 1:25:36 PM
I don't mind seeing people put up messages about Ebay auctions here.

Actually, I like it!

   RE:RE:Oh geez, Ray IS wheelman posted by Jimmy on 6/14/2002 at 7:30:35 PM
I see nothing wrong with trying to sell a speedometer on ebay, he promoted it well and gave a clear description. Its descriptions like those that will bring good money. I am beggining to think that everyone here is getting jealous because they cant bring in that kind of money, it is a shame to see people fighting over such stupid and pointless things. We on oldroads are tired of hearing about whats selling on Ebay, just go tell your crap to the guys face.

   All is still "right " with the universe posted by Guido on 6/15/2002 at 5:19:26 AM
Because I can`t even post a self incriminating retraction and admission to my own stupidity, without still being misunderstood. I can`t wait for the next alignment of the planets to find out how confused I`ll be at the time lol lol. Once again, Sorry about the mixup.
Awesome speedo too Ray, I hope it goes well.

   RE:All is well posted by Chris on 6/15/2002 at 4:31:32 PM
Ray is a straight up guy, honest, reliable. No problems with Ray, never heard of any either.

   RE:FOR SALE:   Shameless self promotion posted by butnut on 6/15/2002 at 10:07:08 PM
I thought the same thing when I first read this post...Ray was shamelessly self promoting his speedo. Kool. Now I get it. Why not? I'm sure there are collectors here. Funny how after your apology, Guido, some people still don't get it. Funny, I passed up on a speedo like that years ago 'cause I thought it looked too big. My bikes have the regular Krate style and the round mini's. That was a cherry speedo in a nice package...

AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Fireball posted by: Rich on 6/13/2002 at 2:52:07 PM
Recently at a swap meet I picked up a Raleigh Fireball in nice original condition for pretty short money. It has a NOS Sturmey-Archer 3-speed Sportshift with internal 3-sp. rear hub. I think these were made about the same time as the Rodeo, but I'm not sure. Mine may actually be a later one because it has block pedals with reflectors - perhaps around the same time as the first Choppers. Any information regarding value, years of production, etc. on these Fireballs is greatly appreciated. Thx.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Fireball posted by Gary M on 6/13/2002 at 8:18:32 PM
i just sold one of those slightly customized for $100. i put 10 sp 27 in forks on it, and some bigger bars, its a cool bike.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh Fireball posted by Catfood Rob on 6/14/2002 at 7:39:30 PM
Try www.raleighchopper.info not too much about the fireball, but it gets its story told in the history section......
wish someone would sell me one for a hundred bucks!!!!

MISC:   Cables length posted by: Trombone on 6/13/2002 at 11:46:22 AM
Can someone PLEASE tell me the correct length for all three cables (brakes and shifter) for a Krate?

AGE / VALUE:   FD Orange Krate value? posted by: Truck on 6/12/2002 at 6:58:38 PM
The Krate project I've been talking about has a serial number on the rear dropouts that starts with FD, making it a '68 I beleive. It has an orange stripe rear slik, which actually still holds air. Front tire is cracked. Chain has stiffenned up from rust, paint has a few chips and nicks, but overall good. 5 speed shifter has bad cable.The bad news is all the chrome is in dire need of a rechrome. It might clean up some but not without pitting and bare spots. According to the seller it is all original with no parts replaced.. Seat look decent but does have a few pinholes (why??) by the badge, which has faded to the point where it is unreadable.
What is it worth? (ballpark, of course!)
If it was yours, what would you do to it as far as a restore/cleanup?
I'm looking for the most return on my restoring investment as far as how the bike looks. I do not see me sending everything away to the platers until I win the lottery.
Thanks for your opinions!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   FD Orange Krate value? posted by butnut on 6/12/2002 at 7:59:06 PM
Sounds like your first resto project...hope you have the time of your life! Not a nightmare. I've done over 30 Sting Ray/Krate restorations and repaints. It's a lot of fun and very stisfying. Hyperformace Rays has the paints, decals and misc parts. Chrome shops got a lot of my biz, and made a few friends in the SR community for the NOS parts. Back in the day of Sting Ray City News, you could find anything and everything for a fair price. Snail mail and the telephone was the only way. Ebay has changed all that...for better or worse. Back to your bike. You have to determine what do you really want to do? Restore it as a rider, a show piece or resell it? Since your chrome is bad, to rechrome would be very expensive...ballpark $300-$400...without doing the rims. Rechroming the rims tends to lose the knurling and stamp. To find NOS parts...good luck. Big bucks. Best bet is finding good used parts. Takes a lot of luck to find 'em at a fair price though. So, by the time you've collected all the parts and rechromed the stuff you can't find, you have a bike with decent paint, some nice parts (repop seat can still be found), you have quite a few bones into this project. Throw in the cost of the bike, and you could be close to a grand. (If you did not repaint ). Can you now sell the bike for a grand? Sorry, not including your time and labor...Maybe. Can you find a decent original or RESTORED Krate for a grand?...Maybe. If you're restoring for yourself, it's worth every penny. It may take years to 'score' the right parts if you're in no hurry. Restored bikes almost never get the same money as nice ORIGINALS. Even though they are show 'perfect'. It's original only once. I have a near perfect Orange and a killer show bike. Which is 'worth' more?...They are both 'priceless'...good luck.

MISC:   Schwinn Shop Log Date Codes update posted by: Guido on 6/11/2002 at 8:23:42 PM
Here is the new link to the date codes collection http://www.angelfire.com/rant/allday101/SchwinnCodes1.html Copy and paste your way to a FREE Shop Foremans Daily Log Book and then some.

   RE:MISC:   Schwinn Shop Log Date Codes update posted by Guido on 6/11/2002 at 8:53:31 PM
Important Note:
A group of people are going to attempt to rebuild the older than 1948 years and newer than 1966 years codes list. Your serial numbers are needed. If you know the exact year of your bike, it`s a bonus and a starting point of reference. If you don`t know the exact year, but can e-mail me a picture of it with the number, we might be able to pass the pic around and narrow the year by subtle year differences. If you don`t know the exact year and don`t have a picture either, the raw number alone is just as usefull for the list rebuilding process.
This will be a long term project. G-man

MISC:   Schwinn Shop Log Date Codes update posted by: Guido on 6/11/2002 at 8:23:42 PM
Here is the new link to the date codes collection http://www.angelfire.com/rant/allday101/SchwinnCodes1.html Copy and paste your way to a FREE Shop Foremans Daily Log Book.

AGE / VALUE:   Junior Stingrays...Whats up with them? posted by: "truck" on 6/11/2002 at 1:32:42 PM
I've been wandering through all the EBAY listings lately and have noticed in most cases the smaller Stingray models have little interest and much lower prices. Yet last night I see a fairly nice junior model going up and up and up.If I remember correctly it was over $300. Further down the auction listings was a very similar bike that had no bids at $80 or so. Is this a case of a buyer not realizing it is the smaller bike, or are these actually starting to be worth real money?Or am I wrong in assuming the ones with the 6 inch front sprocket with round holes in it is the small bike? Or are there enough parts on a junior bike to make it worth buying simply for the fenders and wheels to put on a larger bike?

On a related issue.. I have someone offerring me an Orange Krate that has sat outside long enough to seize up the chain. It is complete and all original. Saddle and tires will need replacing, and chrome is all rusty. What is it worth? What will it cost to restore if I do my own paint work?
SOrry about all the questions, I'm a newby. Be gentle:-)

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Junior Stingrays...Whats up with them? posted by SuperStuff on 6/12/2002 at 1:42:38 AM
>Or am I wrong in assuming the ones with the 6 inch front >sprocket with round holes in it is the small bike?

It must not have been a junior frame bike. All the early Stingray bikes used the smaller lucky seven sprocket. I'm not sure when they switched to the larger sprocket. I would guess around 1968 when the Krate came out, but we should get someone else's opinion on this.

I would grab the Krate. Try cleaning up as best you can before stripping the paint. Decide how much work and money it will take to bring to your satisfaction. I've seen people start a Krate restoration and end up selling the partially restored bike because the costs started adding up. I hope this helps....


   More details.. posted by Truck on 6/12/2002 at 2:13:24 AM
Today I put good tubes in the junior frame bike, and installed the seat assembly and handlebars from my '73 Fairlady. What I noticed immediately was how low the crank was to the ground. The missing 2-3 inches in overall length wasn't as much as a problem to me as was foot dragging because of the low crank. If you draw a line from the front axle to the rear axle, the centerline of the crankset is considerably under the line. On my Fairlady, the crank is in line with the axles. It has the larger mag style sprocket, and longer crank arms. I have no problem riding that bike at all. According to the serial number the boys bike is a'74...(HKxxxxxx)I didn't get a chainguard with it, and it did come with bars and seat off a different bike. ANy clue what model it would have been? I am thinking the addition of a longer springer fork would make it high enough so my size 11 feet won't drag.

On the Krate front, the Orange Krate was offerred to me for $300. Is this high or low for a krate which has spent several years outside in the weather in snow country? I still haven't seen it, its a long way and I need a reference idea on value. Thanks for any suggestions..

AGE / VALUE:   my stingray posted by: maleka on 6/10/2002 at 10:47:12 PM
i have a schwinn 3speed sting-ray.. the serial# is Lb24008.. i want to know tha age and value ... i know that it has to be atleast a 65' it is coppertone in color and in very good condition

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   my stingray posted by SuperStuff on 6/11/2002 at 3:08:06 AM
November 1966 if it is a B. I noticed that you wrote it with a little "b" instead which seems odd.


AGE / VALUE:   my schwinn posted by: maleka on 6/10/2002 at 10:43:58 PM
i need to know the worth and the year of my schwinn... i know that it has to be a least a 65' it is a three speed sting-ray it is coppertone in color it has all the orignal parts and is in excellent condition.. the serial# is lb

AGE / VALUE:   Iverson Roadrunner posted by: Jack Colicchio on 6/10/2002 at 9:20:18 PM
I recentaly got an Iverson Roadrunner with all original parts. I believe it is from 1969. Is this correct? I was worndering where I can find decals and parts that can fit this bike. What is the approximate price of this bike?


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Iverson Roadrunner posted by Jack Colicchio on 6/10/2002 at 11:33:03 PM
Oh yeah the color of my Iverson is yellow.

AGE / VALUE:    posted by: Maurice on 6/7/2002 at 3:47:43 AM
Can anyone comment on the collectibility of the 1966 5 -Speed FastBacks? I understand these were the first year FastBacks and were equipped with Sprint cranks, gear changers and possibly Sprint hubs? I don't see many for sale, only display. Would these bikes if found with original and functional parts, but in 5-6 condition, be more collectible than a say, 1969-72 FastBack in 8-10 condition? With 1966 FastBacks, would the value be more about the collectibility of the original parts or would the condition still be especially important?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:    posted by Skip on 6/10/2002 at 12:48:54 PM
In equal condition, a first year bike would probably command a bit more, maybe 10%. If the color was unique to the first years, increase that to 20% or more.

AGE / VALUE:   Stingray value? posted by: Robb on 6/6/2002 at 10:46:41 PM
I was helping my Dad this past weekend clean out the garage and found my old Stingray. I checked the serial number against one of the Schwinn dating sites and found out it's a '75, one speed in Flamboyant Red. It's in great shape and I was wondering what the value might be?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Stingray value? posted by butnut on 6/7/2002 at 9:45:54 AM
Since it's 'your' bike...priceless. Clean it up, ride it and pass it on to your kids, and their kids. Keep it in the family. That Ray will last forever with a little care. I wish I still had my bike.

AGE / VALUE:   StingRay IS IT FOR REAL posted by: jod on 6/6/2002 at 3:29:38 PM
I just bought a nice lookin stingray, but do not know how to determine if it is really for real. What do you do. I have not received it yet, but I would imagine searching the tags would be the best start. It is one speed, yellow, and on the chain guard, has country something on it at the head of it. I looked in Friers book, and did not see this name. So how do I know if this is for real?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   StingRay IS IT FOR REAL posted by ~~~~~~ *Nate* ~~~~~~ on 6/6/2002 at 5:39:53 PM
What up JOD? did you get your Sting-ray yet? well, when you do, this is how you can determine if it's a sting ray,first,
flip the bike over and look on the top side of the forks and thats where the serial number should be, also all schwinns have the kick stand WELDED at an angle under the pedals. There are some more ways, but these are the most obviose.
'''''' *NATE* ''''''

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   StingRay IS IT FOR REAL posted by Jimmy on 6/6/2002 at 6:37:54 PM
Easy, it is a yellow country time lemonade reprodustion bicycle.

WANTED:   fast back wheels and seat posted by: jeff on 6/5/2002 at 5:43:33 AM
i have three shifters that i will trade for two schwinn wheels and a seat. one shifter is a three speed in great shape no rust at all the knob is kinda scuffed it is a round knob with the three on it, the second shifter is a five speed with no backing plate and is very rusty and the knob is broke but i have an extra knob on another stick that is great if you can swap them , and third there is another three speed schwinn stick shift that is in greatshape needs new decals and the three on the knob is scratched off, this is what i have done i wanted a five speed shifter in great shape so i parted the 5 speed rusty shifter and took the three spee shifter with no backing plate and swapped the insides out hence the three is now a five speed shifter lolbut still needs a backing plate i have picts of these shifters if any one wants to barder