AGE / VALUE:   two speed hubs posted by: Lee on 7/31/2002 at 10:05:38 PM
Yea! I found a late stingray in the salvation armys' scrap pile. I bought it for a dollar. It's not bad, needed a repaint (blue) but has decent s-7 and s-2 rims with original cracked tires, and they still hold air! Banana seat is lightly split in two places, but the longest is only about a half an inch long. Pedals are great so whoever had it did not slide out all the time, like I used to : ) its single speed coaster, just like the one I favored to mess around on, (derailers also derail when they are not spose to). My question is this: I would like to know how to identify the two speed hubs at a glance, when I see one. Can anyone tell me how?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   two speed hubs posted by butnut on 8/1/2002 at 9:37:20 AM
Your coaster, if an early 60's, will have the ultra kool 'single' Red Band Bendix. I love those...always dug the Red Band. The 2 speed 'kickback' coasters will have 3 bands on the hub. Blue, Yellow or Red...don't know the differences except some were overdrive, and some were underdrive. The brake arm usually had it stamped on.

WANTED:   looking for a 1960's- 1970's bicycle posted by: Tim English on 7/30/2002 at 4:52:01 AM
Im looking for a bike i had when i was a kid i cant remember the name only that it had high handle bars, a bananna seat,and it was yellow and black im thinking maybe something like superbee,bumblebee,yellow jacket....does anyone know of this bike??

   RE:WANTED:   looking for a 1960's- 1970's bicycle posted by Jeff on 7/30/2002 at 2:44:38 PM
I know that AMF came out with a bike in the early 70's caled an "AERO-BEE". It came in a 5,3 and coaster brake model. Not sure of the colors tho'.Hope this helps. Jeff

   RE:WANTED:   looking for a 1960's- 1970's bicycle posted by john on 10/1/2002 at 1:53:14 AM
I am rebuilding a roadmaster aerobee. I will send photo when I am finished if you wish, reply to

AGE / VALUE:   Ross Barracuda posted by: Elvis on 7/29/2002 at 7:48:04 PM
Hi all. Just picked up a sting-ray style bicycle. The bike is a Ross Barracuda, in a medium blue color. Long chrome bars, original tires [rear is rideable but splitting] chrome fenders shined up nicely and there is surface frust on the tops of the rims but nothing that weakens the metal. Front and rear brakes activated by hand levers and a shimano [!] thumb shifter for the internal 3-speed. I rode it around town today, only thing wrong is left side crank arm has a slight bend to it but it doesn't touch the frame, just enough to make the peddle angle different. This I can replace; what puzzles me is the age. Any idea how old it is? I have a '76 Schwinn Sting-Ray coaster brake, but this is the first bike of this style I've owned with gears...

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1 more thing... Ross Barracuda Seat posted by Elvis on 7/29/2002 at 7:58:45 PM
Oops! Almost forgot! The bike's bananna seat is a white glittery color with an offset pair of black stripes running down in, one slightly thicker than the other. This looks sorta liek the old Schwinn Krate seats... anyone know how to tell if it was pulled from a Krate or if its original?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   1 more thing... Ross Barracuda Seat posted by butnut on 8/1/2002 at 9:40:38 AM
The Krate seat will have 3 stripes (the only real 'Racing Stripe') with the famous 'S' circled on the upper third of the seat. Schwinn Sting Ray tag rivetted on the back of the seat is the other clue.

MISC:   WTB and WTT List posted by: Matt on 7/29/2002 at 2:14:17 PM
I've got the following to trade:

67-68 3 Speed Stik Shifter - Good Chrome, Decals Weak
3 Pairs Nearly NOS Red Glitter Lever Covers
1 Pair NOS Coppertone Glitter Lever Covers
1 Pair NOS Black Lever Covers
NOS MIP Roll Coppertone Glitter Tape/Plugs
NOS MIP Roll Silver Glitter Tape/Plugs
NOS Silver Glitter Grips (2 Pair, 1 Boys Size, 1 Junior/Girls Size)
NOS MIP Sears Ball Light w/ Amber Side Reflectors
REPOP WW Westwind and WW Knobby Tire Set
Very Nice, Straight, Razor S-2 Rear Fender w/ Nice Brace
1968 Campus Green Slik Chik Frame/Fork/Cguard - Very Nice Paint and Frame Decals, No Screen on Winged Style Guard
Repop Silver Glitter, ribbed with NO Mylar StingRay Seat (Off of a Blue Repop Ray)
Metallic Burnt Orange Columbia 500 Coaster Muscle Bike - NOS Seat, Grips, Sissy Bar, WW Tires (including rear slik) Repop Pedals and Fenders. Nice Paint, rides great, looks great.
1980's Schwinn Voyager 10 Speed - Tall Frame, Dark Green, Nice Bike

I'm looking for the following:
Blue/Clear Glitter Streamers
Blue Crossed Flag Valve Cap Covers
Very Nice Kool Orange Grips and Lever Covers
Coppertone Fastback 5 Speed Chainguard
Blue or Violet 5 Speed Fastback Frame/Fork/Chainguard - Must be nice paint, I've got the rest of the stuff to finish it out - any stik shifter year would be fine.
Repop Silver Glitter WITH Mylar Ribbing Seat
Repop Silver Glitter WITH Orange "S" Stripe Seat
Rear Wheel for a Huffy Liquidator 3 (Shimano 333, 3 Speed Hub)
NOS Wald "Fun Bike" Fender Set (20 inch, Chrome, Bobbed, Ducktailed)

I've got a ton of other stuff, need to move some of it out and find some parts to finish a few projects. No cash deals right now, just looking to trade thanks.

If there's something in particular that you're interested in and want to see a pic, let me know and I'll see about getting one taken and sent out.

   RE:MISC:   WTB and WTT List posted by Matt on 7/29/2002 at 6:37:39 PM
Repop WW Tires are gone.

   RE:RE:MISC:   WTB and WTT List posted by Ryan Fitzgerald on 7/31/2002 at 7:26:05 AM
yeah i just bought a 1966 schwinn fastback frame at a garage sale and i was wondering if you know anywhere that i can buy parts to complete it

AGE / VALUE:   New CCM MuscleBikeS posted by: D Smith on 7/29/2002 at 12:22:52 AM
Her's a couple pics of new CCM MuscleBikes. Old Scool Style with New Technology.

I also Know Canadian Tire has a 3spd Moled Mustang in Gold.

Sweet stuff!!

D Smith

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   New CCM MuscleBikeS posted by Al on 8/3/2002 at 5:02:35 AM
I am looking for A CCM screamer I think it was called . by your add iguess you live i Canada as do i . I am also looking for a bike i had as a kid, a Royce Union 3spd Musclebike
Can you send me some pics of the ccm you have.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   New CCM MuscleBikeS posted by Paul on 10/4/2002 at 11:00:24 PM
I had a CCM Firebird. Had a cross bar 5 speed T handle shifter. Anyone know where I might find one? May only be a Canadian edition as I have NOT been able to find hide nor hair on the net. If you can help please e-mail. Thanks Eh

WANTED:   Marauder posted by: steve on 7/28/2002 at 6:52:34 AM
thanks for the marauder info.(let me know if you get my e-mail ChristopherRobin, my hotmail's been acting up). Hope to have pics of the bike soon. A friend of mine was telling me of a bike his uncle has, a CCM Charger!! It supposedly has 16/20 wheels, tall sissy bar,a stick-shift, a checker-pattern seat, and a mustang style frame.(can't wait to see this one!!)

   RE:WANTED:   Marauder (way cool Canadian bicycle from the late 60's) posted by on 7/28/2002 at 5:55:42 PM
I got the e- mail, printed it out so I have the address, I'll send you what I have informationwise on C.C.M.
It'S free, but I ask that you assist me in getting this info sent to any C.C.M. web site that you know of. I'll send you two copies one to keep, one to send.

   RE:WANTED:   Marauder posted by D Smith on 7/29/2002 at 12:12:17 AM
My first bike was a Gold CCM Stingray style Framed Bike, that was my Brothers before that. H bought it in the mid to late 60's. It got stole when I was 7.

I had a Fastback style CCM that I sold a couple years ago Didn't have a name on it. It had the skinny 20 in wheels and Fastback style frame Single speed.

I've also seen a 24/20 inch bike. Single speed also.

I'd like to find out more Info on CCM Musclebikes.

D Smith

AGE / VALUE:   yellow krate posted by: darrell on 7/28/2002 at 6:24:02 AM
I have a krate bike with a 3 spd shift , i don't know how old it is the frame number is 1C367394 can anyone help me, and where can i find any parts for it , it has light rust all over it , the front forks have the most rust , thanks for any help you guy's can give me.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   yellow krate posted by darrell on 7/28/2002 at 8:25:03 AM
sorry for not giving mutch detail, my krate has all original parts on it, 1 the rear cheater slik is dryrotten and has cracks on the side walls, 2 the rear wheel is a 3 spd wheel but all spokes are rusty, 3 the rear fender is yellow with black stripes , it has a few small dents in it , but it's repairable, the frame is solid and true i've sanded it and put a good coat of primer , and new paint, 4 the seat is in OK cond, but the sissy bsr is in bad cond it's vary rusty , the seat is black with yellow stripes on it, 5 the front forks were yellow but they have so much rust you could see small pin holes in them. 6 the handel bars are in great shape just need some TLC and there like new again, the front wheel is missing and front fender, also all brake hardware is missing. if any one with parts reads this I need a front fork ,fender, chain guard, sissy bar, brakes, and maybe a 3spd wheel . thanks .

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   yellow krate posted by butnut on 8/1/2002 at 9:28:01 AM
Your serial # indicates a '67. It's not a Krate as those came out in '68 and only 5 speeds and coasters were Krates...not 3 speed. Sounds like a Schwinn although Schwinn did'nt paint the fenders nor have cheater sliks unless tire was changed. Is the headbadge and decals still on the bike?

AGE / VALUE:   screamer 1 posted by: Sid on 7/27/2002 at 2:29:48 AM
I just bought a hawthorne screamer 1 . It is in really good shape with a 5 speed stick and butterfly hanlebars. anyone got any ideas what this bike might be worth.

MISC:   camel bicycles posted by: thom on 7/27/2002 at 1:28:57 AM
I found a muscle bike at the dump today, it looks like a sting ray but the badge and the sticker are labeled Camel bicycles. Has anyone ever heard of tese or have any info for me.

   RE:MISC:   camel bicycles posted by Ryan on 7/29/2002 at 3:06:17 AM
sorry, dont have any info for you, but i would love a pic for my page (

   RE:RE:MISC:   camel bicycles posted by Joel on 7/29/2002 at 5:06:21 PM
Probably a Camel Cigarette bike.

AGE / VALUE:   What have I got posted by: Dinger on 7/25/2002 at 3:29:23 AM
Have a Sting Ray Stick Shifter (3 speed) S# CE08876. Know it wasmade in Chicago, but no idea what year. Can anyone help me out.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   What have I got posted by Jeff on 7/25/2002 at 9:25:08 AM

WANTED:   schwinn stingray posted by: Jeremy Wilbur on 7/23/2002 at 10:41:30 PM
i own a 19__ schwinn jr. stingray in mint cond. would like any information, especially value

FOR SALE:   FS Whamo Wheelie bar posted by: Tom on 7/23/2002 at 3:04:16 AM
It has good chrome and is in very good shape. The decal is gone though. The original wheels spin freely. Asking $215 shipped.

WANTED:   marauder posted by: steve on 7/22/2002 at 8:24:34 PM
anyone with marauder info can e-mail me at

WANTED:   CCM Mustang Marauder posted by: Steve on 7/22/2002 at 7:59:30 PM
has any one ever heard of a CCM mustang marauder? I am restoring one from the late 60's. It's an orange single-speed, with a very unique "wedge" style frame, "chopper" style forks,16"/20" wheels, and a high sissy bar. What I'm looking for is info on these bikes, (pictues,value,etc). I would also be interested in buying more of these, or parts. I remember my big brother riding a yellow version of this bike with a big stick-shift, and a cheater-slick in the early 70's! Would love to find a bike like this.

   RE:WANTED:   CCM Mustang Marauder posted by D Smith on 7/25/2002 at 2:25:15 PM
Thats a Canadian made Bike.
Do you have a Pic of the bike?

My first bike was a CCM Mustang. It had the Stingray style frame, not the marauder style frame.

Also on a another Note! CCM is making a new style mustang 3spd bike the style has been updated a little As it has a V-Brake on the back. But very retro looking.
I'm getting one next week.

D smith

   RE:RE:WANTED:   CCM Mustang Marauder posted by on 7/26/2002 at 4:33:34 PM
I have an original catalog showing the bike!
send me your post address and I'll send you a FREE copy!

way cool bike!

   RE:RE:WANTED:   CCM Mustang Marauder posted by dave on 7/27/2002 at 5:28:06 AM
C.C.M. Mustangs are the hot bikes here in Canada also the Murauder, and the Scrambler. I have a 100% origional and mint 1969 3 speed gold Mustang, and a very nice 1971 Scrambler, also a nice 1964 Schwinn stingray deluxe, and some others. If I could find a bike like yours I would buy it in a minute

   RE:RE:RE:WANTED:   CCM Mustang Marauder posted by D Smith on 7/27/2002 at 5:39:14 AM
IF anyone has any CCM musclebikes for sale email me.

D Smith

FOR SALE:   FS motorized Schwinn Stingray type, plus mini bike engines FS posted by: Pete on 7/22/2002 at 5:15:21 PM
Have a 50s 24in Schwinn bicycle with a mini engine forsale. Also have a huffy balloon tire bicycle for sale ($250 shipped). Have a 68 5 speed Stingray for sale repainted orange ($350 shipped). Have numerous 3hp-5hp engines for mini bikes or go karts that start on first to second pull ($60-$100). Have go karts and mini bikes for sale. Email me with your phone number or call me at 1-773-510-5151. Located in Chicago.