AGE / VALUE:   kent girls muscle bike posted by: Daniel on 7/7/2002 at 12:08:11 PM
I just got a girls kent muscle bike it is purple with a little white around the head and forks all original but no chain guard serial number is 06 46/06 it looks like it might be from the early to mid 70's any information would be greatly apreciated thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   kent girls muscle bike posted by JimW. on 7/8/2002 at 2:23:47 AM
I don't know about the '60s, but Kents were the brand carried
by Woolworth's in the late '70s and '80s. Their pseudo-BMX went
for about $40 new.

AGE / VALUE:   Girl's Eagle muscle bike posted by: brian on 7/5/2002 at 1:24:33 AM
hey all. just picked up the above bike at flea market. Has smaller front wheel, single speed, front and rear fenders, chopper-type bars. Tires appear orig, and the rear is slight nobby tread. Cranks are cheap 3 piece, banana seat has sissy bar-type extension that connects to rear dropout. Any info greatly appreciated. I've never seen one.

FOR SALE:   Muscle Bikes: Selling Part of my Collection posted by: kent on 7/4/2002 at 8:52:32 PM

AGE / VALUE:   anyone ever seen one of these? posted by: todjob on 7/4/2002 at 1:16:34 PM
2117954532 ebay

WANTED:   Spokes for '66 Sprint, 8 1/2" 2mm gauge posted by: Mo on 7/4/2002 at 3:28:05 AM
Need 8 1/2 " spokes for 1966 Sprint Fastback hub - used or NOS - need 4 to complete resto but will buy whole box. Many Thanks - Mo

MISC:   SEE MY HOMEBUILT CHOPPER AT THE WEB posted by: Mario Romano on 7/2/2002 at 2:57:48 PM
Dear Friends,

I inviting yours for see my homebuilt chopper bicycle I made last year as the first chopper bicycle ever made on my hometown.

   RE:MISC:   SEE MY HOMEBUILT CHOPPER AT THE WEB posted by JimW. on 7/4/2002 at 5:25:47 AM
When I tried to check the page, I got the following:
Não encontramos a página que você procura
Verifique se o endereço que você digitou está correto ou consulte a lista abaixo:
Are you sure you gave the full URL?

   RE:RE:MISC:   SEE MY HOMEBUILT CHOPPER AT THE WEB posted by Jimmy on 7/8/2002 at 6:13:04 PM
Thats the right one, and thats a pretty cool chopper

AGE / VALUE:   example of Bill Kearns's work for Raleigh (Chopper Pedals) posted by: on 6/30/2002 at 8:39:15 PM
E- bay item # 1840441085 Vintage Raleigh pedals 1970's?
( no relation to seller, not my auction. I'm referring to these and the picture to illiustrate my article.)
These are the earliest Raleigh Chopper pedals. They were designed by the late Bill Kearns who worked at Raleigh.

They used sintered bearings which, while it was a cost saving move, they were wildly unpopular because they were not a full ball bearing pedal and people did not go quietly into the change. The C.T.C. publication at the time printed letters from unhappy bike folks who hated these pedals. Still, it went over on the kids. I won't ride them but they are period correct for your early Chopper and some other bikes I believe as well. Later on Raleigh had Union of Germany make pedals for them and they even had a Raleigh heron stamp on them and these were not sintered bearings. They spun nicely, the blocks did not turn about they had reflectors and they were acceptable.

Still, the old original Raleigh 1950's pedals and earlier ones were best. Even the pedals were works of art. It got too expensive for Raleigh to keep on making full ball bearing pedals. this was a sign along the highway as it were.
Thanks go to Joe L. for info on the late Bill Kearns. Bill did a lot of great things at Raleigh. The bad thing is that these were cheaper and that's good from the view of the company bean counters but the customer knew right away and they did not care for these pedals. The reflectors are beautiful in these.This was during the transition to "non serviceable" componets. They had to do this to stay afloat. Schwinn did the same type thing, they took to stamping "Schwinn Approved" onto things made outside Chicago. Way outside.

AGE / VALUE:   Robo- bike hunter.( The future of collecting!) posted by: Chris on 6/30/2002 at 7:44:44 PM
After my eventual natural death they will implant chips in whats left of my brain and bring me back to life like in the movie "Robo- Cop" and I'll go around to flea markets, auctions, garage sales, e..t.c. and shop and collect for eternity. I'll be linked up via the internet with all the latest collector info. All the archived past files will be downloaded into my memory for use. I'll be online in all the relevant web sites all over the whole world all at once. I'll never need rest, my new mind will electronically wire money to diffrent places all over the world acquiring whole collections while I go on and do it still manually. I'll never tire out nor need food just a quick re- charge and I can tap into the Raleigh front wheel dynohub getting sustinance from the bikes front wheel dynohub.
I'm flying down the highway on the Raleigh Superbe at 70 miles per hour!
Main directives:
(1)Serve the hobby to the best of my ability
(2 acquire vintage objects
(3) grow richer with every transaction

Family and relatives will think I'm long dead and move on. To heck with cryogenics! I want to go on collecting! Night vision, infra red, sound, super human strength. the mind of a computer.
Some kind of mix between Data, Brainiac, and Robo - Cop.
Not evil, more or less good but a true collector at heart.

I'll have thus huge underground complex filled with goodies. Digging into landfills with robotic hands. Comming up suddenly at the glof course with a bike in my hands. Treasure hunting underwater! This robotic hand grabs the shark with ease. Walking underwater with a bag of gold bars. G.P.S. locating system engaged! With my super human strength I can acquire all the world collectable treasures and be the richest cyborg on the planet.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Robo- bike hunter.( The future of collecting!) posted by Chris on 6/30/2002 at 8:10:06 PM
iT would come in handy at auctions, grab the other collectors, flea market competition and hurl them across the room. Especially the scanning equipment. I could read all the papers all over the world all at once.
Why didn't I think of this before!

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Robo- bike hunter.( The future of collecting!) posted by cyborg chris on 6/30/2002 at 8:12:05 PM
Built in tools in little compartments in my arms for sandblasting, cleaning and polishing cycle parts! Ok. I'll stop!

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Robo- bike hunter.( The future of collecting!) posted by Chris on 6/30/2002 at 8:15:35 PM
Thank God for science fiction!

AGE / VALUE:   serial/ and what kind posted by: corey on 6/30/2002 at 2:03:14 PM
can any one tell me what kind my bike is. it is a huffy with a flame seat and flame fenders and stuff like that it is a 3 spead. i also want to know if my bike is valuble it is in good condition and the serial number starts HC
pleas help me out

MISC:   schwinn speedometer posted by: Bob on 6/29/2002 at 3:16:11 PM
I guess my main question is can you use the schwinn deluxe speedometers? My son wants one on his schwinn but I heard someone say if they bind up something will break. Did they mean the speedo or cable? With the high prices for the parts I would not want them breaking often? Maybe someone out there is using one on a rider and can give me some tips. Do some of the parts need oiled and greased? Thanks, Bob

   RE:MISC:   schwinn speedometer posted by Matt on 7/8/2002 at 4:56:35 AM
I remember a friends schwinn stingray that had a speedometer,and all the other stuff,and his was always breaking too.I believe the fault lies inside the unit where it connects to the needle, as he was always pullig it apart
to fix it.They do look kool though.

AGE / VALUE:   SCHWINN FLEET posted by: angela on 6/28/2002 at 10:03:07 PM
I'm not sure if this is a "muscle bike" or not, but was very curious about it's age and value. It looks like something from about the early to mid 1940's, in excellent condition, all original, even the horn still works. Can anyone tell me anything about this bike? Thanks.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   SCHWINN FLEET posted by butnut on 7/16/2002 at 4:57:10 AM
The Fleet is a cool bike with 1/2 tank. Mine is a '67 that is a 20" (like Sting-Ray). It's fully customized so it now is a muscle bike I guess. Sounds like you have a swet one. Here's some pics.

WANTED:   brake adaptor or fork for fastback posted by: jeff on 6/27/2002 at 5:00:06 PM
I need the front fork brake adaptor for a schwinn fastback, i converted a girls schwinn fork to fit a fastback
and had it powder coated with the frame and chainguard, it wasn't till later that I could not put calliper brake on the front due to that it did not have the hole for the brake
and cant find a boys fastback fork, i have several parts i will trade for either the adaptor or a fork, i have schwinn shifters original bow peddels with schwinn logo stampped a three speed sturmy and nos thumb shifter ( sturmey ) front and rear fenders for stingray stingray chainguard powdered coated copper needs waterslide let me know

   RE:WANTED:   brake adaptor or fork for fastback posted by Jeff on 7/3/2002 at 3:52:59 AM
Jeff - Have parts for you. Please email me. Tried to contact you-problems on your end. Thanks!

MISC:   Jaguar folding bicycle posted by: Elly on 6/26/2002 at 9:40:12 PM
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what a Jaguar folding bicycle wouod be worth?
We bought a house and we found on of these good condition, has headlight and back light. Please if anyone could help?

AGE / VALUE:   Western Flyer info? posted by: Dan on 6/26/2002 at 8:37:45 PM
Hi, Anyone have or know where to find info on Western Flyer muscle bikes? Serial #s' web sites. Stuff like that. Thanks, Dan

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Western Flyer info? posted by Danny on 7/28/2002 at 1:19:22 AM
Dan,All I know is that Murray of Ohio made a lot of them ,but they are of no help when trying to locate parts. I have two bikes myself. I am building one for my son using original frame ,but other various makes for the assories etc.Check Flea Markets, Yard Sales,Swap Papers Etc. Hope This Helps. In the Wind,Danny.

AGE / VALUE:   can anyone tell me the value of a JUNIOR STING-RAY? posted by: angela on 6/26/2002 at 12:49:29 AM
Can anyone tell me what the approx. value of a SCHWINN JUNIOR STING-RAY is? I'm not sure of the tire size, looks to be about 24", yellow paint, no rust, seat is in excellent condition, all original. My parents bought it for $20 at an auction.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   can anyone tell me the value of a JUNIOR STING-RAY? posted by SuperStuff on 6/26/2002 at 3:28:51 AM
$20 is a great price on a Stingray Jr. bike. Stingray Jr. bikes are not as highly collected as the regular Stingray so they're value is less. I would estimate $75-$150 depending on condition, but you never know some person may pay more on eBay.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   can anyone tell me the value of a JUNIOR STING-RAY? posted by angela on 6/26/2002 at 10:48:39 PM
Correction on the tire size. They're not 24 inches, but are 20 inches by 1 & 3/4 inches.