FOR SALE:   New (NOS) Parts Site posted by: Ginny Rini on 1/15/2003 at 9:01:32 PM
I am beginning to post parts on my new parts site, it will take some time to get them all posted (be patient). I already have a up and running Old School BMX site. Keep an eye on my new site for allot of good parts. all my sites can be accesed from

AGE / VALUE:   old, replacement Shimano 3 speed gear cable? posted by: Chris on 1/15/2003 at 1:52:02 AM
Shimano stick shift cables. Old. Comes with special barrel thing. I'll have to pick up a few packages. The rest I'm leaving! This bugs me because I don't see it offered anyplace. How precious are these replacement gear cables for these anyhow? Sturmey- Archer cable? yes. That I pick up.

WANTED:   kawasaki BX aluminum frame posted by: bill armstrong on 1/14/2003 at 4:05:47 AM
hello, i had hoped someone might be able to answer a question related to these bikes. were the original rims black or chrome? how about the spokes? the reason i ask is i have one i am trying to get back to riding condition and it has some rusty chrome rims but the spokes i bought years ago at a kawasaki dealer are black. i would like to talk to anyone about these bikes. tnx!bill

WANTED:   calling all owners of Sierra Brown colored Schwinns]]] posted by: GregG on 1/13/2003 at 3:31:59 PM
I'm trying to convince Larry Gau (man who recently repopped some cross-flag air valve caps) to make a batch of Brown Glitter caps. I am asking anyone who is interested to send him a quick message saying so. Please email me directly, and I will give you his email address.


PS - I personally have nothing invested in this venture. I only seek to buy caps that match my beloved Runabout.

   RE:WANTED:   calling all owners of Sierra Brown colored Schwinns]]] posted by on 1/15/2003 at 2:11:12 AM
What a wonderful, quirky, crazy, devotion filled, fun,specific to a point,odd, fun little hobby. Restoring right down to a specific colored accesory. I have seen these flag caps at swap meets, and on the net. Never in the old shop drawers. These must get scratched and broken. The orange ones are my favorite or maybe the violet/ purple ones. Ah yes, flag valve caps.

AGE / VALUE:   1970 Fastback 5 Speed posted by: Mark on 1/13/2003 at 12:55:06 AM
Hey guy`s need some quick info on a Origianl Blue fastback not mint but not ruff needs a little TLC,kinda new to the bike collecting should it be worth $200-$300 cuz thats what he wants.Lookn` tomorrow Thx Mark

WANTED:   I need a schwinn stingray frame posted by: eric on 1/12/2003 at 3:04:46 AM
I am looking for a reasonably priced,O.K. condition Schwinn stingray frame for a project. I live in Oregon, so it would be nice if the bike were in a neighboring state.

   RE:WANTED:   I need a schwinn stingray frame posted by eric on 1/12/2003 at 3:35:44 AM
I just changed my email. So you can contact me at
Thanks, Eric

   RE:RE:WANTED:   I need a schwinn stingray frame posted by stingrays on 2/15/2003 at 3:20:51 AM
Ihave several schwinn if interested can send thanks GEORGE

   RE:RE:WANTED:   I need a schwinn stingray frame posted by stingrays on 2/15/2003 at 3:21:48 AM
Ihave several schwinn if interested can send thanks GEORGE

WANTED:   Huffy Rail Parts Needed posted by: Richard on 1/11/2003 at 5:02:41 PM
I have everything I need for my Rail except the front fender, the redline front tire and the clips that holds the cable to the frame.

AGE / VALUE:   Huffy frame caps posted by: Russell on 1/11/2003 at 3:08:28 PM
Hey guys/gals any thoughts on how to make those two silver frame caps that go onto Huffy Dragster or Rail frames. I know how difficult it is to find replacements. I found a really rusty Huffy Dragster frame minus the chainguard and those silver frame caps this past weekend while hunting muscle bikes. It looks like a short version of a Rail frame.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Huffy frame caps posted by Corey on 1/19/2003 at 9:41:45 PM
hey, i have a huffy red hot and it has those caps on was broke off and i still had the peice that broke off so i bought a dowel that fit in the cap the i sanded down the tip a little but not sharp then put it into the car then slid it into the broken peice that was inside the bar.....u can do this if u still have the peices.... i hope i was a help to you

AGE / VALUE:   Person's Leopard Print Saddle posted by: Kerri on 1/11/2003 at 4:30:54 AM
Anyone know the value of a Person't Solo Polo Leopard Print Saddle? This one is in good condition. Thanks!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Person's Leopard Print Saddle posted by Russell on 1/11/2003 at 2:42:48 PM
I would say $50 to $80 in good condition. $80 to $125 in mint condition. The only real way to tell is to put it on eBay. Values can fluctuate, but it could fetch even more the $150 if the right two people desire the seat. I've had someone offer me $100 for my checkerboard Solo Polo seat, but I like to keep it on my Huffy Cheater Slick because it came that way.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Person's Leopard Print Saddle posted by Kerri on 1/11/2003 at 3:51:16 PM
Thanks a lot for the information! I had a feeling it might have some value.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Person's Leopard Print Saddle posted by Jim on 1/13/2003 at 12:20:49 AM
How about the red Persons solo-polo?, you see even fewer of these.

MISC:   propane flames posted by: isaac ray on 1/10/2003 at 9:09:39 AM
i was looking thru some old posts for some ideas and came upon a post by jimmy dated 8/13/2002. he was explaining the begining stages of adding a flame thrower using a propane soldering torch. this sounds really really cool, i would love to try this on mine. im still working on it but can anyone, or maybe jimmy can enlighten me on how he finished this project. im pretty handy with my hands and feel i can do this. so if anyone one can help me out i would very much appreciate it. thanks once again for all the help you all have given me.

   RE:MISC:   propane flames posted by Chip on 1/10/2003 at 4:39:04 PM
Dude, you'll get busted! Really! Big Time!
Go to a monster truck rally the next time it comes
to an arena near you. See the professionals with the big trucks do stuff like this. ( If they do at all) Enjoy the show and leave the propane to them.
This kind of a stunt is very likely illegal,and certainly very dangerous. Propane is nothing to fool around with. I can just imagine the police asking "He did what?" This idea is a good way to get oneself into BIG trouble. The people you see on T.V. or at the circus or at the monster truck rally are all trained professionals. They call this type of profession "pyrotechnician." One is trained and schooled properly. You just don't go experimenting. Even these fellows get hurt/killed if something goes wrong. I really suggest thinking up something else to do. Something that does not involve dangerous things and getting yourself hurt and this way you'll stay out of trouble with the law. Pick up a lowrider bike magazine and look through it for ideas. Or talk to the guys at the bike shop for ideas. Movie people use props and it looks like it'll do this or that but in reality it really does not. It's called a mock -up. Being creative is great just don't get into mischif. You think your pals will talk and say how cool it was, but instead they end up saying things like "He got into huge trouble with the cops, got hurt or something caught fire." Or they call and report you! I have been to many swap meets and seen a lot of cool things and nothing ever involved propane or fire.
Find a cool old bike to restore and Kustomize. Have you seen the bike Rod and Kustom web site? Look through it, e- mail the folks there. They can help you contrive up some awesome bike craziness that'll be really rad!
Come up with another idea, we want you to be around for long while.

   RE:RE:MISC:   propane flames posted by JimW. on 1/16/2003 at 4:24:35 PM
Good advice, Chip. I recommend that if people want to do something really spectacular, that they build a flywheel-enhanced IBRKA Unlimited Dragster- spectacular wheelies and smoking tires. Of course, flywheels can be dangerous too, but not as risky as igniting propane.

WANTED:   AMF Avenger 5 posted by: Jeff Ogden on 1/10/2003 at 2:16:34 AM
I am looking for a AMF avenger 5 from aprox 1968 or 69. I reluctantly sold mine in the late 70s for gas money when I was between jobs and would like to have another. I dont know what colors they came in but mine was black. Any help in locating another will be appriciated.

AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh chopper posted by: Ray on 1/10/2003 at 1:13:09 AM
I was trying to find the value of a 1970 Raleigh chopper 3+2 it is in great shape high sissey bar all stock stuff hand grips etc. I have tried looking on ebay for a long time but I never see any. Thanks Ray

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh chopper posted by shelley on 1/19/2003 at 9:30:36 AM
hi, go to Trinidad and Tobago, next to Venezuela. they still sell them for US$45.00. you would find many vintage bikes and cars there. if you go during their carnival season this February 2003, you would get a festive holiday and a vintage Raleigh Chopper all in one.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Raleigh chopper posted by kev hill on 2/5/2003 at 1:50:51 PM
Hi Ray,
you're a pretty lucky guy, most chopper nuts over here in the UK would give their eye teeth to own an original 3+2 mk1 chopper. There is a standard 3 spd mk1 at $100+ on ebay at the moment, and I would say that yours is worth a fair bit more - but don't sell it - enjoy it! - kev hill

MISC:   New Murray F-Series Eliminator Website posted by: Shannon Reynolds on 1/9/2003 at 9:08:27 AM
I just set up a webpage devoted to the Murray F-Series Eliminator. I hope to use it to gather a data base of info for collectors of these great machines. So if you have one of these bikes, please check out the site and email me with what you may be able to contribute. I am looking for pictures of bikes in original condition, old catalog pages, or anything else that may be of help to other owners. Let me know what you think of the site and please help to make it a great one.

WANTED:   schwinn speedomter posted by: stuart on 1/8/2003 at 3:02:30 AM
Hi, i need a schwinn speedometer and the other stuff like the cable and the speedo drive. please e-mail me if you have one.

AGE / VALUE:   I need info on a Columbia Mach 3 20/16 muscle bike posted by: Scott on 1/8/2003 at 2:32:33 AM
Help - Does anyone know anything about the Columbia Mach 3 20/16 3spd muscle bike? how about value? I have an opportunity to buy one, but the seller dosnt know the value, so he wont give me a price - Help

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   I need info on a Columbia Mach 3 20/16 muscle bike posted by Skippy on 1/11/2003 at 2:25:29 AM
Not to be sarcastic, but it's worth what you'll pay. To you maybe it's worth $100.00, to a kid who had one when he was young...$250.00....if that kid is now a Lawyer....$500.00...if you like Schwinns.....$5.00 Get the point? It's REALLY worth what YOU'LL pay.......Good Luck!

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   I need info on a Columbia Mach 3 20/16 muscle bike posted by Mr fancy pants on 1/11/2003 at 4:45:35 AM
Really? - Hey thanks for the input - its worth what i'd pay?...didnt think of that! Unfortunately, like everything it has a value. That is why i posted this question on a website. I hoped someone with insite on Columbia bikes would reply, not some bored person replying to everyones enrties with pointless info....ya know, not to be sarcastic

   RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   I need info on a Columbia Mach 3 20/16 muscle bike posted by Skippy on 1/12/2003 at 6:42:46 AM
All right, you got me! It's worth exactly one hundred and fourty five dollars. There's no foolin' you! That info comes from the, "Exact price guide for obscure thirty-one year old bicycles" guide. I wasn't kidding in the first email, there is NO set value on that bike. There were millions of Schwinns made, literally. Because of the enormus amount of these bikes still in existence,price determination is somewhat easy. Lots of people involved with one thing = good common knowledge within the group. The bike info you seek does not fall into that catagory. You mght see one at a flea market and get it for $50.00. You might see one on Ebay for $450.00. Which one of these sellers didn't get the memo? Everyone knows it's worth exactly one hundred and fourty five dollars.....isn't it obvious!!! Say it with me now, "It's worth what I'll pay". There, now your getting it.......sheeeesh

   RE:RE:RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   I need info on a Columbia Mach 3 20/16 muscle bike posted by Stacey on 1/14/2003 at 7:54:31 PM
I gotta stand with Skippy on this one Scott. The "Value" of any item... be it a bike, a car, or a cup of coffee is exactly what a GIVEN buyer and a GIVEN seller will agree to at a GIVEN time.

Case in point: Last summer I was at a church bazzar they had for sale an older, like 1968-1972 Schwinn Colliegate (women's model) asking was $10. I looked at the bike and dithered over it 3 times, finally the guy selling it said "Gimme five bucks and it's yours!" Well, ol' Abe flew out of my wallet faster than you can say "Sold!". I took the bike home, put air in the tires, gave it a bath and a quickie service... just to make sure it was safely rideable and sold it within 48 hours for $200. So, now tell me, how much was that bike worth, $5 or $200... or maybe more? Did the person who bought it from me have a buyer lined up at $400?

It's worth exactly what any two given people agree it's worth at any given time. Simple economics.