MISC:   Ann Arbor/Saline Show and Swap posted by: steve on 4/21/2003 at 11:42:00 PM
This Sunday April 27th. Check out the web site for details. www.ann-arbor-bicycleshow.com

WANTED:   Aftermarket 20" Wheels for Stingray posted by: Brian on 4/21/2003 at 2:44:08 PM
Looking for a new set of 20" wheels and tires that will fit on a stingray. This is for a custom and they don't have to be Schwinn wheels. They just need to be new and shiny and not the lowrider kind(lots of spokes).


WANTED:   Wanted Sears Screamer parts posted by: Russell on 4/21/2003 at 1:35:54 AM
I started taking apart my rusty Sears Screamer 2 today. I could use some parts. I would like to find a replacement long gooseneck for this bike, rear fender, 16x1.75 front tire, and decent black banana seat.


AGE / VALUE:   Singray Krate? posted by: Steve on 4/19/2003 at 6:32:01 PM
I just picked up an older stingray but I'm having trouble identifying the model. It is missing the chainguard thus having no name. It has a springer front end, a Krate size small front tire, thumb shifters and blue sparkle handle grips and seat. It looks like a Krate without the hand shifter, fenders and the rear seat shocks. Any help appreciated.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Singray Krate? posted by Robert on 4/21/2003 at 12:41:39 AM
Go to the Schwinn serial number chart on this site and compare your bikes number to it. This will narrow down the model choices. It sounds like it may be a deluxe 3 speed customized. Is it a 3 spd or a 5 spd?

AGE / VALUE:    posted by: Drew on 4/19/2003 at 12:04:18 AM
The serial number you list is for a 1964, but there is no such thing as a '64 5 speed Fastback. this website has a page showing all Stingray models and the years and colors offered. Maybe you have a bike that was put together by someone?

MISC:   Info wanted posted by: Denise Hagan on 4/17/2003 at 4:10:09 AM
Want info on serial#C43912 StingRay Fastback sunset orange
guessing from serial# 1974 please e-mail any info you might have on this cool bike wanting to restore is original just needs some TLC thanks!

   RE:MISC:   Info wanted posted by Droog on 4/17/2003 at 11:44:19 AM
A '74 should ave a second letter code of "J" , such as CJ. C=March and J is '74. The C4xxx you mention would be a March 1964. The two letter code started in 1965. Sunset Orange is the correct color for a '74. This was the first year WITHOUT the stick Shift, thanks to the Consumer Product Safety Commision. I would just clean it up and enjoy it, the earlier Fastbacks are worth a bit more, like the Ramshorn models & mid sixties models..

   RE:RE:MISC:   Info wanted posted by Denise Hagan on 4/17/2003 at 2:08:35 PM
We thought at first it was a 64 but then figured 74 not really understanding the chart given here, I failed to mention this Fastback StingRay is a 5 speed so is that still put it as a 64 and if so would the sunset orange still be correct color compared to say coppertone color for 64's cause its a wonderful orange color what would male bike like this be valued at if anyone knows thanks so much!!

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Info wanted posted by Russell on 4/18/2003 at 12:00:46 AM
They didn't make the Fastback in '64. First two places on the serial number should be letters indicating month and year bike was made (ex A=65, B=66, etc...) Value is usually based on condition from C1 to C10. You can get many opinions on what it is worth, but the only true way is to put it up for sale on someplace like eBay and find out what people will pay.

   RE:RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Info wanted posted by Denise Hagan on 4/18/2003 at 3:42:34 PM
okay more confused than ever 74 ithink cause has 5speed
shifter orange color but please refer to my 1st posting to serial# taken right off bike and please tell me SomeOne what I have.

AGE / VALUE:   What was I thinking? Where is it??? OOOOHH! posted by: Chris on 4/15/2003 at 4:58:18 PM
I awoke at 3 a.m. and looked up at the ceiling in amazement. I asked myself: How could you loose the original cissy bar to the Mk. One Raleigh Chopper highbar?
It is nowhere to be found. Did I send it out someplace? Where? For what? Was it supposed to be copied and then chromed? I cannot remember. It has vanished! This will not be cheap and it'll be re-pop too.
I'd better keep a written log of where what is and why from now on! It grew feet and walked away and it could be anywhere by now! Maybe it's hitchhiking along the interstate!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   What was I thinking? Where is it??? OOOOHH! posted by Jim on 4/26/2003 at 1:26:34 AM
Chris! I have an extra original HBR for a 70 chopper derailleur 5sp at $95 shipped. It is in C7 shape. I also have a few more repro bars at $200 for chrome HBR, painted backer and pad.
Lemme know if I can help...

AGE / VALUE:   Who wanted a Huffy Blue Beard posted by: Mike on 4/15/2003 at 10:21:03 AM
I found one on Ebay this morning and remember someone wanted info on one or wanted one on here.


AGE / VALUE:   Who wanted a Huffy Blue Beard posted by: Mike on 4/15/2003 at 10:21:03 AM
I found one on Ebay this morning and remember someone wanted info on one or wanted one on here.


AGE / VALUE:   old Pea Picker posted by: jason on 4/15/2003 at 4:20:52 AM
I've had theis old Pea Picker for about 15 years now and just started to get into them. I was wondering what year it was? The only serial number on it, is DE67172. Is this the I.D. number and what does it mean or I'm I looking in the wrong spot and if I am where would it be. I am missing the speedo and the springer banana seat and it has the tipical nicks and scrapes on it so what do anyone of you think it would be worth and if I restored it, what would it be worth.Thanks

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   old Pea Picker posted by choppertom on 4/15/2003 at 7:36:19 PM
ur picker is a april of 1969 is when it was made and i have the springer sissy bar u need for it its for sale!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   old Pea Picker posted by Stan on 4/17/2003 at 1:04:43 AM
the '69 had the unique that year only bent shifter, and I think that was the first year for Pea Picker's. Restored to mint condition with 100% correct parts it could be worth over $1500. but it would cost you that much or more to do the restoration.

AGE / VALUE:   3 wheel-2 seater Whitney Marine posted by: Neil on 4/14/2003 at 6:46:10 PM
My uncle has this bicycle in his garage that has not been used in almost a decade. He was considering selling it. This bike has three-wheels and has two small bucket seats that are side-by-side. This bike has 2 sets of pedals on each side of the bike for two occupants to ride and has a rectangular-like bar that extends from the wheel pivot area for one or both riders to steer. The bike also has a basket mounted underneath the bucket seats and this bike has 20" rimes all around with a pair of wide tires in the back. There is no serial number and there is a label on the front with the name "Whitney Marine 3+2" and underneath the name is the year 1973. My question is if somebody could provide me with information regarding the name or manufacturer of this bike and if this bike is considered a collectible. I apprecite you taking time to read this message. Thank you.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   3 wheel-2 seater Whitney Marine posted by Jim on 4/26/2003 at 1:30:43 AM
I have a 70's PPV (People Powered Vehical) that sounds like yours, but has 2 20" rear wheels and 1 16" drum front. It also has a 3 speed tranny and a plastic boat like shell and wind sheild. The tag is too worn to read where it was made.

AGE / VALUE:   tripper not chopper posted by: chris on 4/14/2003 at 3:09:37 PM
hi. i posted a message yesterday with some wrong info in it. the bike i got is a columbia tripper not chopper. sorry i messed up i had raleigh choppers in mind when typing the message.

AGE / VALUE:   columbia chopper posted by: chris on 4/14/2003 at 12:44:19 AM
hi. i just recently bought what i believe to be called a
Columbia Chopper. It is in very good condition and i think
it could be very rare. The serial number on my musclebike is
70213447 and i cannot find it anywere on this site. On the seat
tube it says 100th anniversary if that does anygood. I am
trying to find the age and value of this bike. By the way,
it is a girls bike but ver cool.its yellow with chrome wheels and
and chrome fenders. It has a coaster brake, app. 10 inch rise
bars and 20x1.75 tires front and rear. If anyone has info
please email me at netec@rcn.com i really wanna get info on
this awesome bike.

WANTED:   24 inch Columbia Muscle Bike posted by: Bob on 4/13/2003 at 4:37:32 AM
As a kid I owned a black Columbia muscle bike (Stingray) I believe it was Columbia's answet to the Schwinn Fastback. Has anyone out there seen one? I'm guessing 1970-71 or thereabouts.---Thanks

   RE:WANTED:   24 inch Columbia Muscle Bike posted by Jim on 4/26/2003 at 1:34:16 AM
Hi Bob,
I have a 24" 3 speed (shimano) Columbia Long Boy. It looks to be about 71. The frame is that weird Mach style that was around since 67 or 68. I dont think there were a lot of these sold.

AGE / VALUE:   What is it???? posted by: Kris on 4/12/2003 at 6:03:59 PM
Need any info about this bike. All i can read on the bike is Hiawatha Gambler, that is on the front tag. And on the chain gaurd it says Drag Duster. Front wheel is 16 by 1.75 and the rear tire is 20 by 2.125. Brakes by turning peddles backwards. Any idea of year or where i can find pictures of one these or any other info????? Thanks Kris

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   What is it???? posted by JimW. on 4/12/2003 at 11:02:38 PM
It's a Gambles' Hiawatha musclebike-style kiddy sidewalk bike, probably late '60s-early '70s. Gambles is/was a dept. store chain, Hiawatha was the name of their bike line. I forget who made the bikes; maybe Cleveland Welding?

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   What is it???? posted by Kris on 4/20/2003 at 1:51:42 PM
Thanks Jim W. !!! Thats a start for me. Kris

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   What is it???? posted by Mark on 4/21/2003 at 2:16:27 PM
The Drag Duster is the same bike as a Murray Eliminator Mark II. This bike was made by Murray and sold thru Gambles, circa 1969-70. Email me directly if you have more quesions. KingKuda440@aol.com