AGE / VALUE:   Help!! posted by: Jeff on 5/6/2003 at 1:22:49 AM
I was given a Lil Chik at the city dump... A co-worker told me that it may have value... any ideas?? It appears from the serial # that is from Dec 1980. (Ser # on Head Rail starts with MR) Fair condition - all part with it - only because I didn't know what I had I painted the chain guard a 1996 color :( Any input would be helpful. Thanks

WANTED:   looking for vendors posted by: Tom on 5/5/2003 at 9:22:04 PM
Anyone know some vendors that sell Sissybars (several variations), seats, grips, etc.?? I searched google and found about 3 (this site being one of them along with ebay)...I would like to hear what others have done, and where they are buying surplus or reissue restro parts. Prices are all over the map. Tom

   RE:WANTED:   looking for vendors posted by mean on 5/6/2003 at 12:00:49 PM
Ive been finding decent fenders/sissies and such at lowrider shops,I know the one I go to in Denver isnt online but Im sure most bike shops with cool employees(I mean people who think it doesnt have to be a full suspension or it isnt a bike)will let you browse their catalogs. I just picked up stingray knockoff bars for 10 and a set of same fenders for 12........good luck

   RE:WANTED:   looking for vendors posted by Greg on 5/7/2003 at 2:27:14 AM

   RE:WANTED: looking for vendors posted by Tom on 5/7/2003 at 6:43:49 PM
Thanks Greg, funny you mention this vendor. I just orded some from them. They come in 34" lengths for tall guys like me. Looking for tires now...Tom

   RE:WANTED:   looking for vendors posted by Greg on 5/7/2003 at 11:50:48 PM
Tom what kind of tires are you looking for? I might know where there are some NOS carlile road griper's let me know Greg

AGE / VALUE:   When I do get my paws on it I'm TOO DUMB to know what it is! posted by: Chris on 5/5/2003 at 7:59:22 PM
I stuttered. You mean I can finally buy this?
After 16 lousy years of waiting, finally the stuff blocking the corner stash of bikes has been moved. The orange bike is now up for sale and grabs as well as three other vintage muscle bikes. I don't have a clue at what I am looking at. Me!
Stuff is missing parts and wheels. I WAS thinking I knew my war around Raleigh product history and the choppers and R.S.W. 16's and R.S.W. 14's, Raleigh Twenty's and that stuff. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
This orange frame I can finally lay hands on and take home after years of hearing: "It's hot, not today, ( today took a decade and a half to arrive) I don't want to sell it, it's buried, don't move stuff, don't re- arrange, Aw, what do you want that stuff for anyways?"
No it happened! I can now get in there and see it and pick it up and buy it.
I nearly fainted! The mystery is gone at last!
The orange frame I have, the others will have soon.

What the heck is it? I wonder.
It's Raleigh Chopper- ish. Missing a badge, but the outline is from a Raleigh. It's an unidentified Chopper.
Gotta get photos taken and sift thru the Chopper sites to see if this beast has been documented by the Raleigh Chopper musclebikeologists.

Will all my vast personal interest and experience and paper catalog collection.I have never seen one of these. Perhaps it's a wacked- out Chopper copy?
It looks like it was once a motorized Chopper as the frame is heavy duty.
I don't think it's a Raleigh Wisp.

Purple Sears musclebike with two rear brakes? Value? Don't know.
other strange stuff.

   RE:AGE / VALUE: TOO DUMB, TOO INEXPERIENCED! to know what it is! posted by Chris on 5/5/2003 at 8:21:46 PM
Now that the planets are aligned, I'll pick it all up immediately. Before I again hear. "It's too hot to go upstairs and poke around it that stuff"

Anybody ever knock over a paper wasp nest and get stung while searching barns or attics looking for old bikes?
I'll bet people have! I'm told to not be so hard on myself "and that you can't know everything!"

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   When I do get my paws on it I'm TOO DUMB to know what it is! posted by Greg on 5/7/2003 at 11:57:28 PM
I have almost drove off of road trying to see old bike,s around farm,s and house,s always looking for old bike,s

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   When I do get my paws on it I'm TOO DUMB to know what it is! posted by on 5/9/2003 at 5:55:15 PM
Well, nothing like this is pictured at any of the Raleigh Chopper web sites and yet, it has a British bottombracket and a outline of the famous Raleigh badge.
I'll take snaps and send then out and everybody can take a look and somebody will know what obscure piece of musclebike history I have picked up.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   When I do get my paws on it I'm TOO DUMB to know what it is! posted by steve on 8/20/2003 at 1:16:11 AM
that purple sears bike with 2 rear brakes has GOT to be a canadian sears screamer. CCM sold marauder frames to sears to be sold as "screamers", and some of the Marauders came with 2 rear brakes. does it have a 16" wheel in front? crazy looking frame? tall sissy bar that mounts to the frame just behind the seat?

AGE / VALUE:   stingray posted by: Mean on 5/3/2003 at 10:25:03 PM
I just bought a stingray that has old bms bars heavy duty spokes and schwinn scrambler tires, black banana seat with "schwinn" in white on the sides, Ive been told its a 73 and the first year of the motocross stingray is this right,I paid 25 bucks and dont plan on doing anything but ride it. It looks like some kid with a ted nugent shirt on should be riding it.I love the look and the styule just wondering if its any thing rare thanx

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   stingray posted by bill on 5/19/2003 at 12:29:02 AM
would you like to sell bike?

MISC:   Tires? posted by: MEANIRISHMOFO on 5/2/2003 at 11:34:26 PM
I pulled a 20" front white wall tire off my stingray w/ an S7 rim. I wanted to see what it would look like on a custom bike I am building which also had a 20" rim. The tire was too big for the second rim.I could slip it right over. Is there something I should know about? Thanks

   RE:MISC:   Tires? posted by CatfoodRob on 5/3/2003 at 5:59:30 PM
Seeing as no one else has replied , heres my two pennyworth.....
20 inch is the outdide diameter of the tyre.Not the wheel.
Therefore, a large thick 2o inch tyre needs a smaller wheel.
A 20 inch tyre with shallow sidewalls needs a bigger wheel diameter.
Hope ths helps.

   RE:MISC:   Tires? posted by mean on 5/3/2003 at 10:24:22 PM
you have schwinn can put any 20 inch tire on the rear but the front has to be that size, nobody i know of make them, youll have to look on ebay or such...I had the same problem

   RE:RE:MISC:   Tires? posted by Don on 5/5/2003 at 11:13:50 PM
My three cents are this, S2 vs. S7. Different diameter rims.
This could be it. I bought a pair of new (Duro)front and back WW tires, rear fit well on S2 rim, front did not fit S7 rim???
Later, SchwinnDog

WANTED:   KRATE FENDERS posted by: PETE on 5/1/2003 at 3:38:10 AM

FOR SALE:   A Few More Bicycles For Sale posted by: Richard on 4/28/2003 at 9:53:12 PM
Schwinn Apple Krate Project $200
Murray Eliminator $125
69 Sears Spyder 500 $200

FOR SALE:   Several Bicycles For Sale posted by: Richard on 4/27/2003 at 11:56:26 PM
I have several bikes for sale.
April Schwinn FairLady $125
Bicentenial FairLady $175
Early 70's green Huffy Rail $125
16" Kent Stingray Style $ 50
Huffy Cheater Slik 3 $100
Old School GT Performer $ 80
Official Bike of 1976 Olympics $ 75
27" Nishiki racing bike $ 75
27" 89 Lotus 2000R $150
Early 50's Shelby $125
Prewar Hawthorne $125
Prewar Elgin $400
Early 70's Western Flyer $ 50
Early 60's 24" Women's Sears $ 75

Here is a link for pictures of above bicycles. There are pictures of other bicycles in this folder. If the bicycle is not mentioned above, it's not for sale. Sorry!

   RE:FOR SALE:   Several Bicycles For Sale posted by Richard on 5/5/2003 at 10:43:21 PM
The GT Performer is sold.

MISC:   Violet 20" Sting Ray with extra long frame. What was it? posted by: Tom on 4/27/2003 at 11:39:13 PM
Back in 1968-69 I had a beloved Sting Ray with an extra long frame and 5-speed with shifter on a 'sportscar'-look center console instead of the round shifter. The console sat between the 2 frame pieces that extended above the fork instead of curving down. Those frame pieces ended at the front with what looked like silver bullets. The back tire was an extra wide slick with a thin red line. Because of the long frame I was comfortable on the bike even though I was 5'7" at the time. And I remember it being very fast. My question is; What bike did I have and why don't I ever see pictures of the model in museum web pages or on ebay. I thought it was a common bike at the time, because I wasn't the only teen to have one. It was later stolen -sigh-, but I would love to be able to see a picture of one.

   RE:MISC:   Violet 20 posted by Russell on 4/29/2003 at 5:14:44 PM
Sounds like a Huffy Rail. I think one or two of these are currently for sale on eBay.

WANTED:   fastback decals posted by: mike. on 4/27/2003 at 7:08:55 AM
i'm currently in the process of restoring my black 67 fastback, but cant seem to find the right decals anywhere. i looked on ebay, but all the sets there a basic stingray. no deluxe, fastback, ramshorn, or anything else. can someone point me in the right direction for decals for specific models? thanks.


   RE:WANTED:   fastback decals posted by Travis on 4/27/2003 at 2:29:01 PM
Your best bet would be Hyperformance Rays. Their website is

Good Luck

   RE:RE:WANTED:   fastback decals posted by mike. on 4/27/2003 at 5:55:12 PM
rays is the place! found just what i need, thanks you very much.


   RE:RE:WANTED:   fastback decals posted by mike. on 4/27/2003 at 5:55:24 PM
rays is the place! found just what i need, thank you very much.


FOR SALE:   MANTA RAY SEAT GREEN posted by: Eric on 4/26/2003 at 1:53:33 PM
I have a manta ray green seat that is in god condition for a rider bike but not for a show bike , the seat pan is in awesome condition. this is a great seat to get redone to be put on a show bike. Email me if you want pictures, im not sure how much it is worth, make and offer,

   RE:FOR SALE:   MANTA RAY SEAT GREEN posted by Eric on 4/26/2003 at 4:00:20 PM
i just checked on my seat becuase it has been in a box since i bought it and the seat pan is not is awesome condition like i said. it has some rust spots on it but its just surface rust.
Thanks again

   RE:FOR SALE:   MANTA RAY SEAT GREEN posted by Russell on 4/27/2003 at 1:29:35 AM
Your e-mail address didn't work for me. Can you send pics of you Manta seat? I have a friend with a Manta minus the seat.

AGE / VALUE:   1960 3 speed royce union starliner posted by: julie on 4/25/2003 at 4:02:35 PM
Help, I have found a run over Royce Union 3 speed starliner female bike (not in too bad of condition) The Sturmey/Archer hub has a date of may 1960. I want to fix it up but don't know the first thing about repairing/rebuilding bikes. I can't find any information on Royce Union. There are some numbers stamped into the seat post part of the frame, as well as under the pedal holding part of the frame. Can anyone tell me what I may have in this bike as far as potential value and/or where I can find some information about it and how to rebuild it-I am looking forward to the project more than anything else.
Thanks- julie

AGE / VALUE:   Manta Ray posted by: Tim on 4/24/2003 at 4:04:51 PM
I just picked up a 72 Campus green Manta-Ray,are these things worth anything?
It`s complete and has a rear discbrake but in rough shape any help??
Thanks Tim

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Manta Ray posted by Rich on 7/16/2004 at 5:20:15 AM
Hey Tim, you've got a great rider from the RAY line. Enjoy it or let me know if you feel like unloading it.

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Junior Sting Ray posted by: Mark on 4/23/2003 at 3:27:51 AM
I have a Schwinn Junior Sting Ray and I'm trying to figure out what I have. The serial number starts as JH so if I've figured the Schwinn serial number chart correctly and the Junior Sting Ray (on chain guard)uses the same conversions, it should have been made in October 1972? That was more of a question than a statement so if any of you know, can you tell me something about juniors. It is Campus green with a white metal flake seat and green metal flake grips. It, of course, is a single speed no hand brake but seemed to be pretty orginal and complete down to the dry rotted tires. I took it off the rafter to wipe the dust, shine that rear chromed flared fender and couldn't resist pinning a baseball card sized piece of cardboard the the rear wheel and cranking the pedal while it was mounted in the stand. The sound brought a child size grin again.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Junior Sting Ray posted by Droog on 4/23/2003 at 12:30:09 PM
It should be a Sept, '72, Schwinn skipped the letters 'i'and 'o' so as to not get confused with '1' and '0'. The JR was the original Stingray frame introduced in 1963, replaced in '65 by the larger frame. So the jr was introduced in '65 or '66. They're great to build up with the full size parts (seat, sissy bar, handle bars), it makes the best bike for doing wheelies because the center of gravity is farther back then the full size Stingrays, makes doing a 200 ft. wheelie a breeze. This is what I spent most of my free time doing back in the early 70's....when second hand Stingrays cost $5.00!

MISC:   Middle age Stingray posted by: Mark on 4/22/2003 at 12:42:56 PM
This year my Stingray turns 40! It's a July '63 lime original which I bought used in 1968 when I was ten. I've only seen two older muscle bikes at the various shows throgh the years, a June coppertone Stingray(in mint condition that sold for $2,600!) The other was one of those rare Huffy Penguins that dates to late 1962, it was for show only and drew a crowd.

   RE:MISC:   Middle age Stingray posted by Catfood Rob on 4/22/2003 at 8:14:24 PM
dONT SUPPOSE YOU TOOK A PICTURE OF THE pENGUINE DID YOU? i STILL HAVENT SEEN One!!! mail me from my site if you have a picture!!!!