FOR SALE:   schwinn hurricane 5 speed nice posted by: Larry on 7/3/2003 at 7:53:11 AM
all orig.small scrachs on frame the rest looks mint.rides mint.i will send pics if you email me.get it here first so you dont have to bid on ebay.Larry 218-760-3631

   RE:FOR SALE:   schwinn hurricane 5 speed nice posted by Larry on 7/8/2003 at 6:48:48 AM
bike is on ebay with no reserve check it out in schwinn collectables.Larry

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn exerciser posted by: Chris on 6/27/2003 at 12:04:25 AM
When everything is at the kerb somebody got evicted or passed away.
The box of bottles of booze some half full was interesting. What I have is a Schwinn exerciser that I'll use the cahin off of. The bottle of ammonia and the household oil was there too. All set for a chain de- gumping

I'll save the threaded track cog and the speedo and the silver cable and other do hickies. Boy, it was heavy to lift. Booze and exercise what a combo!
Some of the Schwinns have N.O.S. 20 inch rims that your prise off the solid rubber tire and use it with a regular tire. This has the heavy metal disc wheel.

AGE / VALUE:   old stingray? posted by: don on 6/26/2003 at 6:48:36 PM
I have an old bike that has a Schwinn stingray seat(d204121)yellow with stripes across it .It looks like one but could it be?, the serial# is Mo728ox6 366851.It is five speed has 20x2.12 rear slick and 20x? front.
whatever it is it needs a good home before it is lost forever. don

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   old stingray? posted by don on 7/1/2003 at 1:28:53 PM
The only thing Schwinn was the seat,it has found its home. thanks

MISC:   Bicycle show posted by: Joe on 6/25/2003 at 2:49:34 AM
July 19,2003 show, tropies,fun see our website

AGE / VALUE:   swing bike!!!! posted by: metlhed on 6/22/2003 at 7:55:51 PM
Well, thursday turned out to be a great day. It started good cause it was the last day of my 8th grade year, and we got out at 10:45. After we got out i met my girlfriend downtown and we got pizza then went to the library. Well the library was closed for about 45 minutes so i decided we would take a walk down to a bikeshop a lot of my mom's friends had been tellin me sold vintage stuff. We walked there and went down some old wooden stairs into a basement and i opened up a door and was in HEAVEN!! rows of vintage tin!! first i looked to my right and hanging from the cieling was a completely original 5-speed campus green fastback. and then i look ed to my left and i saw them! my dream had come true!! all the rumors i had heard were true!! two bright orange never ridden never even been outside of the store completely(i mean EVERYTHING)original!! SWINGBIKES!!!! i asked and he said that he had seven then sold 5 but then 3 of the kids that bought them flipped over the bars and got concusions so he put them in the back for 22 years and recently pulled them out. i asked for a price...$350!!! you guys and gals here think this deal is good or too much? the owner of the shop probably has the original sales tags and boxes too... tell me more!!

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   swing bike!!!! posted by tom on 6/25/2003 at 1:50:33 AM
hey thats a greatttt deal if they both have boxes etc they go for like 650 and up a pieace so its a greattt deal how much would he want for the fastback and do they have any other banana seat bikes?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   swing bike!!!! posted by metlhed on 6/28/2003 at 7:06:15 PM
AHHHHHH i was gonna go ask about the fastback and when i left a guy was going in... HE BOUGHT THE FASTBACK RIGHT AFTER I LEFT!! arggg now only one girls bannana seat bike...but he has many 26/27inch bikes...royal,columbia,indian,truimph,schwinn,....etc.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE: Not fast enought for the fastback! Too slow, oh no!! posted by Chris on 6/29/2003 at 6:20:53 PM
Grab ahold of it! don't waver, don't wonder, don't wait. Have more than enough to buy it.
You have to be fast! Thats why it's called a fast back!
Better luck next time!

WANTED:   eliminator type chainguard posted by: mike on 6/22/2003 at 5:56:22 PM
looking for almost any murray eliminator-type chainguard. paint isn't important as long as the chrome is good, and its not rusted through. any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


FOR SALE:   Motorized bikes and motor kits for sale posted by: Jeremy on 6/21/2003 at 5:25:18 PM
Check out for some cool custom motorized bikes. 48cc gas two-stroke, with a manual clutch for a real motorcycle feel. Complete bikes and motor kits available at

WANTED:   CCM mustang marauder parts posted by: Jay on 6/21/2003 at 2:23:51 AM
Just picked up a CCM Mustang Marauder. Pretty dang rusty!! Looking for any parts anyone might have. Not much on the net about these bikes. I think it might be a 1969 model. It has a 69' Sturmey-Archer 3speed hub with a sport shift gear box on the frame. I need a new rear rim(20 x 2.125 w/ 28 spokes and a 16 x 1.75 complete front wheel) Also looking for a compatible sissy bar and fenders. Any suggestions. Re-chroming costs too much!!!!!

   RE:WANTED:   CCM mustang marauder parts posted by Anna on 8/26/2003 at 7:34:59 AM

Yeah, we got a rusty one too! No idea on parts, but we scrubbed most of the rust off really easily with wire wool- and lots of it! Then got an electric polisher which also had some wool-like attachments and sorted it- it's lookin pretty good now!!!

Don't hear much about them either! No idea how much it's worth or anything?!



WANTED:   schwinn checkered mirror posted by: christian on 6/21/2003 at 1:45:53 AM
looking to buy a stingray accessorie checkered mirror anyone out there with one to sell please contact me with picture and condition thanks c.g...

AGE / VALUE:   Goodyear/Columbia Hi-Way Patrol posted by: Mike on 6/20/2003 at 1:18:12 PM
I recently picked up a Goodyear/Columbia Hi-Way Patrol bike
at a rummage sale and I have been having a great time
cleaning it up. I have had no luck whatsoever finding
any resources about this bike. It is very similar looking
to a Stingray, except the front end and forks are set up
with a triple tree and straight chrome forks. It has a
leopard print banana seat which I assume is original. I am
not in need of any replacement parts or anything - I
would just like to know more about the bike. TIA for
any info.

MISC:   Schwinn Stingray posted by: Rich on 6/20/2003 at 4:19:55 AM
Hello, can anyone tell me or direct me where I can find out what are going prices for early stingrays? I am new to this and interested in buying an early stingray. Thanks for any help....Rich

   RE:MISC:   Schwinn Stingray posted by Stacey on 6/20/2003 at 10:35:20 AM

   RE:RE:MISC:   Schwinn Stingray posted by Cal on 6/20/2003 at 1:40:03 PM
The price guide they sell here is about $10

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   Schwinn Stingray posted by tom on 6/20/2003 at 4:05:59 PM
i have a 66 blue repaint stingray with no sissybar for 150 shipped

AGE / VALUE:   Country Time Schwinn Sting-Ray posted by: Don on 6/19/2003 at 2:10:24 AM
Hello, I just purchased a yellow Schwinn Sting-Ray with "Country Time" on the chain guard. Was this a recent promotional item?

FOR SALE:   66 stingray diamandback kia + posted by: tom on 6/18/2003 at 7:21:05 PM
i have a 66 schwinn stingray its repainted blue repro seat wrong grips comes with a green wing guard has no sissybar westwind front tire 5-7 rims $120 kia girls bike pink panther changed rims b/c others were missing spokes has white rims and pink line tires makes it look a whole lot better has pinkpanther face on seat no chainguard $25 fastback frame 1973 $20 repainted blue DiamandBack 0old school bike chrome has a xgames seaT ON IT AND OLD SCHOOL MURRAY GRIPS and a newer back tire i think. Also have springer fork and seat schoks $40 each or $75 for the pair.
all can be picked up or shipped all prices are without shipping

   RE:FOR SALE:   66 stingray diamandback kia + posted by Mike on 7/11/2003 at 12:18:57 AM
Do you still have the Stingray? any pictures?

FOR SALE:   motorized bicycles and motor kits for sale posted by: Jeremy on 6/16/2003 at 5:09:53 PM
Check out for some cool custom motorized bikes. Convert your bike or I've got bikes ready to roll. 48cc gas 2-stroke 2 hp 30+ mph. Chain driven with a manual clutch for a vintage motorcycle feel.

AGE / VALUE:   What is it? posted by: T-Rex on 6/16/2003 at 1:08:21 AM
Hi there. I have a Tripper model serial number 5v330865 and I want to find out the make and the year. Any suggestions?