AGE / VALUE:   Central Illinois Show/Swap - Sept. 13-14 Spaces Going Fast - Get Yours TODAY posted by: Matt on 8/20/2003 at 12:51:01 AM
Central Illinois Show/Swap - Sept. 13-14 Spaces Going Fast - Get Yours TODAY!!. I've got some nice spots left but they are going quickly. Contact me ASAP, First-Come, First Serve. Email me at or call me at (815) 206-5977

WANTED:   Musclebike posted by: Al on 8/19/2003 at 3:19:28 AM
1972 Royce Union Muscle bike , 3spd , 16x20 , Shimano shifter. all the bells and whistles. I have a picture of the one I had as a kid e mail me to view.

FOR SALE:   Evil Knievel AMF bike posted by: Randall Vaughan on 8/18/2003 at 12:34:36 PM
I have a near mint Evil Knievel boys AMF bike. It is suppose to be completely original. If interested please email and we can talk. Thanks

   RE:FOR SALE:   Evil Knievel AMF bike posted by Bobby on 8/20/2003 at 3:33:00 AM
I am Please contact @

   RE:FOR SALE:   Evil Knievel AMF bike posted by John on 8/20/2003 at 4:32:58 AM

I am also interested. Please email me the details. Thanks

   RE:FOR SALE:   Evil Knievel AMF bike posted by Rich on 8/21/2003 at 12:08:26 PM
I'm also interested! Please send

MISC:   BIKE SWAP posted by: Drew on 8/18/2003 at 11:14:08 AM
Is the Bloomfield, CT. swap rain or shine ?

   RE:MISC:   BIKE SWAP posted by JC on 8/20/2003 at 12:32:48 AM
Yes, that's what the web page says.
I'm setting up no matter what!

AGE / VALUE:   firestone 500 posted by: steve on 8/17/2003 at 10:59:33 PM
I have a gold Firestone 500 with a polo seat and ape hanger bars, it has 26 inch wheels. Does anyone have any info about this bike? Thanks!

MISC:   3rd Annual Central Illinois Classic and Antique Bicycle Show and Swap Meet posted by: Matt on 8/17/2003 at 4:34:59 PM
3rd Annual Central Illinois Classic and Antique Bicycle Show and Swap Meet
September 13-14
Logan County Fairgrounds
Woodlawn Road
Lincoln, Illinois 62656
Overnight Camping - Showers - Electric Available $16.00/night
Vendor Setup Friday, September 12th 6PM
Swap Spaces: Indoor - $20.00
Outdoor- $10.00
For Spaces Call Matt Voyles @ (815) 206-5977
Or Email at or

Held during the 33rd Annual
Abraham Lincoln National
Railsplitting Contest & Crafts Festival
Approximately 7,000 in Attendance
Stingray & Musclebike Drag Races
Parade Ride
Covered Spaces - Rain or Shine

Show entries $3.00 per bike, per category with purchase of a swap space, $5.00 per bike, per category without swap space. Trophies and ribbons awarded for each class.

Show Categories:
People’s Choice Award
Best Pre-War Bicycle
Best Balloon Tire Bicycle
Best Middleweight Bicycle
Best Stingray
Best Offbrand Musclebike
Best in Show

FOR SALE:   Swap Meet Specials - Northeast Bicycle Swap Meet 24-Aug-03 posted by: VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc. at on 8/17/2003 at 3:06:55 PM

In addition to vintage cycles and parts, we're bringing new aftermarket parts and oddball tires to the swap at discount prices. For a list, go to the web site for the Northeast Bicycle Swap Meet:

Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc.

AGE / VALUE:   Swinger V - JC Penny? posted by: alan p on 8/15/2003 at 2:07:26 AM
I have aquired a strange sting ray type bicycle. The chrome chain guard says " Swinger V" and on the front sticker is a maybe 70ish style Jc Penney "p". The bike is pretty nice (needs a shifter handle is all) My son is only 5 yrs now, but I thought it to be nice to restore it. Has a small front tire, large rear. 20X1.25 rear slick/16" front. It is a 5-speed "console" shift with a red "emergency" brake. Funky, i'll say "bullhorn" curved handlebars, frnt/rear handbrakes. bannana seat and lime green in color. Just interested in the history and parts available. Not for sale. A buddy got a dui and I gave hime 200.00 for it. Any idea of the value of this or is it a junker? Thing is so cool though!! e-mail to THANKS!!!

AGE / VALUE:   Stingray Fastback posted by: Paul on 8/14/2003 at 12:57:23 AM
I have just bought a lemon fastback and I can't determine the age of bike, serial# KF28891. I need to know so I can locate a front and rear wheel, and some other parts. Also would like to know value if any. I plan to restore to original.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Stingray Fastback posted by Stan on 8/14/2003 at 11:27:06 AM
KF is October, 1970. Look on ebay for parts. Unrestoredit might be worth $100-150, if restored correctly could be worth three or four times that much, but it'll cost that much in new or restored parts. I think it best to find a scarce model to restore, such as a '66 Sprint Fastback, or an early black one.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   Stingray Fastback posted by Paul on 8/14/2003 at 11:13:48 PM
Thanks for the reply, I thought it was a '70 model but wasn't sure. I paid 25.00 for the bike and all it need's is the front and rear wheels and tires, and new cables for brakes and shifter, maybe a new derailer, do you think I should go ahead with a restoration?

MISC:   schwinn lil chic frame posted by: dan on 8/12/2003 at 7:38:03 PM
this may seem like a stupid question but here goes anyway
Is a LIl chic frame the same as regular girls stingray frame but with smaller componets for the smaller componets ie handel bars, seat sissybar cranks?
the reason i ask is , I have an apple Krate and my girl friend has an old 72 lil chik but it is in amazing shape and she wants to convert it to be able to ride it am i able to swap the parts so that she can ?
i have measured it length wise and it seems to be about the same as a regular sting ray but would this all work out?
please let me know in an email
thanks'for all the help

   RE:MISC:   schwinn lil chic frame posted by gary m on 8/13/2003 at 7:54:34 PM
wont work. neck is longer on girls bikes. would need to swap everything wheels cranks, and then you have noplace to mount the brakes. skip it. go get some cool bars, and a aftermarket springer, and doll it up as is.

   RE:MISC:   schwinn lil chic frame posted by Bobby on 8/24/2003 at 7:43:01 PM
All you would have to change is the seat post, sissy bar and ape hangers, to make it so an adult could ride it, I did the same thing for my girlfriend!

WANTED:   Wanted 1969 Iverson Dragstripper posted by: John on 8/12/2003 at 3:21:30 PM
I am looking for a 1969 Iverson Dragstripper in complete original or restored condition. Can anyone help! Please see past Ebay # 2185483719 to see what it looks like.


WANTED:   Wanted 1969 Iverson Dragstripper posted by: John on 8/12/2003 at 3:21:30 PM
I am looking for a 1969 Iverson Dragstripper in complete original or restored condition. Can anyone help! Please see past Ebay # 2185483719 to see what it looks like.


AGE / VALUE:   fs: murray f-1 elimanator posted by: ChopperTom on 8/11/2003 at 2:40:11 PM
i have a blue coaster murray boys f-1 elimanator all orig except tires has no rust just little between back spokes but no big deal and has a rip on the side of seat . 135+ shipping obo

FOR SALE:   murray f-series posted by: mike on 8/11/2003 at 5:18:47 AM
hey guys, check out the two murray f-series eliminator type bikes i have up on ebay! one is a girls foremost swinger. these are really neet bikes, but i'm more into original schwinns, and these arent complete enough for me. anyways, just thought i would give you all a direction if your lookin, thanks.


AGE / VALUE:   Sear's Screamer posted by: Bob on 8/11/2003 at 3:34:27 AM
I have found a Sear's Screamer 5 speed. I know nothing about this type of bike and would like to know what years they were made and approx. value of an orig. 5 or 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Any info. will be greatly appreciated.


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Sear's Screamer posted by John on 8/12/2003 at 3:20:16 PM
Hi Bob

The Screamer was built from 1968-1971or72.