MISC:   Bicycle Identification Project posted by: Vin - VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc. at OldRoads.com on 1/31/2004 at 6:30:15 PM
We've just finished the first month of the Bicycle Identification Project.
The initial reference tables have been identified and populated, and around 600 cycles have been entered.

The next phase is to pump in as many bicycles as possible.
Click on the "Bicycle Identification Project" notice above and check it out, and add your cycles!

   RE:MISC:   Bicycle Identification Project posted by Joseph on 2/2/2004 at 6:42:24 PM
I am lloking for All information on MATTEL "Bronco" & "Stallion" Bikes. Serial # Identification, Years, Options Etc. I am starting a data base to be shared with all interested. If you have info. please contact me.

   RE:MISC:   Bicycle Identification Project posted by Joseph on 2/2/2004 at 7:19:20 PM
I am looking for All information on MATTEL "Bronco" & "Stallion" Bikes. Serial # Identification, Years, Options Etc. I am starting a data base to be shared with all interested. If you have info. please contact me. Lets
finally get anwsers to all the 1960's Mattel bike questions

AGE / VALUE:   69 5spd sturmey posted by: Ryan on 1/31/2004 at 6:31:22 AM
hey all, i have just aquired a 69 5spd sturmey hub and wheel, rim is rusty but hub is perfect, has original chain but is missing bellcrank, seems fully operational, just wondering what it is worth?

WANTED:   cruiser frame in Australia posted by: Ryan on 1/31/2004 at 6:20:51 AM
Hi all. i have been in the dragster and cruiser scene in Australia for several years now, and have just gotten my GF interested in cruisers too. due to this fact, i am seeking a 26" cruiser frame in any condition (as long as it isnt bent/broken) at a reasonable price here in Australia. any help or info would be greatly appreciated

MISC:   80 sting ray II posted by: Kevin Burns on 1/31/2004 at 3:41:11 AM
Hi all,
I have a 1980, schwinn stingray II. The vin# on the head tube is ER524803. on the drop out is 1222 and 1224 on the other.
The frame is Chicago built and is red with stingray II painted in yellow on the center top tube. The fork,seat are yellow and the rear fender is chrome. The crank is dated 1980.
The bike is identical to a red and yellow STINGRAY for sale/sold in the pic gallery (item two) I belive, somewhere in this helpfull web site
My problem is that I cant find any reference for the vin#. Any and all help would be reconized as COOL! Thanks for reading my post.

   RE:MISC:   80 sting ray II posted by Brad on 1/31/2004 at 4:15:31 AM
i was wondering what you needede to know about this bike and ill try to help you.

   RE:MISC:   80 sting ray II posted by Kevin Burns on 1/31/2004 at 4:19:42 AM
OPP's one more thing. I have a rear fender (not schwinn fender) that is for a 20" bike. The problem is the fender is so wide that it wont fit inbetween the stingray's seat stays. The fender is not a duck tail and is kinda thick chrome metal. I got this fender from an out of bussiness HUFFY dealer. I can send pics if any one wants to see it and help determen what it is for. It would make posting for sale if I knew what it was.

   RE:RE:MISC:   80 sting ray II posted by Kevin Burns on 1/31/2004 at 4:21:01 AM
I want to verify the year since I can only find up to 1979 STINGRAY'S.

   RE:RE:RE:MISC:   80 sting ray II posted by KEVIN BURNS on 1/31/2004 at 6:42:01 PM
I guess if #EQ is 1979, than #ER is a 1980. The ansewer was just under my post. Im such a dork.

AGE / VALUE:   1979 cruiser? posted by: taksx on 1/30/2004 at 4:05:35 AM
hellow all a few years back my brother in law gave me an old beat up 26" beach cruiser that was in my inlaws back yard for many many years. well i finaly put some new meat on the wheels and got the joyride going. read the serial # starts with EQ determind its a 79, but i still would like to know the model or what models where made in 79? the bike didnt have any gears or chain guard or anything that would distinguish it self from others aside from the candy apple red original color. anywho any leads would help out thanks for your time folks.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1979 cruiser? posted by cam on 1/30/2004 at 1:06:46 PM
If it is a Schwinn, that serial number would date to 1979. But how do you know it is a Schwinn? I think the only cruiser they made then was the Heavi-Duti

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1979 cruiser? posted by taksx on 1/30/2004 at 3:23:45 PM
it still has the schwinn head bach on it and schwinn stap on the bering locking nuts. its a real schwinn.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1979 cruiser? posted by taksx on 1/30/2004 at 3:24:13 PM
it still has the schwinn head bach on it and schwinn stap on the bering locking nuts. its a real schwinn.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1979 cruiser? posted by Ryan on 1/31/2004 at 6:33:46 AM
what country are you in? i own a 79 schwinn cruiser, it is a full custom now, but in original form it was a single speed spitfire, hope thats of help to you. if u were in australia i would be interested in purchasing it off you.

   RE:RE:AGE / VALUE:   1979 cruiser? posted by taksx on 2/1/2004 at 7:12:26 AM
wow thanks for your interest but i'm in the USA (california) and i dont think i'll be getting rid of this beuty i use it to extorcise my beer gut. spitfire hu! thanks, that realy is good to know.

AGE / VALUE:   columbia muscle bikes posted by: marc on 1/29/2004 at 9:03:38 PM
I came across three frames today that I bought. I believe all of them are columbias, I know for the two muscle bike frames are columbia. They look like the same model, same paint, metalic gold and white. one came with a rear wheel with a red band bendix hub, crank, chain, fork and ape handlebars. The other just has the crank, fork and headset. They both have really beautiful ornate decals on the seat tube. Forgot exactly what they look like but they say "columbia est. 18--" Both bikes are missing the chainguards which I'm would have had the model name on them. I haven't looked for serial numbers yet but I will later this evening when I take some pics. Does anyone think they can help identify the model name? of course I am also curious as to the value, I know they're not stingrays but they don't seem to come up too much on ebay. any help would be appreciated.


MISC:   71 schwinn grey ghost posted by: rdh on 1/29/2004 at 1:42:00 AM
this goes out in response to picture of grey ghost on this data base. unknown web contributor. no offense but it looks to me like you are trying to pass off a regular stingray with the wrong color of "silver mist" paint in addition to a re-production seat. it simply looks too "clean" and no viible signs of wear to be the real thing. if it is "real" what is the serial #? an where's the disk brake?

   RE:MISC:   71 schwinn grey ghost posted by Bobby on 1/29/2004 at 2:38:07 AM
First of all this is NOT my bike. I love it when someone who doesn't know what they are talking about opens their mouth. The bike looks correct to me, the Grey Ghost was offered as a regular five speed and as a coaster,infact it was NEVER offered with a disc from Schwinn, seeing as the Grey Ghost was only available in 1971 and the disc came out in 1972. The bike looks like it could have been restored, and you can't tell if its a recovered seat from Pete or a Person Repop maybe its NOS! It could be a super clean bike, and most digital cameras don't show scratches from that distance. So for to the person that this bike belongs to, nice bike! To the person who wrote this original post do your research first and then only talk about things you know about esp. when it comes to Krates!

   RE:RE:MISC:   71 schwinn grey ghost posted by Corey on 1/30/2004 at 11:47:04 PM
hahaha go bobby


AGE / VALUE:   KIA Boy's 3-Speed Spider Bike posted by: Geoff on 1/27/2004 at 3:25:26 PM
I'm looking for info on KIA Bicycles. So far, no luck, but no doubt this is the same Korean company no making cars. I have a Boy's 3-Speed Spider in very nice condition, and I would love to know the age/value. I bought it because it looked very familiar to me (especially a color-bar stripe sticker on the top tube) and I think my first single-speed spider *may* have been the same brand (E.J. Korvettes, circa 1967), but this may be a newer bike. Serial # A5005750 It is Metallic Gold with a black "banana" seat. I also would be interested in buying a new front tire the bike (20 x 1.75) with white pinstripe. Thanks, Geoff

MISC:   Pea Picker Coaster posted by: Keith on 1/26/2004 at 7:34:38 PM
I am looking at a 1972 Pea Picker Coaster. It has a very large amount of rust every where. It doesn't have a front fender, pedals and a chain gourd. How much do these items cost(Repros are fine, NOS items are to expensive.)?

   RE:MISC:   Pea Picker Coaster posted by Bobby on 1/29/2004 at 5:07:19 AM
See reply in General for sale/trade area

   RE:RE:MISC:   Pea Picker Coaster posted by Kratebro on 2/1/2004 at 3:34:20 AM
Ahh... He does mention coaster in this forum. Still you have to admit he could easily get repop parts for his coaster Krate for $200 and he's not even asking for mint. (rear wheel, chainguard, front fender)

MISC:   Marauder info posted by: Steve on 1/26/2004 at 3:48:10 AM
hey guys, I have a question about the CCM Mustang Marauder. I have 2 orange singlespeed versions of this bike, both are almost complete. I also have some NOS parts from the yellow 3-speed version of the Marauder which came out later, (chain gaurd, seat, rear slick) so naturally I want to restore one of the orange bikes into a yellow 3-speed!
my question is about the shifter, I have an original sturmey-archer sportshift that came from a Marauder. it has no mounting hardware and I need to know how and where to mount it exactly. I remember seeing a 3-speed frame with a little square hole where the shifter goes, I need to know how from the head tube to mount the shifter for it to be correct (or close to it).

also, if anyone has an NOS or decent old sportshifter for sale, it would really help!!

Thank you!

   RE:MISC:   Marauder info posted by keyzkev on 1/26/2004 at 2:51:41 PM
Hi steve
where are you - vancouver area???
I am on a college trip there in march, and I am desperate to find musclebike enthusiasts while I am there!!
On to your ccm query, If you email me, I will pass on the details of someone I know with a marauder, who should be able to sort out all the info you need.
cheers - keyzkev (@hotmail.com)

   RE:RE:MISC:   Marauder info posted by Niels on 2/19/2004 at 4:18:32 AM
For a lot of money, maybe........

   RE:MISC:   Marauder info posted by Fatboy on 2/9/2004 at 6:03:02 PM
I have a complete Marauder, but the front forks are bent (what's new). Any contacts for replacement or NOS?

MISC:   New Chopper posted by: Niels on 1/25/2004 at 8:37:25 PM
Whoa there! They're redoing the chopper!!??? Jeeze, all this "retro" stuff is getting out of hand, I think.


MISC:   Sting ray hub posted by: David James on 1/24/2004 at 1:29:41 AM
I have a Sting Ray that was made in 1977. It has a Sturmey Archer S3C rear hub on it. But no shifter controls on the bike.I am wondering what kind of shifter it should have. Did Sting Rays have these hubs on them? or did someone add this? The date on the hub is 9/77 I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks, David.

   RE:MISC:   Sting ray hub posted by Drew on 1/24/2004 at 7:12:20 PM
Stingray's did come with the SA 3-speed, they should have a thumb shifter. In 1974 they outlawed the 'Stik Shift'. I also think schwinn made a shift bike in the late 70's using the stingray frame called 'The Huricane'

   RE:MISC:   Sting ray hub posted by footballers are us???? on 1/25/2004 at 11:01:09 PM
Which David James then?

   RE:RE:MISC:   Sting ray hub posted by David James on 1/28/2004 at 4:55:31 PM
Thanks for the info, I don't understand the second reply though.

FOR SALE:   IVERSON DRAGSTRIPPER FRAME/FORKS/GUARD posted by: jeff on 1/23/2004 at 3:57:50 AM
Make offer,front forks are bent,otherwise frame ,forks and guardin a wierd green color.NOT CHEAP.

   RE:FOR SALE:   IVERSON DRAGSTRIPPER FRAME/FORKS/GUARD posted by dude on 1/27/2004 at 10:51:49 PM
5 $

   RE:RE:FOR SALE:   IVERSON DRAGSTRIPPER FRAME/FORKS/GUARD posted by Sean on 1/28/2004 at 11:29:13 PM
I will seriously offer $100.00 (haven't seen it) plus whatever it would cost to ship it to Wisconsin. (Appleton area)

read ad doyou have pics.let me know thanks GEORGE

WANTED:   Muscle Bike Fans in Vancouver posted by: keyzkev on 1/22/2004 at 1:43:59 PM
Hi all
I'm coming over to Vancouver, Canada from the UK in March, and I was wondering if there are any musclebike fans in the area??? It would be cool to hook up while we are there, maybe share some tales - I am also trying to get info on my 2 imported Fastback 100 musclebikes - made for the canadian market.
Anybody in the area??? - or know of anyone with Fastback 100 parts??? (May also be interested in a cheap ccm marauder / wedge / mustang if there is one in the area I could bring back with me)
Thanks - keyzkev (@hotmail.com) - stops the spam!

   RE:WANTED:   Muscle Bike Fans in Vancouver posted by Catfood Rob on 1/25/2004 at 11:04:02 PM
Kev, for a poor impoverished student, you sure get around!!!!!

   RE:WANTED:   Muscle Bike Fans in Vancouver posted by Catfood Rob on 1/25/2004 at 11:05:21 PM
Kev, for a poor impoverished student, you sure get around!!!!!

   RE:WANTED:   Muscle Bike Fans in Vancouver posted by Catfood Rob on 1/25/2004 at 11:05:24 PM
Kev, for a poor impoverished student, you sure get around!!!!!

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Muscle Bike Fans in Vancouver posted by keyzkev on 1/26/2004 at 11:54:55 AM
You don't want to know how my bank balance is looking right now!!!!!
ps- anyone want to buy some burners!!!???
still, I might make my flight money back with 2 fastbacks in my suitcase - any canadians out there got any??!?!

AGE / VALUE:   Atala full suspension motobike circa 1970 posted by: Mike Koza on 1/22/2004 at 12:17:09 AM
I got this bike about four years ago, and haven't had any luck finding out information on it; the only thing I've been able to find out was from the manufacturer, and all they could tell mewas that they came into the states right around 1970. I have pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Mike