AGE / VALUE:   early 70's Schwinn bmx posted by: Ron on 10/2/2005 at 4:01:23 AM
Hi I was wonderring what the value of a Schwinn Stingray bmx bike is valued at. I understand condition means everything. This bike has wide tires front and rear with heavy duty spokes(almost like motorcycle rims). It also has flat aluminum fenders. It cost about $170.00 when I was a kid. I have never seen one like it!!!! Thanks Ron

   RE:AGE / VALUE: early 70's Schwinn bmx posted by DC Wilson on 10/4/2005 at 3:10:36 AM
This bike could be pretty valuable. Perhaps $500, maybe more, but its just a wild guess. I really don't know. Early BMX bikes are acquiring a strong following, but they are still not being specced on like vintage lightweights. There time is probably coming though. Regardless, the very early ones in good condition are highly desirable to the existing collector base. I'm only trying to learn about BMX bikes, so I'm no authority. Go to this website to learn all about them. join for free. get a name and a password and don't ask anyone what its worth. they are purists and don't like that question. a good group like here. check the pull down menu under BMX Museum at the site and look at bikes from the period of your bike. They probably have a Schwinn just like yours.

AGE / VALUE:   Huffy Wrangler: Should it be saved? posted by: D.C. Wilson on 10/2/2005 at 2:27:56 AM
Yellow Huffy Wrangler with a banana seat. Original. Plastic fenders. This seems like one of the crummiest banana seat bikes that was ever made. Should this thing be saved for $5.00 or allowed to disappear into the dumpster?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Huffy Wrangler: Should it be saved? posted by David Owens on 11/9/2005 at 1:23:09 AM
Technically it may be worthless but from a sentimental standpoint it is priceless. This is the first bike I ever had as well as a lot of people who grew up in the late 70's and early 80's. I was amazed to find someone who still had one. Should you decide to part with it please let me know.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Huffy Wrangler: Should it be saved? posted by javier on 2/25/2008 at 5:01:13 AM
Let me know if anyone has a bike like this I'm interested it was my first bike too.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Huffy Wrangler: Should it be saved? posted by Matt on 4/7/2008 at 10:24:56 AM
Ive one of these as well in perfect condition. Is it worth anything?

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WANTED:   air caps posted by: j on 9/29/2005 at 11:23:40 PM
looking for old schwinn air caps, the ones with the flags, in blue