MISC:   Is there anywere to purchase paint or get code's for Sears Muscle bike's? posted by: Gary on 11/27/2005 at 9:24:09 PM
I recently purcahsed a old Sear's Spyder.I was wondering if there is somewere to get matching factory color paint codes/mixin table's or paint to re-paint bike's?
It is the Purple and really dont want to go tru the hasle of going tru all the books or DuPont's World book to try & get a good match myself if there is a easier way of the correct colors or info out there.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

   RE:MISC: Is there anywere to purchase paint or get code's for Sears Muscle bike's? posted by Peter on 12/10/2005 at 12:44:55 AM
Gary, I have a purple Sears Spyder, and a pictureof it is listed on this site, under photos ...
I have attached the photo link to this reply ... It's the one with chrome fenders, coaster rear brake, & front hand brake. I was lucky enough to find a real beauty. i thought about repainting it because it does have several scratches on the bottom side, but they aare hardly seen at all ...
the problem with painting this bike, just like the Schwinns, is that they are a 2 paint process. Naturally, if you stripped the frame of the old paint, you would first prime it ... but next ... the frame would have to be painted with a silver base coat. The purple paint is translucent ... that's how the color seems to glow back at you. I have found the color purple in a spray can made by testor's ... the paint you might have bought when you made those glue together car models when you were a kid ... you can find the paint in probably any store that sells models. I found it in a Michael's. I decided to leave my bike as it is ... The only problem I can see is, the depth of the color will depend on how much you actually spray when applying the purple paint ... the more you apply, the darker the purple will be ... could make a world of a difference.
Hope this info helps, and Merry Christmas !


   RE:MISC:   Is there anywere to purchase paint or get code's for Sears Muscle bike's? posted by Gary on 1/11/2006 at 5:11:33 PM
Thank You for the Info, I will have to go and see if I can find that paint. Also beins I now know its a 2 stage paint I belive Auto Zones carry a puprle close to it as well.
My bike isnt that bad but someone had stripped it and put a pearl over it. It comes off but it will be alot of work and I fig. I might just repaint it when I get time.
T/Y again

   RE:MISC:   Is there anywere to purchase paint or get code's for Sears Muscle bike's? posted by Gary on 1/11/2006 at 5:15:21 PM
Nice Bike, Mine is the same color but diff. frame. I have a dble top bar w/ a 5 speed shifter mounted on it and dual rear brakes.

FOR SALE:   1969 stingray posted by: tony on 11/25/2005 at 8:33:46 PM
i have a 69 scwinn stingray with orignal forks ,fork cup on bottom,and bars. this bike was painted and used for a while in 03-04,but i bought a new schwinn lowrider so im selling whats left.email me at assclownoffire@yahoo.com for more info this bike is avaible for local delivery around the waupaca wisconsin area or you can pick it up. this bike is going for a best offer price because of what is left.bike also still has clean white headbagde with only one screw. i also have bmx bikes for sale aviavle for pickup or delivery. if you would like more info on these email me at assclownoffire@yahoo.com. response may be slow because i work alot and cant check my email. i am also looking for redline rl340 parts because i would like to make mine stock again and would trade bike for parts. thank you!

AGE / VALUE:   parting out huffy slingshot posted by: mike on 11/24/2005 at 5:23:33 PM
- Rear wheel with a 3 speed shimano hub, nice no rust $25 obo

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MISC:   Black Beauty with Ram horns posted by: Matt on 11/23/2005 at 1:05:10 AM
I used to have a 5 speed Black Beauty with Ram horns when I was a kid. Is there pictures of this bike somewhere? What years was it made so I can narrow down mine? late 60's? If it didn't get stolen back then how much would it be worth? How much can I except to buy one for today?


AGE / VALUE:    posted by: mike on 11/20/2005 at 2:25:46 AM
for sale is a late 70's stingray tornado frame, orig paint, come with kickstand and fork cups. no breaks or rewelds in the frame. will have pics by tomarrow. $25.00 email me at sickcycles@optonline.net