FOR SALE:   schwinn spitfire and others posted by: carlos on 5/9/2005 at 7:40:05 PM
i have a schwinn spitfire in original but very poor condition. i will sell it cheap. if any info wanted email me at i also still have a dyno sonic 20 inch bmx bike for sale first $100 dollars takes it. i also have a blue kent street shock freestyle bmxer for sale. $25 dollars. i also have a huffy diesel? with no decals and no brakes,chrome $25 i also have tons of bmx and mountain bike parts for sale also. everything from little bolts to completes. i also have some parts for a schwinn world sport predator, varsity girls and others. i also have a brakeless little rusty 20 inch chrome dyno nsx. nice riding bike $15. i have many others to lst but thats for another time for more info on any thing listed or if you have any questions email me at

AGE / VALUE:   Huffy Slingshot/Rail parts posted by: mike on 5/8/2005 at 1:25:05 PM
if you have any of these parts email me or post a message . i will get back to you

-front fender (16")chrome
-rear fender (20") chrome
-white front brake and & shifter cable
-rear RWL Slick
- huffy headbadge
and any aftermarket huffy parts

WANTED:   Ross Apollo 5 speed stickers/Tires posted by: Matt B on 5/5/2005 at 7:00:25 PM
I have a '74 Ross Apollo 5 speed. The downtube stickers are ripped. Anyone have NOS or reproductions? Also, I am looking for the correct tires for this bike.

Anyone know which tires came on this bike? I think they were reflector sidewall tires.

   RE:WANTED: Ross Apollo 5 speed stickers/Tires posted by mike on 5/6/2005 at 9:25:56 PM
can you send me a pic
i might have decals

   RE:WANTED: Ross Apollo 5 speed stickers/Tires posted by John on 6/3/2005 at 2:52:28 AM
nice u have an Apollo 5 speed i've been looking for one. Where did u get it? are willing to see yours? theres an important story behind that bike and i really want/need one can u send me pictures of it so i can double check if its the one? if none of those could you give me some good places to get one ok thanks


MISC:   BIKE SWAP MEET posted by: Mark W. on 5/5/2005 at 11:10:10 AM
Bicycle swap meet May 15, 2005 9-2pm Seabrook, NH Recreation Center (Rt 1, across from Walmart) Find a great muscle bike !

WANTED:   Pics of Rollfast Skoot posted by: Russ on 5/2/2005 at 3:06:14 AM
Anybody have pics of a Rollfast Skoot I can check out. I need to figure out what seat, handlebar style, and grips they used on this bike.

   RE:WANTED:   Pics of Rollfast Skoot posted by k lyons on 5/2/2005 at 7:59:53 PM
there is a picture of a scoot on this site,listed under rollfast.

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Pics of Rollfast Skoot posted by Russ on 5/3/2005 at 1:24:18 AM
The blue girls Skoot pics are good enough for me to see what is missing. Thanks...

   RE:RE:WANTED:   Pics of Rollfast Skoot posted by carol Newsom on 6/1/2005 at 12:41:28 PM
Does anybody know who to date a Rollfast Skoot? I have one from the sixties, but can't figure out how to date it to the exact year.