MISC:   Information on a S.S Krege all pro girls bike posted by: Brian on 7/1/2005 at 1:22:46 PM
I was woundering if anyone could tell me about this bike. Any help would be great.

   RE:MISC:   Information on a S.S Krege all pro girls bike posted by Larry "Boneman" Bone on 7/5/2005 at 10:31:46 PM
Whew! S.S. Kresge, eh? Now there's a true blast from the past. If I recall correctly, S.S. Kresge eventually became K-mart.

As to any velocipedes they sold under that name... it would be difficult to research... however, a bit more info or even a pic might be helpful.


Larry "Boneman" Bone

   RE:MISC:   Information on a S.S Krege all pro girls bike posted by Rod on 7/13/2005 at 7:45:46 PM
I have two lime green All-Pro girl's frames; one's a '71 Dragster w/ a black/green single stripe banana seat and the other's a '72 All-Pro. They were made Huffy and sold through S.S. Kresge and K-Mart.

MISC:   sting ray frame brand posted by: Cyrus on 6/30/2005 at 2:12:29 AM
I have a stingray type frame 20 inch but I don't know what brand it is. the seril number is KN532948 can anyone help thanks.

   RE:MISC:   sting ray frame brand posted by Rod on 7/13/2005 at 8:14:15 PM
Your frame was made in Schwinn's home factory of Chicago in September 1977; it was either single-, 3-, or a 5-speed Stingray. More factors for you: the built-in kickstand, and serial #'s from 1970 to mid-80's were all stamped on the head tubes (if there was no headbadge on your frame, you have two holes for the headbadge screws).

FOR SALE:   HUFFY SLINGSHOT posted by: bob goldesberry on 6/28/2005 at 3:47:47 AM
i have a huffy slingshot for sale good shape i havent taken a picture yet but if anyone is interested i will send picture and discuss price

AGE / VALUE:   1970s Amf Road master posted by: chris on 6/26/2005 at 4:25:25 AM
Im 16 and i have a old AMF Roadmaster 20 inch bike and i want to know the value of it before i restore it. It is a 5 speed ,not 3 speed, click stick. Its charcole black. The paint and chrome are good but a couple of dings. Has a huge chaingaurd. Plus its all original. If you have any idea what i am talking about please reply. And if you have info on the bike please help.

WANTED:    posted by: mike on 6/26/2005 at 3:03:08 AM
im looking for a 20" XKE 990 Cheater slick off of a huffy or sears muscle bike. i wiil take mostly anyconditon tire as long as there is no serious rips or tears. if you have one email em at sickcycles@optonline.net

   RE:WANTED:    posted by chris on 6/26/2005 at 6:49:32 PM
some times you can find the cheater slik on ebay.