AGE / VALUE:   age posted by: elmer porterfield on 10/8/2006 at 11:55:34 AM
hi,i have a covette number DO48998 year?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   age posted by rod on 10/9/2006 at 2:23:01 PM
April 1960.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   age posted by elmer on 10/9/2006 at 3:31:12 PM
thankyou. these numbers got me lost.

AGE / VALUE:   age posted by: elmer porterfield on 10/8/2006 at 11:46:05 AM
please help, i've got a stingray with serial number A22357 the bike has a 3 speed with thumb shift on handlebar color is a bronze like rear tire Uniroyal Knobby size20x2.25 front 20x134 schwinn brick style. has square sissy bar with gold/black metallic vinyl seat gold metalic chubby hand grips.shift mechanism on bars says Sturmey/Archer. the data charts for serial number confuses me.thanks worth?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   age posted by rod on 10/9/2006 at 2:38:59 PM
Schwinn made 3-speed base Stingrays from 1965 to a four-year hiatus in '72, then offered again from 1976 to '79; Deluxe models were made from '65 to '71; and a Fastback option from 1969 to '71. Is your serial# located on the front or back?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   age posted by elmer on 10/9/2006 at 3:28:58 PM
the number is on the rear and it is definitly A 22357.the Strumey/Archer hub has no bands and is dated 65 there is no coaster brake.i just cleaned it up a little bit and it seems all original,Parsons seat with square sissy bar the seat and hand grips are both a black/gold metallic look.the serial number has me stumped but it only has the A 22357 ,i've cleaned the area around it and thats it.the bike is pretty nice any idea what it's worth? thank you

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   age posted by Gary M on 10/22/2006 at 12:00:36 PM
frame code dates to august 24 1953. they made this frame style back then as well, Stingray is a trim option, not a frame design. however there is a date code error in the Schwinn factory log, which is thought to be only an entry error, IF they indeed dated the frames and not just a clerical error, Then this would be a January 26 1966 build.

WANTED:   7 speed Stick Shifter posted by: Mark on 10/8/2006 at 11:47:15 AM
Looking for a 7 speed stick shift, either newer or vintage but in very good condition. Have searched for new but nobody seems to make them anymore (seems with the big demand for musclebikes/choppers etc. that Schwinn or Shimano would start making them). Anyone know of any independent/small bike builders that make stick shifters?
Any ideas welcome...thanks Mark

   RE:WANTED:   7 speed Stick Shifter posted by Corey on 10/10/2006 at 5:49:04 PM
Hi Mark, I cannot help you out, but if you here of anyone making or selling the 5 or other stick shifts, please drop me a line.

Thanks a bunch!


WANTED:   amf/super or aero?bee 5 speed posted by: fred on 10/7/2006 at 5:58:59 PM
looking to restore old amf 5 speed most parts are missing.
was black frame with crome chain guard and long sissy bar
if you have any info or parts or complete bike for sale
thank you

FOR SALE:    posted by: MIKE on 10/7/2006 at 12:02:27 PM
1)Nice '67 dated BW Westwind with a decent unstamped S7. The tire is in good condition, 2 medium cracks. $20

2)Shimano 36 Hole Disk brake setup with caliper. Axwl and all bearing pieces are included.$25

3)Worn '68 superior with a decent unstamped 16" S7. SALE PENDING

4) NICE '69 krate razor edge front fender with nice brace. A few small scratches.$55 shipped

5)1970 Yellow Fastback frame, with seat clamp, headbadge, rear 810 caliper, and some misc hardware. Paint is ok, a lot of scratches, some touchup. $20

6)Painted 20" wingtip guard. One minor ding. $7

7)Sturmey Archer drum brakes. Rear 3 speed. Good Chrome, 36 hole $45

8)'68 Krate bars, good for a rider. good Chrome, some peppering and pitting under top bends. Scratches on the top. SALE PENDING

9)20" Sidestamped S7. Good for a rider, some peppering and minor rust. One small ding. $15

10) Some random parts. $5 for all

All prices are plus shipping. More pictures availible upon request. Paypal or postal MO. If interested email me at Thanks,Mike