AGE / VALUE:   76 Bicentenial Stingray frame $? posted by: Greg on 1/15/2007 at 7:07:51 PM
Hello, I have a Bicentennial edition Schwinn Stingray frame and fork with cranks and a 46 tooth sprocket. Paint is fair at best? Any idea what it would be worth? I was thinking of putting it on ebay. any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!, Greg

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   76 Bicentenial Stingray frame $? posted by nate on 1/18/2007 at 7:25:56 AM
Tough to tell without pictures.
Asuming it is a single speed, male frame and only in fair condition, I'd guess $75 ?

AGE / VALUE:   Sturdee posted by: Tom on 1/15/2007 at 6:06:23 PM
I have a 20" 'Sturdee' bicycle. I can not find any info on it. Can anyone help, I have some pics of it.

FOR SALE:    posted by: Mike on 1/14/2007 at 8:57:30 PM
All bikes and parts are plus shipping. I can accept either paypal or uspostal money order. please email me at for pics. Thanks,Mike

1)1967 Ramshorn Fastback:
The paint has some scratches but shines nice, The guard has a new decal. Wheels are S5 center stamped with good chrome, a few minor spots of rust and some brake burn. fenders are nice razor edge with some peppering. Tires have some cracking, But they are fine for riding. Sissy bar is very nice, seat is an aged hyper-formance repro. the derailer is sprint. Has a schwinn speedo. The pedals are Union Rattraps. The crank arms is the only non schwinn item on the bike. $300

2) 1967 Schwinn Stingray Stik-Shift Bike
The part is worn and has scratches, the chainguard is dented and part of the screen is gone. The rear wheel is not schwinn but the original rear centerstamped S2 is included, mit has rust, dents, and brakeburn. The front tire is an original WW Westwind. The seat is a persons pan with leopard material, the bars are not schwinn, the grips are repros. The Shifter has a cool 4 speed hurst knob that was added by the original owner. it just needs a pulley and shifter overload piece.

4)'69 crank and pat. pend. Mag Schwinn stingray/krate
Nice chrome on mag, the chrome on the arms are slightly worn. Overall nice. $35

5)5 Speed/ Atom rear wheel 20"
5 speed Atom drum brake combo laced to a NOS Araya Rim. Comes with the spoke protector but it is spray painted. $65

6)'68 schwinn stingray/krate bars and '66 neck W/ Black grips
Good chrome, has scratches. $15

7)Offbrand Polo seat
Has material comeing loose on one side. 1 small rip at the nose. $10

9)NOS Troxel Axel mount sissy bar $20

10) later schwinn 20" S7 with replacment tire
will clean up good. $15

   RE:FOR SALE: posted by mike on 1/15/2007 at 2:47:23 PM
Sorry for the mix up the copper stingray is $200 not $300. I made a mistake in the original post


   RE:FOR SALE:    posted by mark bithell on 1/17/2007 at 10:58:08 AM
hey mike I havent forgoten about the pics of the sears ramshorn just been busy and it is stored a ways away.any way how much to ship the the 3spd stingray to 92651.thanks mark

   RE:FOR SALE: posted by mike on 1/18/2007 at 3:42:01 PM
Hey mark I sent you an email with some more pics of the bike

FOR SALE:   old bicycles swap meet in western PA posted by: ralph on 1/12/2007 at 8:55:20 AM
In Butler Pennsylvania. just north of Pittsburgh.

here is a link to the comfort inn, via Goolemaps-
[URL=]click here for the map[/URL]

it is Sunday morning January 21, 2007
8am?(9am) to 12pm, or when everyone leaves.

I should also add, it is chockfull of Stingrays and Balloon tire stuff. Some super deals are had by both sellers and buys. Buyers can find sellers who have to cover Christmas debt, and sellers find people that have not spent enough on themselves for Christmas.

I only add this point as I am not a Stingray guy and wish there were more cooler lightweight stuff there for me to buy. rarely any lightweight stuff.

couple turn of the century stuff shows up as well, as it is in Wheelman country.

It is indoors too, with coffee and donuts.

   RE:FOR SALE: old bicycles swap meet in western PA posted by ralph on 1/12/2007 at 10:49:12 AM
here is the link again to the map-

WANTED:   Purple/Violet Troxel Banana Seat Wanted posted by: Peter on 1/2/2007 at 6:46:38 PM
My sister recently bought a bike called "Miss Buzz" with a Western Flyer headbadge, (made by Murray). It's in very nice shape except the banana seat is faded and has a few cracks.
The seat is a ribbed banana seat, with a silver edge all around the bottom edge. I believe it was made by Troxel.
I believe theses seats were also used on Sears bikes. (there is a Sears Spyder bike on the picture database that has the same seat. Does anyone have one of these or know someone or somewhere to find one ???? I have looked on Ebay, but no luck for an exact match .... only wannabees's ha ha ...
any info would be appreceiated ... thanks ..

   RE:WANTED:   Purple/Violet Troxel Banana Seat Wanted posted by Gary M on 1/19/2007 at 11:56:07 PM