AGE / VALUE:   Columbia Pony Bicycle posted by: Dan on 6/10/2008 at 12:52:02 PM
I have this old Columbia Pony 20" Bicycle. The bike has a banana seat, the fenders are blue, frame is white and chain guard is blue with a pony on it.
If anyone knows the age or value it would be greatly appreciated.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Columbia Pony Bicycle posted by Debbie on 6/27/2008 at 11:43:58 AM
This was my childhood bike...sigh...bought for me in 1976 at Micky's Bike Shop in Chicopee MA...wanna sell it to me?

AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Stingray ID posted by: H Porter on 6/8/2008 at 4:49:34 AM
I have a Schwinn Stingray bike. S/N HN54788 From my research it was made in Aug. 1977. Is that correct? It has a black back fender and black handle bars with a cross piece and a black banana seat with Schwinn on the side in white. A large square reflector on the back fender. No front fender. 20" tires. 36 spokes on the back wheel. Cannot tell what color it was it was spray painted silver. No picture at this time. What can anyone tell me about this bike. It is in rough shape but everything seems to function.

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Schwinn Stingray ID posted by the bike farmer on 7/21/2008 at 10:49:24 PM
Sounds like you have came across a Schwinn "tornado" BMX style sting-ray. It used the same sting-ray frame as years past; but updated the handlebars,seat,& fenders to BMX style specs. They did have a small plastic tank and number board on the front. If you want this style bike then the parts can be hard to come by; but you would have a really cool version of the latter sting-rays. Most of the time they make good parts bikes or use the frame to build a regular sting-ray

AGE / VALUE:   Dragster posted by: Julia on 6/2/2008 at 9:47:27 AM
Hi! I have been referencing this site for awhile but this is my first posting. I just picked up a bike that I am having real trouble figuring out. It's a lime grean with white writing. It says "dragster" across the chain guard. There are chains of flowers on the fenders and style-wise it looks just like a Schwinn Fair Lady. It's got a black banana seat and really high ape hangers. Except the medallion on the front says "ALL PRO." I can't find anything on this. Anyone know?

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   Dragster posted by sean on 6/4/2008 at 10:35:20 PM
I'm assuming that it's a girls bike. The bike is made by Huffy bicycle company for KMART stores. The KMART store brand of bicycles was ALL-PRO. They are not valuable but they are neat. I have the fenders and chainguard from one just like yours that was the same color. Complete and in full working order, with decent paint, decals, and seat and chrome, your bike is worth approximately $70.00

AGE / VALUE:   tiger? bf goodrich posted by: preston freeman on 5/28/2008 at 8:12:48 PM
found "junk pile" 26 inch wheel "tiger"(1962) with a bf goodrich headbadge. serial is 7E03456(1957?!!!???)
black with stylized cursive "50s" schwinn on top tube, no checkerd flag on seat tube, art deco multi line "arrow" with
first aid "cross" with schwinn up/down left/right shareing the "w". seat tube roller mount for multi speed hub. w/o original crank or rear hub.QUESTION-'62 OR '57 AND , why is it such a unique animal? haven't found any head badge images w/ bf goodrich, or the cursive 50's schwinn logo. chaingaurd is all the proof i have of "tiger" status.

AGE / VALUE:   PARTS WANTED HUFFY/CCM posted by: johnnys55s on 5/18/2008 at 12:56:59 AM


   RE:AGE / VALUE:   PARTS WANTED HUFFY/CCM posted by Bill on 7/7/2008 at 2:05:17 PM
selling old mustang bike with banana seat good con.3 speed all gears work slick wire tire also Harley extended forks best offer