AGE / VALUE:   question about krate bikes posted by: jack pryma on 7/17/2008 at 5:55:21 PM
hi i have come across a apple krate bicycle. is this a reproduction or did they actually one that is a coaster brake bike. this doesnt have any accomadations for any handbrakes. only hole in back is for fender. serial # is above headbadge and upside down. # DANooo76 does this mean it is a 1976 ?? was there other coaster bike krates. can email to thanks for any info jack

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   question about krate bikes posted by the bike farmer on 7/18/2008 at 10:11:54 PM
Jack, it seems you came across a reproduction Krate made around 1998-99. Although original Krates came both as 5-speeds or coaster the serial number you supplied and it's location lead to believe it is a repop.

MISC:   69 Orange Krate - seat/grip color posted by: Charles Partridge on 7/14/2008 at 2:52:35 PM
I have a 1968 (BDxxxxx) Orange Krate that's been in the family since new. It's had a rough life being handed down through about 5 boys over the first 20+ years of existance...then spent a little time outdoors...then about 10 years in the shed.

The seat is very worn out, but does have some area's of good vinyl still. My 1st question is in relation to the seat and handle grip colors:

The seat appears to have originally been a metallic? blue vinyl, and the grips are black (the are Schwinn orininal grips). I've never seen any pictures of this combination in the Orange Krate series.

I'm also curious about the shifter knob. Mine is a what I call a "5 ball" as in the fact that it looks like a miniature 8 ball (but with the number 5 of course). I've seen several different variations of the knob...but I'm curious if there is any relevance to the year of the bike and such?

Can anyone tell me if these are, in fact, original? (although I have no reason to believe they aren't).

Thanks for any help in advance.

   RE:MISC:   69 Orange Krate - seat/grip color posted by Charles Partridge on 7/14/2008 at 3:00:56 PM
Sorry..incorrect subject line...meant to say "68" Orange Krate.

   RE:MISC:   69 Orange Krate - seat/grip color posted by Patrick on 7/15/2008 at 10:47:01 AM
Hi, Your seat should be silver glitter with an orange glitter stripe running from the rear to the front with an "S" in the middle of it. The grips should be orange. The shifter ball is a 1968 only item, for the Krate series. Go to the Schwinn Site, Heritage Forums and post some pics. and you'll get more info. than you knew was available. Pat

   RE:MISC:   69 Orange Krate - seat/grip color posted by Charles Partridge on 7/15/2008 at 1:40:02 PM
Thanks Patrick. I've posted a message on the Schwinn site now.

I know the colors *should* be as you described...but I can't remember any time that this bike would have been modified. My dad would have NEVER replaced the seat with a real Schwinn seat back in those days. He would have duct taped the original and told us to be happy we were lucky enough to have duct tape! :)

Thanks again...i hope to hear from other on the Schwinn site.

AGE / VALUE:   kent lil rainbow posted by: shelby on 7/8/2008 at 7:56:40 AM
i have a kent lil' rainbow and i cant find any thing out about it doest any one know any thing about value of this bike ? the seral numers are W90223070

AGE / VALUE:   1965 Schwinn Sting RAy w/ spoiler posted by: Joanne Z on 7/1/2008 at 5:38:42 AM
Have a 1965 Sky Blue Sting Ray w/ springer. My dad got it for Christmas in 1965-all original-banana seat-FABULOUS condition. Help with value???

   RE:AGE / VALUE:   1965 Schwinn Sting RAy w/ spoiler posted by the bike farmer on 7/21/2008 at 10:44:06 PM
Joanne, What you have there is a Schwinn Sting-Ray "Super Deluxe". 1965 was the first year of this bike. It was equipped with the Springer fork, chrome and paint chainguard, white "Chubby" grips, wide-set handlebars. It also had the option of a coaster brake hub or the super cool Bendix 2-speed hub. These bikes fetch quite a pretty penny in good condition. I would say anywhere from $250 for fair condition to around $1,000 for excellent condition based on online auctions and prices at swap meets.

MISC:   Interesting new site about restoring Sting-Rays posted by: Ignaz on 6/27/2008 at 2:35:28 AM
Check out this new site. It features before and after photos of a restored Sting-Ray, the part list, and links to the part sources.