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Subject: Old Colson-Should this bike be saved?
Entered on: Jun 1, 1998 11:38
Entered by: Tom (tf@pipeline.com)

While looking for old British road bikes at a used stuff store, I found an old blue Colson ballon tire bike, with "Colson Elyria Ohio" headbadge and "faded but looks original" light blue paint. It looks similar to the Colson at http://boulder.earthnet.net/~keithm/Colson.htm, but the rear stays are made of a single curved piece of tubing. I don't have a need for this bike, and already have too many projects. But this thing will be in the dumpster if it doesn't sell soon. Should this bike be saved? Thanks

Subject: Colson
Entered on: Jun 2, 1998 09:08
Entered by: kath ()

Holy sh!t. Don't dump it! Even the most average Colson in poor shape is worth good money. And if it has the internal front suspension (inside the head tube), it is worth $400- $500 even if it is rusted.

Subject: The Colson Revisited
Entered on: Jun 2, 1998 10:26
Entered by: Tom F. (tf@pipeline.com)

Thanks, Kath. Before I saw your reply, I revisted the bike at the junk shop, and looked at details a little harder. It has the same general appearance as the Colson on the website I cited earlier, but not as elegant. The chainguard, for instance, only has one stamped in ridge, not several, and the sprocket does't have the swoopy design. The headbadge is a big circle, with the initial "C" of Colson taking up the left hand side of the perimeter of the badge, which is cream with red letters, in fair condition. I did not know to look for a front suspension, on the otherhand did not see anything else unusual so it probably does not have it. Of course, the sly owner of the junk shop knows I am interested since I stopped by twice. Although he has a rack full of abused Murrays and the like, now "he's been thinking about fixing it up for his wife". Sure - he is just positioning himself for the bargaining to come. He won't quote a price, but wants an offer. If a Colson in poor condition is worth "good money", what are we talking about? $50? $100? My wife will kill me if I bring another dumpy looking treasure home, so I cannot keep this bike. I'm willing to buy the bike and pass it on to someone who would appreciate it. But when you consider finding a buyer, shipping, etc, I know it will be a hassle and I don't want to loose money on this. Could you give me a little more specific price guidance? Thanks, Tom F.

Subject: Removal of house painted bike
Entered on: Jun 2, 1998 14:52
Entered by: Jim s. (scianojim@www.hotmail.com)

How do I remove a house painted bike paint so I can at least match the original paint. It is a Schwinn Admiral and does anyone know what type of paint is it . Is it enamel of baked on or laquer. Any info would help. Please e-mail.

Subject: Trade Ballon Tire Parts
Entered on: Jun 2, 1998 15:12
Entered by: Andrea (dlxjag@webtv.net)

Looking to move a few whole bikes, frames and lights for the following items trades. All parts are of good quility and in most cases are nos are original. items are not junk ****My Items for trade*** Repro Krate fenders in bags S-2 26" rims S-7 20" Stingray built wheels Replated New Departure Hubs Built S-2 wheels w/ rechrmed hubs. EA Labs pre-war horn, MIB. NOS Schwinn Diamond black pedals. MIB **1948 Repainted two tone; blue and cream J.C. Higgins Tank, frame, chainguard. Pro work. Has old casted large head badge with great paint. No dents, no joke.** Repop Hornet Cruiser. Straight bar powdercoat black frame, fenders, chainguard, w/ S-2's and hard Phantom grips, GT-springer(the best springer around), Correct straight rear fender, repro front. All powder coated with chrome accents, NOS mudflap, feather chaingaurd. Jewled reflectors. 1952 complete DX, with tank. Correct parts, great rider. 1962-64 rechromed Jaguar/Corvette chianguards, excellent, no pits. 1939 Cross bar reenforcer for Hawthorne. 1951 Torrengton bars. 1961 High flange schwinn hubs. 1960 Middleweight frame w/ chainguard/ fair black paint. 1957 Deluxe Hornet frame, faded red paint w/ feather chainguard. 1958 Schwinn approved rear hub, black letters on brake arm. 1953 Bendix Skip tooth rear hub. 1960 Corvette painterd S-7 built wheels, very nice. 1958 Circa Enwall rear lights. MIB 20" truss rods 26" re-plated truss rods I am open to the fallowing parts; Complete Middleweights Pre-war DX frames Motorbike frames Crash bars Early 30's-50's Stems Headbadges Struted pre-war Schwinn forks

Subject: RE: Removal of house painted bike
Entered on: Jun 3, 1998 09:17
Entered by: Marco ()

You can use "Strip-eze" or some other paint remover gel. You can find it in any hardware or department store in their paint section. Also, check out the "Restoration Tips - Paint" topic here.

Subject: '57 Jag Mk II value?
Entered on: Jun 3, 1998 18:53
Entered by: Charlie (charlie@tuna.net)

Can anyone tell me the approximate value of my '57 Jaguar Mark II? Right now it's a fun rider, but I'm not up for a total restoration. Most stuff is original or correct, and I have decals for it, but it's rusty and some of the chrome is pitted to the point of needing to be redone. I could sell it to a friend for cheap and get to visit it on occasion, or sell it to the restorer I don't know who would make it beautiful, but put it on a shelf. Any thoughts, on price or who would be a more deserving guardian.

Subject: Colson Serial Number ?
Entered on: Jun 5, 1998 11:07
Entered by: Tom (tf@pipeline.com)

The guy in the junk shop is convinced the Colson is a $700 bike. What a starting point for negotiations! No front suspension, but I did notice that the cutouts on the sprocket are in a heart shape, very cute. The number on the bottom bracket appears to be "11 1976" , although the "11" is hard to read, and may be just two vertical lines, sort of like a foundry mark, though they are stamped in on the same line as the "1976". I presume this is not a build date. (It looks '50s or '40s to my uneducated eye.) Would someone please help me get an idea of the year, or anything else relevant from these numbers? Thanks, Tom F.

Subject: schwinn question
Entered on: Jun 8, 1998 06:34
Entered by: gerald (geraldw722@aol.com)

schwinn 26 in. girl's bike, blue w/chrome fenders, "hollywood" model. is this bike worth $50? (very good cond.) Also have similar bike, same color, "skybolt" model. Is this Schwinn?

Subject: Schwinn Phantom
Entered on: Jun 9, 1998 06:07
Entered by: Larry ()

I own a mid 1950s Schwinn Pahtom. It is green and black. It has the front fender with the light (which I had working in 1983). It has the tank, the rear carrier, wide handlebars. I believe my father has replaced the seat (the original had a rip) It has never been restored, but, has not been abused, it has mainly been stored the past 15 years. I'm curious as to its value.

Subject: 1950's Phantom
Entered on: Jun 9, 1998 08:20
Entered by: joe (joepesano@webtv.com)

Original phantoms go for over $1000. Check out Evolution Of the Bicycle. People there say they are worth $2,000 and $3,000.

Subject: Phantom
Entered on: Jun 9, 1998 11:17
Entered by: larry ()

I have a 1950s Schwinn Phantom, it is green and black, has the light on the front fender (I had it working as recently as 1983), it has the tank, and the rear carrier. It has never been restored, but was never abused, has a few minor dents in the front of the front fender for example. Paint is scratched, but okay, crome is dull, but not rusty. What is it worth?

Subject: Schwinn Model
Entered on: Jun 9, 1998 22:28
Entered by: hyllis (phyllis@webtv.net)

Need help determining model of schwinn bike with serial # W20333 stamped on left rear fork. Bike is girls, 26X1 3/4 ww tires with Schwinn Straight Side Tornado, to fit S-7 Schwinn Tubular Rim on it, frame is blue with white pinstripping, writing has worn off chainguard, chrome fenders, rims, handlebar and light, blue & white saddle seat with bar across back, think it might be a 1956 but no idea on model. Can anyone please help?

Subject: Corvair
Entered on: Jun 13, 1998 14:05
Entered by: John (trextrex@meta3.net)

I just saved a red "Corvair" from the scrapyard, even though there's little left of it. The stylized arrow design on the tank and the lettering appear to have been stenciled. I'd appreciate any information about this model.

Subject: F/S Iver Johnson
Entered on: Jun 13, 1998 20:38
Entered by: Bill (WildBill@home.now)

Have a ladies early Iver Johnson for sale. Wooden rims, fenders, head badge, good seat all there bike complete. Needs nickel work. Call Bill at 908-688-4742.

Subject: Seneca Bicycle
Entered on: Jun 22, 1998 21:03
Entered by: tom (tcostel@luc.edu)

I was just given an old Baloon tire bike. The head tube badge reads Seneca of Chicago. It is pretty complete, I think, and has a lock to lock the fork at 90 deg. If anyone knows anything about the company, or if the bike is worth restoring, I would appreciate the information. Thanks

Subject: Seneca
Entered on: Jun 23, 1998 08:15
Entered by: matt (mattfeeney@hotmail.com)

Probably made by Schwinn, Cleveland Welding, or one of the other old big balloon tire manufactures. Department stores used to buy them in quantity and put their own badge on them

Subject: project frame
Entered on: Jun 25, 1998 11:36
Entered by: manuel (madiaz@facstaff.wisc.edu)

My 12 year old son is looking for a boys project frame either 16 or 20 inch. He is looking for a 1950's or so. He does have a girls schwinn cambridge 1952 or so he thinks. He is willing to trade or buy.

Entered on: Jun 28, 1998 17:47


Subject: I bought that Colson...
Entered on: Jun 29, 1998 13:52
Entered by: Tom F. (tf@pipeline.com)

Well, after weeks of haggling with the junk shop owner, I bought it. It looks to be about a '50 ladies model, nothing special, but very cute. Brought it home, and my wife fell in love with it, so it looks like its going to be a keeper/rider. The stays/braces(?) for the fenders are crumpled and need to be replaced. Don't need NOS here, just something to keep 'er going. If you have any ideas, feel free to e-mail direct. Thanks, Tom F. Thanks Tom F.

Subject: RE: Colson
Entered on: Jul 2, 1998 08:19
Entered by: Steve's ()

Congrats on the purchase, and also for getting the boss's approval. I was just reading your messages in the archive about that bike. (recently discovered this web site and am diggin' it!) Fender braces should be really easy to find, and cheap. You can get chrome 26" braces from Lowrider Bicycle, Inc for about $4/set.

Entered on: Jul 2, 1998 08:20
Entered by: Steve's ()

What tire size? That counts for a lot, and helps determine age. (26 x 2.125) (26 x 1.75), etc.

Subject: identify old bike
Entered on: Jul 3, 1998 22:51
Entered by: Brian (abwinter@kansas.net)

Started restoring old bike but can"t find out what it is. Only clue are stamped numbers on bottom of frame "MF 5l38" and in smaller print "28x8". Bike has 26x2.125 tires, also the end of the peddles has "Hawthorne" stamped. Color of fenders is orange with red triangles on the ends sepaated by white pinstripes. Back hub has "New departure Model D" stamped on it and "made in USA". Can anyone help on this one

Subject: Western Flyer Grand Trophy
Entered on: Jul 4, 1998 10:57
Entered by: Bill (BRMP@STC.NET)

Anyone have any information on a men's and ladies Western Flyer bicycles? Age? Value? Any info. Thanks.

Subject: WTB S-7 Typhoon Cord Tires
Entered on: Jul 4, 1998 20:59
Entered by: Jaguar (dlxjagaur@netmagic.net)

Looking for a perfect non yellowed set of Typhoon Cord WW S-7. Price is no object for perfect tires if they can be found. Very serious.

Subject: WTB Stainless Steel Fenders
Entered on: Jul 4, 1998 21:05
Entered by: Jaguar (dlxjaguar@netmagic.net)

I am looking for any SChwinn middleweight stainless steel fender sets, that are NOS or are in very good condition. So if you have a old girls middleweight bicycles and would like to part w/ the fenders, please email me. Thank you

Subject: WANTED: shelbys or elgins
Entered on: Jul 6, 1998 17:18
Entered by: ken (oskisan@pacbell.net)

I am looking for an old shelby or elgin ballooner bike. I have krate, sting ray, and ballooner bikes and bike parts that I can also use as partial trade/swap. Ken

Subject: Seneca Bicycle
Entered on: Jul 6, 1998 17:46
Entered by: TOM (tcostel@luc.edu)

I was recently given a Manton & Smith of Chicago baloon tire bike. It is a Seneca model in pretty good shape, but with house paint all over it. Any info on Manton & Smith or if the bike is worth restoring. I would roughly estimate it to be 50 yrs. old.

Subject: Identify please
Entered on: Jul 8, 1998 21:33
Entered by: Brian (abwinter@kansas.net)

Have bike to identify. Rusty beyond belief but could be red paint. Seat tube is straight with numbers l l 5 2 9 2 stamped. Top tube and down tube are curved. Bottom bracket has stamped two scribe lines with 0 between them. Head tube is painted white and ends in arrow head designs. Also seat tube has white arrow head painted. Has two truss rods. Wheels white with red pinstripes around. Back wheel housing has stamped PERRY,36-13, ENGLAND on it. Seat stamped MESSINGER. If you have a clue to what this bike is, (this is not a guessing game I hope), like to hear from you.

Subject: RE: Manton & Smtih
Entered on: Jul 10, 1998 08:55
Entered by: kath ()

Any model Manton & Smith is gettin' pretty rare. Have you tried removing the house paint? Maybe try a small section under the bottom bracket, or some other out-of-view place? It is a bike definiately worth your time and effort.

Subject: RE: Identify Please
Entered on: Jul 10, 1998 08:56
Entered by: kath ()

Sounds like it is time to take a photo and put it on the web somewhere. That will help folks id it.

Entered on: Jul 12, 1998 15:27
Entered by: REGGIE (JC-COUGARS@egl.net)


Subject: I bought that Colson...
Entered on: Jul 13, 1998 15:53
Entered by: Tom F. (tf@pipeline.com)

Well, I finally got the junkmeister to part with the '50s ladies Colson. $25, since some of your are curious. I took the bashed up fenders off and it is rideable. Turns out my wife loves it, wants it for a "rider", except our town is pretty hilly...I'd never throw any old parts away, but is there some way to give this thing a few gears without messing it up forever? Thanks.

Subject: JC Higgins color flow girls
Entered on: Jul 14, 1998 10:25
Entered by: Steven (sarnold@eddy.foamex.com)

I have what I believe to be a early 1950's JC higgins color flow girls bike. It is painted a white (creme) and dull green. It has the rear rack, beehive,original seat and cool fender on the rear tire. My first question is can this be the original paint? I only question it because the shield is also painted green. My second question is I live in the mid atlantic region and would like to find some reputible dealers who can give me a fair price. Any help is appriciated. I will be in Massachusetts this weekend, does Menotomy buy bikes like this. Thanks

Entered on: Jul 14, 1998 14:25
Entered by: Aram ()

I have a 1968 Schwinn Typhoon with chrome fenders. Can someone tell me what it is worth?

Subject: Circa 1960 Sears Boys 26 inch
Entered on: Jul 14, 1998 16:58
Entered by: Jerry (djberg@skiaspen.com)

Looking for parts and information on a circa 1960 Sears bicycle. I particularily need a new bottom bracket and pedels. Can I still buy nos parts? The bike has 26 inch wheels.

Subject: horns, bells, and whistles!
Entered on: Jul 15, 1998 02:47
Entered by: scott (scooter@defnet.com)

help! I just got a cool new retro bike, but it lacks the COOL stuff i want! I am looking for a source that sells: horns, bells, etc... Pee Wee all the way! anyone remember the cool battery op. car type horns? hey, where can i acquire these items via email/phone? thanks man... keep cruisin'

Subject: an old columbia 3 star
Entered on: Jul 15, 1998 10:47
Entered by: Brad (Bmxer1@aol.com)

i have a columbia 3 star org. paint good shape and even have the bike license from 1941 i need the fenders the gas tank and the chain wilkling to pay top dollar for good parts thankyou

Subject: camel back schwinn
Entered on: Jul 15, 1998 10:56
Entered by: russ (roofer2@pce.net)

I have a 26" camelback schwinn, it has threaded holes for tension screws at the rear wheel slots. How can find out the year and proper model name so I can properly restore it? Input appreciated

Subject: Mead Ranger
Entered on: Jul 15, 1998 23:56
Entered by: Sheldon Brown (CaptBike@sheldonbrown.com)

I recently bought a bike that I believe to be a Mead Ranger. I know nothing about this brand, would appreciate any info. I've put pictures on the Web at: http://www.sheldonbrown.com/ranger.html

Subject: Phantom
Entered on: Jul 19, 1998 22:19
Entered by: Mike (ridehd@softfarm.com)

I found a Black Phantom It is missing the Cranks,chaingaurd, and fenders and I would like to buy it but don`t know what it is worth in this condition. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Subject: Phantom
Entered on: Jul 20, 1998 09:45
Entered by: P ()

Well, how much is the seller asking? If it is $2000, then no. If it is $200, then probably yes.

Subject: Manton and Smith
Entered on: Jul 20, 1998 18:50
Entered by: tom ()

Thanks kath. You are the first who has had any info. the paint is totally rusted under the housepaint and I have begun to remove it myself. I am not sure if I am doing the right thing by stripping the paint, the original finish was in too poor of shape to consider keeping. I was able to see that it was a nice bright red with cream accents on the head tube and chain guard. Could it by possible that the original rims were painted. The rear has silver paint over what appears to be the same cream color on the frame, but I have never heard of painted rims. The rear wheel is 36 spokes on a New Departure Model D hub, and Allstate 26x2.125 tire. Up front it is a schwinn S7 tubular rim, schwinn hub and schwinn Westwind tire. Do you know where I can get any more info?

Subject: 1941 Ladies Roadmaster
Entered on: Jul 20, 1998 21:48
Entered by: Bernie (bmendoza@gate.net)

I have a completely and authentically restored 1941 Ladies Roadmaster. 26 x 2.125 tires, new chrome, paint, hand-done pinstripes, etc. I also have a 1970s Schwinn Sting Ray Pixie. Can anyone tell me what they are worth? Thanks!

Subject: Thunder Jet
Entered on: Jul 24, 1998 11:39
Entered by: Velohund (velohund@yahoo.com)

My latest garage sale but (as in today) is a "Thunder Jet" balloner, made by the Chain Bike Corp. in Rockaway, NY. The headbadge is a pretty cool straight-winged jet. Any info or history on this bike or the company?

Subject: Schwinn Suburban '73
Entered on: Jul 24, 1998 22:06
Entered by: Ellie (Crescenzio@worldnet.att.net)

This bike is mint. It is a girl's blue bike and has many original accessories. It is marked "Schwinn Approved GT100". Does anyone have information about its current worth and/or interest to collectors ?

Entered on: Jul 26, 1998 18:01

Have Rambler Custom Deluxe Bicycle. Mfg. Westfied Co., Westfield, MA. Circa 1948-50. Male bicycle with tank, tire size 26 x 2.125. Original red and cream paint. Original leather covered seat in poor condition. Rest of bicycle in good condition. Interested in value. E-mail me at taquinasmc@aol.com

Subject: Info on Empire bike?
Entered on: Jul 27, 1998 10:22
Entered by: Neal (nlerner@mcp.edu)

I'm looking for info on a balloon-tire bike that I've had for awhile. The headbadge is marked "Empire" in art-deco letters. The rear hub is a New Departure Model D. The features include a tank with horn, rear rack, Uniroyal tires. I'd appreciate it if anyone can date or put a value on this. Thanks!

Entered on: Jul 27, 1998 11:37
Entered by: Velo (velohund@yahoo.com)

Just acquired a THUNDER JET balloner, made by the Chain Bike Co. of Rockaway Beach, NY. Would appreciate info on history of company or bike. THANKS! VH

Subject: "Evans Action" by Evans
Entered on: Jul 28, 1998 15:33
Entered by: David (mcfpc@pacbell.net)

Any info. on this bike would be helpful. Thanks

Subject: 1941 Rollfast
Entered on: Jul 28, 1998 20:52
Entered by: Lorie (pchop@voyager.net)

I am looking for a 1941 Rollfast bicycle for a very special gift for a friend. I am not sure what category it falls under- If we cannot locate a 1941, would be willing to go a year or two each way. If anyone has one, or knows where I can find one, please e mail me at pchop@voyager.net Many thanks Lorie

Subject: RE: Manton and Smith
Entered on: Jul 30, 1998 10:37
Entered by: kath ()

Sounds like you are making progress with it. For info on Manton and Smith, I'd suggest searching the web and looking for clubs. The club folks may know who the Manton and Smith nuts are. Once you find one of them (a Manton and Smith fan), you'll get tons of info.

Subject: RE: Chain Bike Corp
Entered on: Jul 30, 1998 10:39
Entered by: kath ()

Search Menotomy's archives. I know there is a discussion on this company.

Entered on: Jul 30, 1998 10:41
Entered by: kath ()

Westfields are the same as Columbias, for the most part. I think the Rambler Custom you described is similar to the Columbia 5-Star. Look up 5-Star values.

Subject: Wards Hawthornes
Entered on: Jul 31, 1998 18:23
Entered by: Gary (acheesahwa@aol.com)

Ihave a mens' and a womens' Hawthorns I'm working on. The men's is red with tank enclosing the horn and light, rear body-color carrier, 26 X 1.75 WW tires, serial # I 419493 on the dropout. There is an SE with a circle around it just above the serial #. The women's is identical except a pinkish color, serial # I150138, also with SE above it. Can anyone tell me the year buolt (or close). I'm overhauling them, but not touching the paint. The chrome cleaned up very nice.

Subject: Origin of Premier bicycles
Entered on: Jul 31, 1998 23:55
Entered by: Fred (redl944@aol.com)

I would like to know who made the Premier bicycle, where they were located, who sold them etc. The bike is complete but plain with the only accesories being a chain guard. It features an Ashtabula fork. Thanks, Fred aka, Bykryder

Subject: 52 Good Year "Hi-Way Patrol"
Entered on: Aug 1, 1998 16:39
Entered by: Bernard (bpaulsen1@aol.com)

Hi: In August of 1995 I bought my first Balloon tire bike for $300.00 at an antique swap meet. An (almost)complete (mid-)52 Good Year "Hi-Way Patrol" (heavy-weight, made by Columbia) with all the good stuff (tank, lights, rack, etc.) but in horrible condition. Not being an complete idiot, I realized very soon that buying this bike this was a mistake that would cost me tons of money. I took almost 100 detail photos before I carefully stripped the housepaint and found the remains of the original paint scheme of black with white and red accents underneath. Now, almost 2 years and $1,400 along the road (ALL the chrome...), I still haven't been able to complete the bike since I can't find anyone who knows the precise paint scheme, or, better said, the correct pinstriping. I did the restoration without any shortcuts so far (since I can't sell it anyway, having invested around $1,800 plus hundreds of hours by the time it's done)and I don't want to do any half-a.. job so close to the finish line. Anyone who has some advise? Is there another Hi-Way Patrol out there somewhere? I am really kind of helpless and would like to ride it before arthritis sets in . . .

Subject: schwinn phantom value
Entered on: Aug 1, 1998 20:58
Entered by: Dr. Spokes ()

The value of a phantom right now is very soft, thanks to the 5500 that the schwinn Co. reproduced in addition to the two million plus that were made originally. Most aggressive collectors have been dumping there phantoms because of the re-pop phantom. I just sold two complete phantoms and one that was missing some parts for $1400.00, all of which were needing restoration.Five to ten years ago I was getting twice the money for the same bikes.the only people who are paying fair money for these bikes right now are the first time buyers or the beginning collectors.Your bike sounds to me like it's in the $400.00 to $600.00 price range depending on the condition and completeness, brake light,saddle,headlight...

Subject: Columbia bike
Entered on: Aug 1, 1998 22:35
Entered by: Gary ()

I just purchased a ladies columbia bike that has 2.125 x 26 tires it has the columbia name on the front with westfield mass. It is green and cream and exclusivly therma Matic construction I would appreciate any help

Subject: Manton & Smith info...
Entered on: Aug 2, 1998 17:10
Entered by: NBHAA (Oldbicycle@aol.com)

The only source we know of for M&S info is National Bicycle History Archive of America, which has a nearly complete archive of M&S bicycles from beginning to end. Catalogues, ads, dealer letters, parts lists, etc. And, contrary to published stories in modern times, M&S made bicycles before AND AFTER WW2. Certainly if there are other knowledgeable M&S collectors out there, we would welcome communication. We are still seeking more parts books and other Manton & Smith literature to add to our extensive M&S collection.

Subject: Western Flyer, 1956
Entered on: Aug 3, 1998 15:01
Entered by: Karen (rkflynn178@aol.com)

I have a 1956 ladies' Western Flyer. It was made by the Western Auto Supply Co. Does anyone have any info on this bike or this company?

Subject: Phantom
Entered on: Aug 3, 1998 16:17
Entered by: Mike (ridehd@softfarm.com)

Can anyone tell me what year my Black Phantom is. The serial number on the rear drop out is F53094

Subject: Circa 1916 Ranger Bicycle
Entered on: Aug 4, 1998 12:03
Entered by: Dan ()

Original Paint,28s Tires,Wood Rims,Acetelyne Light,Cast Ding-Ding Bell, Leather Saddle, Steel Pedals, Original Handle Bar Grips. Any info Re: Value Greatly appreciated.

Subject: J.C.Whitney Bicycle
Entered on: Aug 4, 1998 13:27
Entered by: daphne (daphne@netwizards.net)

I just picked up a J.C.Whitney bicyle. It is a womens model,blue paint with white accent trim on the end of the fenders. The rims are painted white. My question is this: By painting it,will I reduce the value even if I duplicate the factory finish? What about respoking the rims? Is this a collectable bike? reduce the value of it

Subject: Seeking information
Entered on: Aug 5, 1998 18:15
Entered by: jacki (quirk333@hotmail.com)

Tim & Jacki are seeking info. We have an AMF Roadmaster Pleasure Liner. Specs: Master Weld AMF Wheel Goods Division Cranks- Takagi Cr-Mo 170X24 UA Pat.# on clip is 2,492,879 Horn inside tank is: Delta Electric Co., Marion Indiana, Made in USA Uniroyal Nobby Middleweight nylon tires- 26X1.75 - fits 26X2.125 rims - Made in USA Description: White on black original paint- straight bar frame- tank with horn inside is chrome plated Trying to reference year manufactured & any info on manufacturer (AMF) - or just info in general concerning value or other sites to seek reference. --Thank You!!---Tim & Jacki

Subject: rear wheel for middleweight
Entered on: Aug 6, 1998 17:33
Entered by: David (lewis.50@nd.edu)

I've got a beater middleweight that needs a rear wheel. I'm really hard on bikes and I ride everyday, so I'm not looking for anything fancy. What I want is something DURABLE. Any suggestions? If you've got one to sell, please e-mail me at lewis.50@nd.edu

Subject: Dayton Hawk
Entered on: Aug 7, 1998 19:26
Entered by: Frank ()

am having a 60sDayton Hawk fixed up bt cannot find the right tires it has a dunlop rim without hooks , 26x 1 3/8any idea of where i can buy the right tires??

Subject: Columbia 5 Star Superb
Entered on: Aug 7, 1998 23:41
Entered by: Bobby ()

Can anyone date this bike for me? I found two sets of numbers on the frame, which are; 6 132 0756 and 01952, with the "5" being hard to read. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Subject: Daphne's J.C. Whitney Bike (look at her message of August 4, 1998)
Entered on: Aug 8, 1998 04:33
Entered by: Bernard (bpaulsen1@aol.com (not much longer though!))

Dear Daphne, Here's my advise: In general, a nice original bike is worth more than an exellent restored one. Even the best classic cars and motorcycles are those that people classify as "virgins". They say you cannot bring back originality and patina for any price, and right they are! Having said that, it is obvious that the most desirable vehicles (which includes bicycles) are those who are in the condition they were new, decades ago. But not unlike with cars or motorcycles, there is always something that might need replacement. Who will ever know if your spokes have not been replaced twenty years ago, somply because they were broken. What I am trying to say is that you can replace spokes, tires, replate chromed parts, and stuff like that as long as it is not different from the condition before, just nicer and cleaner, but not improved. If your rims are really rusty and drag your bike's appearance down, hey . . . you certainly will have to repaint them. However, make photos, carefully measure the pin-stripes (if applicable) and try to redo them exactly the way they were "before." I guess you get the point. The real stopper, however, is a bike's paint. As soon as you repaint your bike you really can't claim its virginity anymore. As long as the paint isn't really, really, really bad, don't do it. Don't! Besides, if you have never restored a bike before you, most likely, won't be able to do it "right" the very first time and it will cost you mucho dollares, take my word for it. It may even happen that you will spend much more money than the bike is "worth" afterward or, in case you didn't do a decent enough job, that it's worth even less than it was before. 'Nough said--apply common sense and try to see the beauty that only graceful aging can provide. Good luck! Bernard

Subject: monark parts and bikes wanted
Entered on: Aug 9, 1998 14:38
Entered by: Ryan (gwhite@pacifier.com)

im looking for some monark super delux parts.and im looking for a girls monark super delux... thanks

Subject: Black Phantom
Entered on: Aug 11, 1998 15:02
Entered by: Mike (ridehd@softfarm.com)

Iam trying to find the right parts for My Black Phantom. The serial # is F53094 I think it is a 1952 but I don`t know for sure. The rear sprocket is a skip tooth but the front is missing so I don`t know what style of sprocket was on the front. I`ve seen them with the phantom style and the regular schwinn four circle sprocket but I`ve never seen one with a skip tooth. Can someone help Please.

Subject: Indian Bicycle
Entered on: Aug 11, 1998 18:58
Entered by: Dave ()

A guy I know told me he has an Indian Princess bicycle. I have not seen it and he doesn't know much about it. He said it has a tank and is an Indian like the old motorcycle company. Has anyone heard of such a bicycle and does it have much value?

Subject: Dave's Indian Bicycle
Entered on: Aug 12, 1998 01:00
Entered by: Bernard (bpaulsen2@geocities.com)

Dave: American Indian bicycles are worth close to nothing. They are way too heavy and nobody likes these old clunkers anyway. It's about the same with their motorcycles. Who would want to ride an old Indian Chief when you can get a nice, dependable Yamakutzi instead? Having said that, please do me a personal favor: Do not speak to anybody about the bike; most importantly do not mention the name Indian again and call me at home at (818)555-1212. I will get a plain ticket right away, pay you a little finders fee and give your buddy a crisp new $100 bill. Doesn't that sound like a good deal?

Subject: American Indian bicycles and motorcycles
Entered on: Aug 12, 1998 09:12
Entered by: Motordude ()

Of course, you are being tongue-in-cheek about no one wanting an Indian bicycle. Those are among some of the most sought-after bicycles and motorcycles of all time. BUT! The Indian Princes may be a British 3-speed, in which case it IS worth only $100. But since it has a tank on it, it probably isn't the Brit version. Hey! Seller beware! Get a price guide or talk to a collector you trust before selling a bicycle or part to someone who might turn around and sell it for 20 or 30 times what they paid you. (Also, thanks Bernard, for bringing this up)

Subject: RE: Circa 1916 Ranger Bicycle
Entered on: Aug 14, 1998 18:33
Entered by: Jim Divoky (jim.divoky@worldnet.att.net)

Can't help you with info on the bike but if you provide details on the acetylene lamp, I can probably provide info and possible value. Jim

Subject: RE: Columbia 5 Star Superb
Entered on: Aug 14, 1998 18:40
Entered by: Jim (jim.divoky@worldnet.att.net)

The serial number indicates it is a 1986 or later reproduction of, I believe, the 1952 model. I forget it's exact title and I own one so I won't try. Perhaps Mr. Old Bicycle can provide details. They were supposed to make 5000 of them but I don't know how many they actually made. A certificate of authenticity came with them with the production number as in 1234 of 5000. They generally sell for $500-1000 depending on condition. There are still a number offered occasionally new in the box. Jim

Subject: RE: Indian Bicycles
Entered on: Aug 15, 1998 11:03
Entered by: NBHAA (oldbicycle@aol.com)

Indian bicycles were made for the better part of 60 years. However the bulk of them were contacted...built by other companies. So we should not be too quick to poo-pooh the "English 3-speed" versions since they are no less Indian than the rest of the lot The sales brochures ackowledge that these were made in England, but they still stated very clearly in the sale lit, "Indian, Springfield, Mass.". Furthermore, if one pays serious attention to the history, the 1950s (when this particular model was made) was when English bicycles were considered cool among cerain folks. So, this is why Indian did it. National Bicycle History Archive of America has all of the original literature and ads, even press releases and owner's manuals on these models. In fact, NBHAA has a very large quantity of the original Indian bicycle literature, starting from the early days up to the end. However, as we started to say, with a span of many years of Indian bicycles...and given so many different models, no one can tell you much of anything without actually seeing the bicycle in question. Photos are indespensible.

Subject: Trades/sales
Entered on: Aug 16, 1998 00:03
Entered by: Ken (oskisan@pacbell.net)

I am looking to upgrade my bike collection to bikes which are rarer and higher in value. I have ballooners and sting rays and alot of parts that I can trade if you have something that might be interesting. Drop me a line...

Subject: Head Badge Removal
Entered on: Aug 17, 1998 21:36
Entered by: Frank (peterrf@ptdprolog.net)

How do you remove a Head Badge that is riveted.

Subject: Head Badge Removal
Entered on: Aug 18, 1998 14:19
Entered by: Bernard (bpaulsen2@geocities.com)

How do you remove a headbadge that is rivited to the headtube? Plain and simple, remove the rivets! No, but seriously: protect the headbadge with thick tape, such as several layers of duck tape. Then, carefully, use a drill a bit smaller than the rivets head and carefully start drilling. Once the material of the rivits head gets thinner, there comes a point where it cannot stand up to the forces of your finger muscles when you carefully, again, can peel of what's left of it. Do not pull at the headbadge, I repeat, don't do it! The most important tool you need, beside the drill of course, is patience. Don't attempt to remove it with a screwdriver for that way you sure will widen the holes. But that's exactly what you don't want to do! Apply some common sense, as so often a good advise, and you'll see that this is actually one of the easier parts to do when restoring a bicycle. Good luck!

Subject: Want any info
Entered on: Aug 19, 1998 17:11
Entered by: Josh (unstarsky@webtv.net)

Have what I believe to be a 55' The serial number is P51... I can only makout the first 3 digits. If anyone can give me some more info, tell me if I'm wrong or anything else about this bike it would surely be appreciated. THANX

Subject: Western Flyer Tricycle
Entered on: Aug 24, 1998 00:22
Entered by: Melinda (studio-c@wcn.net)

Requesting information on a Western Flyer tricycle, age unknown. It is a 1 speed model, with a handlebar operated front brake. It's neck emblem reads "Western Flyer" and also reads Western Auto Supply Co. It's rear axle sticker reads "Burris 3 wheeler" . This trike is a ladies model, with a metal basket between the rear wheels. The basket is stamped "WalD". Please respond with any information on this trike's age, value, etc. Thank You, Melinda

Subject: Lincoln Bike/parts
Entered on: Aug 24, 1998 20:29
Entered by: Ron (rbuschke@execpc.com)

I have a Lincoln bike from the Chicago Bicycle Co. I was told it was a Cleveland welding bike. The bike is a girls bike and I am looking to sell it whole or for parts. It has a skip tooth chain sproket and rear wheel. THe wheelset is very nice painted with pinstripes. I have a couple of pictures that I can e-mail. The bike is complete with chaingaurd, the bike was also repainted. If anyone is interested please e-mail for more info. Thanks. Ron

Subject: 1941 Wards Hawthorne
Entered on: Aug 25, 1998 09:48
Entered by: Todd ()

Please help... I am new to this, so I don't want to make a $$ mistake. I found a 1941 Wards Hawthorne. It is all oringinal and complete, except it looks like someone repaited it. It is definately a pre-war balloon because the rear tire drops out the back, and the chain is 1"? Am I right? He wants $400 for it. Is that too much?

Subject: Hawthorne
Entered on: Aug 26, 1998 09:02
Entered by: Matt ()

A very good price, if the tires are 26"

Subject: Hawthorne- how much to restore?
Entered on: Aug 26, 1998 14:56
Entered by: Todd ()

Matt, thanks for the advice. How much $$ am I looking at to restore thise bike. I.e., re-chroming the handle bars, a decent paint job, and a leather seat. Who would you recommend for parts? Thanks

Subject: 1951 Schwinn Black Phantom
Entered on: Aug 26, 1998 15:00
Entered by: Todd (tyellison@hotmail.com)

I also know a guy that has a 51 Schwinn black phantom for sale. It is mint, beautiful, and correct in every way. I have seen the bike and it is show quality. If anyone is interested, he wants $2500 for. Let me know. I can possible get a picture of it.

Subject: "Warrior" Tandem
Entered on: Aug 31, 1998 10:37
Entered by: Ken (kenzmail@juno.com)

Tandem bicycle. Headbadge has an embossed indian drawing a bow. Underneath this it says "WARRIOR" and below that it says "made in usa" The bike is a 26 inch, balloon tire sort. The original color was white and surf green two tone. There are three stripes on each side of the fenders. Alternating surf green, dark green, surf green. Was probably a single speed coaster orginally. Anybody know anything about this bike? Thanks, Ken

Subject: Alenax
Entered on: Sep 4, 1998 10:15
Entered by: Dave (ddave532@aol.com)

I have come across at a yard sale a "Alenax " bicycle , it has a curious "push -push type drive system rather than a standard rotating crank. It is apparently a Taiwanese manufacture bicycle made for an American producer. Does anyone have any info on this bike or where I can get info. Also is there any collector interest in it?

Subject: sears spaceliner
Entered on: Sep 5, 1998 07:58
Entered by: bill (kratekrazy@aol.com)

i found a ladies spaceliner in a field on tuesday, chrome with accents of blue on the carrier and front forks (4-5 inches. some genius took the ugly, nonfunctional plastic tank off it and replaced it with a beautiful, functional wald basket! can i ever find a tank for this bike??? help!please!

Subject: sears spaceliner or freightliner
Entered on: Sep 5, 1998 08:21
Entered by: bill (kratekrazy@aol.com)

i found a all chrome tubed middleweight girls bike, 26x1.75 tires, blue accents on front forks, blue carrier. how can i tell if its a freightliner or spaceliner? does anyone have a spare tank? am i nuts for thinking so?

Subject: Alenax
Entered on: Sep 6, 1998 19:08
Entered by: Bob Hufford (bhufford@mail.orion.org)

I believe these are from the early 1980s. There are some of these drive systems for sale on the Bicycle Trader site. That's about all I can offer.

Entered on: Sep 8, 1998 19:25
Entered by: JIM ()


Subject: '59 Schwinn Hollywood value
Entered on: Sep 8, 1998 22:03
Entered by: Indy ()

does anyone have an idea what a '59 Schwinn Hollywood could go for? This bike is all original and needs restored. Give it a shot! INDY

Subject: RE: Spaceliner or Flightliner
Entered on: Sep 9, 1998 08:45
Entered by: BikeTuna ()

Menotomy has pictures of both a Spaceliner and a Flightliner on their "Old Pictures" page.

Subject: 2 Hollywood questions
Entered on: Sep 9, 1998 08:50
Entered by: BikeTuna ()

The '65 needing restoration is probably only worth around $100. The '59 needing restoration is probably worth $150. You guys didn't say if these still have their tanks, lights and racks. The thing about middleweight and ballooner bikes is their value shoots up when they have accessories. And men's models (which Hollywoods are not) are worth more than women's. And ballooners are worth more than middleweights. And ballooners and middleweights are worth more than silly little Sting-Rays and muscle bikes because a grown adult can ACTUALLY RIDE ONE WITHOUT LOOKING LIKE A CIRCUS CLOWN! (I thank you)

Subject: Hollywood values
Entered on: Sep 9, 1998 15:47
Entered by: Bob Hufford (bhufford@mail.orion.org)

It's been my experience that the middleweight Hollywoods -- which I don't think were ever tank models -- typically bring less than $100 even if in pristine shape. I agree that the Sting-Rays are silly, but some models do out-value most middleweights and quite a few ballooners. They don't ride as nice though ...

Subject: bike values in the "big tomato"
Entered on: Sep 10, 1998 00:22
Entered by: Claudia ()

FYI Here in Sacramento ("the big tomato"), used ho-hum Schwinns are going for around 75-80 dollars. These are the nothing-been-done-to-em early fifties models at "vintage" shops. Basically the most desirable are the fifties versions no tanks, nothing special, just rideable classics that generation X is emabracing as is. This being California, it may be a trend, i.e., if you make them look too good they will just get ripped off. I can only wonder what will happen to all those mountain bikes, because faded unrestored cruisers are becoming chic here!

Subject: RE: cruisers are becoming chic
Entered on: Sep 11, 1998 09:54
Entered by: kath ()

Yes, I see that here in Cambridge (Boston area). Swing bands and balloon tire bikes.

Subject: Bowden
Entered on: Sep 12, 1998 21:39
Entered by: ken (oskisan@pacbell.net)

I am looking for information about possibly buying an original or repro bowden spaceliner. Does anyone have any information about how much they are running and where to purchase them from? I think that I have seen a few web sites with them priced at around $2500 for the repro, and was wondering if this is the going rate. Thanks -Ken-

Subject: Bowden
Entered on: Sep 12, 1998 22:19
Entered by: Bob Hufford (bhufford@mail.orion.org)

BIKESURFER still has them listed (the repops) at $3800 on his web page and I think he was one of the partners in developing the reproduction, so your $2500 sounds good compared to the initial asking price. Originals are comanding prices that I can't comprehend, so I won't be able to help you with that. See BIKESURFER's page for more info: http://members.aol.com/BIKESURFER/index.html

Subject: I have a mondo 1939 HUFFEY balloon tire cruiser
Entered on: Sep 13, 1998 02:18
Entered by: CHRIS (wallyman@gte.net)

Your all not going to believe this but I traded it for a bike overhaul, sweet deal huh? Its red and white with white walls. The entire bike is in incredable condition, not to mention it still has the original batteries for the horn. I repaired everything mechanical, but kept it cosmeticly original. I live in downtown Seattle and ride everywhere (cringe cringe).

Subject: Bowden Spacelander
Entered on: Sep 14, 1998 14:34
Entered by: Bob Hufford (bhufford@mail.orion.org)

In line with the discussion on Bowden Spacelander values, you might want to watch an original being auctioned on eBay. The owner says that these regularly trade in the $15,000 - $19,000 range (I told you it was beyond my comprehension). Here's the URL: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=30289671

Subject: WTB Ladies Spaceliner Tank
Entered on: Sep 15, 1998 22:32
Entered by: bill (kratekrazy@aol.com)

please email me if you can help! thanks bill

Subject: BOWDEN
Entered on: Sep 16, 1998 11:52
Entered by: Ken (oskisan@pacbell.net)

Thanks for the Bowden info. I emailed the guy that was auctioning the bike off and his reserve is $6500!! Whoa man.. outta sight. Repros sounds pretty good to me. Maybe I better stick with Elgins and Shelbys for right now and keep dumping my schwinn stuff before they repop something else. Are there many other people out there who took a dump on krate and phantom stuff like myself? Bummer man, I better stick with Pre-war stuff.

Subject: This site sure is nice
Entered on: Sep 16, 1998 11:58
Entered by: Ken (oskisan@pacbell.net)

This site sure is nice to visit. Do many people visit this site? I sure wish more of us ballooner people would come over to this site and leave the nonsense at over at the schwinn site. I was really happy the other day to see that one of the editors cleaned up the site and removed dumb postings, and it wasnt one day later it all started up again. We should hang over here and leave the krate stuff over there. Seems like the krate crowd is much different than the post/pre war ballooner people.

Subject: I'm here every day
Entered on: Sep 16, 1998 13:18
Entered by: Biketuna ()

I check this place every day. There's always something new, and it's actually related to bikes!

Subject: The Jag and the One that Got Away
Entered on: Sep 19, 1998 16:24
Entered by: Velohund (velohund@yahoo.com )

Today I found a 1960 Jag Mk IV 2-speed at a garage sale (about the 10th one I'd gone to today). I had my Aussie with me, and she has a pretty good nose for finding old Schwinns and English 3-speeds. As I was getting it out of my car at home, my neighbor asked me, "Did you get that at the garage sale down the street?" I said no. He looked at the Jag more closely, and stated, "Yeah, the one at that sale looks just like yours but newer. They were asking $15." I was down the street in a heartbeat. When I got to the corner he'd given me there was no garage sale. Must've been over. (My neighbor's not the type to play a cruel practical joke.) Anyway, who knows what it was -- but if it was a clean MW for $15, it was a shame to miss it. But I just rode the Jag here to the library to use the PC, and it was a great ride. So I'm pretty satisfied with 1 MW for the day. By the way, I completely agree with the comments about the Schwinn forum. A few good people, but mostly garbage. Not at all helpful or interesting. Keith (Velohund)

Subject: 1954 SCHWINN TIGER
Entered on: Sep 19, 1998 20:09
Entered by: Glenn (Fatfenders@aol.com)

I recently purchased a 1954 Scwinn Tiger from an antique dealer. The frame is definately a middleweight. It is a paintee fender bike with the fender paint scheme identicle to earlier balloon S-2 bikes where the painted teardrop is tapered to a point, and the pinstripes flare out to meet the base of the teardrop at the fender's edge. The frame welds are brazed just like earlier Phantom style frames, yet the bike is middleweight size with S-7's and middleweight fenders. This bike also has the Phantom or early style seatpost clamp and it has a Phantom stly crank. I read someplace that 1954 was the first year for the Schwinn middleweight, but I have never seen another middleweight with haevyweight construction and hardware. The bike is in great shape. If anyone has any info regarding beginning build dates for Schwinn middlewieghts please respond. Has anyone seen another middleweight with similar brazed welds? Thanks for your responses. This is a great site.

Subject: Century Bicycle
Entered on: Sep 19, 1998 20:29
Entered by: Frank (peterrf@ptdprolog.net)

I have a ballon tire, girls skip tooth, 26" bicycle. The head badge says CENTURY . Can any body give me some information on this bicycle

Subject: Rollfast bike
Entered on: Sep 20, 1998 19:39
Entered by: tim (yatah6064@aol.com)

I have purchased a rollfast girls bike at a rummage sale. seller claims bike dates 1950-51. bike is all original condition, teal and white, balloon tires size 26x2.125, spring loaded front and rear paper racks, mesinger seat,and a serial number "A 417205" on the frame by the rear hub. would appreciate any info. thanx Tim

Subject: Monark Bicycle
Entered on: Sep 20, 1998 21:15
Entered by: Paul (p3aul@cyberhighway.net)

Looking for any information regarding monark bike please email me at p3aul@cyberhighway.net anything you have on this bike would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.........Paul

Subject: was that jag a tank bike?
Entered on: Sep 21, 1998 00:20
Entered by: ken (oskisan@pacbell.net)

was that jag IV one with a cantilever tank similar to the phantom? $15 bummer in any case. A definate good ride either way

Subject: You guys finding bikes at yard sales
Entered on: Sep 21, 1998 09:11
Entered by: Matt (mattfeeney@hotmail.com)

Where are you finding these things? I try yard sales in the city, in the country, near our local college. I try the want ads, the dump, Goodwill, etc. I NEVER see anything except 10-speeds and once in a while and English 3-speed. I say one rusty girls's middleweight this summer and it was way over priced. I haven't seen a balloon tire bike in my travels for over 2 years! Where are you finding these great old bikes?

Subject: Finding Bikes
Entered on: Sep 21, 1998 09:49
Entered by: Keith (Velohund) (velohund@yahoo.com )

Matt: I wonder if region has something to do with it. I live in Columbus, Ohio. People here are still just cleaning out there garages and basements. I wonder if certain areas -- California and the east coast, have already been completely picked over. Also, I check the ads in local papers and look for garage/yard sales with bicycles. But mainly I drive around for an hour or so on Friday or Saturday morning and find something of interest every couple of weeks. I get a huge cup of coffee and hit the road -- it's kind of a ritual. Here's a tip that might help: go to older, established middle-class neighborhoods. These are the people who could affird a Schwinn. The garage sales where I make finds are by retirement-aged people who are selling their own bikes or their kids' bikes. Newer neighborhoods and "upscale" neighborhoods seem to have newer junk and overpriced junk respectively. (I see lots of rusted Huffys priced at $50 outside $300,000 homes.) By the way, those English 3-speeds can be great bikes. Visit the English Roadster discussion site here. In my opinion, as much as I love the old American MWs and ballooners, the English 3-speeds are much faster bikes but still very durable and comfortable. Anyone else have tips on finding bikes? VH

Subject: finding bikes
Entered on: Sep 21, 1998 16:26
Entered by: stoney (stevesr@tricountyi.net)

i will tell you what else works. set up a yard sale or at a flea market with some junk and add an old bike or two. keep your eyes and ears open when someone comes and looks at your bikes and tells you that is just like the ones that they used to have. just flat out ask them if they still have them or know anyone who does. you will not believe how many leads you will get and free bikes also.

Subject: finding bikes
Entered on: Sep 21, 1998 18:53
Entered by: ken (oskisan@pacbell.net)

if you are looking for cool bikes, especially bikes with tanks, then dont usually expect these things to pop up at thrift stores. Go to a local bike shop and tell them you have an old bike that you want to sell. Right away you will be hooked up with someone who collects, or they will point you in the right direction. Otherwise, if you are looking for middle weights or sting rays, they are still out there at garage sales but getting pretty slim. I dont see varsitys very much any more. It is hard to believe they will be rare one of these days!! Ken Oh yeah, you can also go to rec.bicycles.marketplace and post there that you are looking for something old. They will overload you with stuff, but be careful cause most the bikes are made up of bits and pieces of other bikes. It is good to deal with collectors although you have to pay more money you typically know what you are getting is right,and has all the right parts. Nothing worse than putting out a couple hundred bucks to find out you have the wrong pedals or the wrong goose neck, wrong fenders, etc.

Subject: tire size 50`s colombia
Entered on: Sep 22, 1998 11:32
Entered by: chas ()

tire has imprint stating,26-1.75 use on rim 26-1.25 bike is original. so what size tire to replace with? thanks.

Subject: More about finding bikes/Bike date
Entered on: Sep 22, 1998 14:04
Entered by: Keith (Velohund) (velohund@yahoo.com)

I like the idea of giving your local bike shops your name and number to let them know you'll buy old bikes that they won't accept as trades. I have not had luck at thrift stores (Salvation Army) so far -- they seem to want a lot for the kind of bikes I find out on the curb on trash night. I've never shopped flea markets for bikes. I would have to admit, though, that still don't consider myself to be a collector, but a rider who likes having a wide variety of bikes to choose from. I really like the Jaguar Mk IV, but it's not complete though what's there is correct. It's missing the tank and the rear rack, but to be honest I don't care at all. The paint is original, and the decals are intact, but it has plenty of scratches and some peppering on the rims where I removed the rust with aluminum foil. I admire those with the skills, time, and patience to do a full-blown restoration. But I personally will not sink $100s into restoring a bike that I got for very little to begin with. Last night my fiancee and I rode to our favotite local Italian restaurant -- me on the Jag and her on a '72 Suburban (I also got her a decent 1950 Panther for $15 at a garage sale but she likes having the gears for hills). After dinner we rode to a Graeter's for ice cream. A number of people there noticed the Jag, complimented me on it, and asked about it. We rode home at dusk -- good thing she had a light. It was a lot of fun -- I felt like a kid in junior high school. Are any of you out there going out on dates on your bikes? Also, I'd like to hear more tips about where the rest of you find things. We can all find dealers on the net to buy these bikes for $$$$$$$$$, but I like finding them for $5 -- $20. Share your secrets, if you have them. VH

Subject: Sears baseliner
Entered on: Sep 22, 1998 20:20
Entered by: Kenn (Dreamknot@aolcom)

Sears Baseliner/ 1950's/ red w/chrome wheels/ gas tank-like body,, i no little else about it,,, perfect condition,, interested in value and also interested in selling it. email me Dreamknot@aol.com/ subject: bike

Subject: RE: Sears Baseliner
Entered on: Sep 24, 1998 10:58
Entered by: Matt ()

Probably a Spaceliner, not Baseliner. Check Menotomy's picture database, they have some pictures of Spaceliners.

Subject: RE: Where to find 'em
Entered on: Sep 24, 1998 11:03
Entered by: Matt (mattfeeney@hotmail.com)

Ditto on the fun it is to ride a ballooner somewhere and grab a bite to eat. You get a lot of great comments, people smile, it's great. ON finding bikes::: Where I live everyone brings their trash to the dump, so I can't do any curb cruising looking for old bikes. I spend so much on gas during the summer going to yard sales and flea markets and looking at bikes from the want ads, I could probably have bought myself another car!

Subject: Western Flyer Lady's Bike Information
Entered on: Sep 24, 1998 12:48
Entered by: Matt (voylesm@il-arng.ngb.army.mil)

I just found a Western Flyer lady's bike, Model # 2F2105KB, Serial # A1371600. Missing correct seat, one pedal, rear rim/wheel and hub are not original, front is original rim with red pinstripe to match pinstripe on bike, paint is seafoam grean and cream with red pinstriping. Any ideas if this is worth saving and/or selling?

Subject: any history?
Entered on: Sep 24, 1998 14:33
Entered by: erin (erini@hotmail.com)

i recently acquired and refinished a women's 26" cruiser, circa 1950's?? due to 53 stamp on frame. the only other identifying mark is the "Air Flyer" emblem on the neck. the chain guard is also quite decorative and what really caught my eye..does anyone know anything about this bike... it has a great ride, really smooth and quiet..i would appreciate any info. that could be provided....thanks, erin

Subject: Mead Ranger
Entered on: Sep 24, 1998 18:56
Entered by: jim (lockeja@aol.com)

Looking for information on mead ranger. I believe it to be around 1920. Very similar to mead ranger in Evolution of Bicycles II pg 94top. Different sproket and thinner gas tank/toolbox. Also has light bracket on front of fender.

Subject: RE: Western Flyer Lady's Bike Information
Entered on: Sep 25, 1998 08:23
Entered by: kath ()

What size are the tires? And yes, it is worth keeping and/or selling.

Subject: RE: Mead Ranger
Entered on: Sep 25, 1998 08:26
Entered by: kath ()

Mead was a popular manufacturer for decades. Did you notice the price quoted in Evolution of the Bicycle for the Mead Ranger they show? As you can tell, having the tank adds HUGE value to the bike. I don't have 'Evo' in front of me, but yours could be worth $800+ if it is a clean original.

Subject: Now THIS woman has the right idea!
Entered on: Sep 25, 1998 08:54
Entered by: kath ()

I just made my way down to the "wanted ad" topic and saw an ad by a woman named Emily. She's looking for parts and doo-dads for her Columbia balloon tire bike. She says: "I have a '30s Columbia Three Star Deluxe -red. I am looking for a gas tank,26" balloon or whitewall tires, and lots of accesories (ex. rocket shaped grips, odd horns or bells, screamers, lights, back racks). If you think you've got something even if you're not quite sure what it is please email me. I love my bike and need to lavish her with attention and gifts." and she adds: "and any crazy accessories you may have (ex. rocket shaped grips, horns, lights, screamers). I want my bike to be as cluttered as possible. " Now THERE is a person who understands the concept of cruising on a balloon tire bike!

Subject: Silver King ?
Entered on: Sep 25, 1998 21:02
Entered by: Will (terminal99@msn.com)

I have the chance to buy a Silver King bicycle. It is a balloon tire bike. The interesting thing about it is that the frame is all aluminum. There is no extras like a tank or springer fork, but I think it might be a good buy. They are asking $125.00. Should I go for it?

Subject: Silver King Bonanza
Entered on: Sep 27, 1998 00:39
Entered by: Bob Hufford (bhufford@mail.orion.org)

They are still out there ... Will has located what appears to be a Silver King Deluxe and a few weeks back someone else located a Silver King Flo-Cycle for $12 at a garage sale. Restored, the Deluxe could be in the $1000 range and the Flo-Cycle at $3K plus! Keep you eyes open!

Subject: Schwinn tandem [two-seater]
Entered on: Sep 30, 1998 22:00
Entered by: rusty (nash@cyberhighway.net)

I have a old schwinn tandem .I would like to restore it. its complete, except for wheels and fenders ,and been spray painted can someone tell me the age and model? info please! thanks.

Subject: Evolution of the Bicycle
Entered on: Oct 1, 1998 10:32
Entered by: Craig (caclayto@iupui.edu)

I am looking for info. on the Evolution of the Bicycle for my senior design project. I am senior at Herron School of Art in Indy, IN. I am doing a timeline and need info on the m