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Columbia Serial Numbers

1936 A-5429 through A-266083
1937 B-5000 through B195407
1938 C-5000 through C-130896
1939 D-5000 through D-156044
1940 E-5000 through E-168879
1941 F-5000 through F-213132 and G-5000 through G-17433
1942 G-17434 through G-112858
1943 G-112859 through G-195135
1944 G-195136 through G200000 and W-5001A through W-85244A
1945 J-5000 through J-114781
1946 K-5000 through K-256116
1947 L-5001 through L-313474
1948 M-5001 through M-345445
1949 M-345446 through M525640
1950 N-5000 through N-59606 and R-5000 through R-182877
1951 R-200000 through R-539588
1952 R-659514 through R-804246
1953 R-804247 through R-855423 and W-5000 through W-217999(?)
1954 W-21800 through W-376443
1955 A-5000 through A-197956
1956 C-5001 through C-105020
1957 C-105021 through C-288230
1958 D-5125 through D-199613
1959 E-5000 through E-273125
1960 H-5000 through H-259120
1961 K-5000 through K-205465
1962 L-205466 through L-425743
1963 M-425744 thru M-617828 and N-617829 thru N-624001 and N-5000 thru N-26183
1964 N-26184 through N-370693
1965 N-375000 through N-817898
1966 R-100000 through R-464982
1967 R-464982 through R-842814
1968 R-842814 through R987209 and S-5000 through S-331191
1969 S-331193 through S-767191
1970 S-767191 through S-950093 and W-5000 through W-242733
1971 W-242733 through W-752146
1972 W-752146 through W-803303