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OldRoads.com FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

VVVintage Vintage Bicycles, Inc.

Sorry but we don't give estimates on a bicycle's value.
No Exceptions.
Please use our free on-line price guides and other tools below:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: How much is my bike worth?
A: Sorry but we not longer give appraisals.
Our suggestions:
  • Check our on-line Used Bicycle Price Guide
  • Post your questions to our Forums . Be sure to include:
    1. Photos of the bicycle
    2. As much information as possible such as tire size (2 dimensions) frame style, etc.

Q: What kind of bicycle do I have?
A: There are a number of databases on our site which will help you answer this question:

Q: How old is my bicycle?
A: There may be a date code on the rear hub. Also...
  • Look for similar bicycles in the Vintage Bicycle Picture Database
  • Look up the serial number in our Resources section (Use the "Resources" tab at the top of any page on OldRoads.com)

    Q: How can I sell my bike on OldRoads.com?
    A: There is no charge to post your bikes, parts or services on our Forums .

    Q: Where can I find Vintage Bicycles and parts for sale?
    A: Have a look on our 'Bicycles and Parts For Sale' page
    Also try posting a wanted ad on our Forums .
    Q: Do you buy old bicycles?
    A: Yes we do! Please send us email at: Our email is VVVintage@aol.com

    Q: Can I place an order over the phone?
    A: No, we only take orders through:
    • Email
    • Postal Mail
    • Our on-line Shopping Cart program

    Q: Do you take Credit Cards?
    A: Yes, but only through PayPal on the web (details at PayPal.com)

    Q: What is your email address?
    A: Our email is VVVintage@aol.com but we will not answer any questions via email which can be answered above.
    Sorry, we WILL NOT give any opinion on your bicycle's age, value or identification via email.


    Please use our many years of on-line databases, archives and Forums to research your bicycles.
    Please only use the phone or email after exhausting every other method.