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Vintage Bicycle Literature

Menotomy Vintage Bicycles at OldRoads.com carry the following books and prices guides:

We also recommend these great Collector's Books, Videos and DVDs from Amazon.com:

 VIDEO: Breaking Away

 VIDEO: The Bicycle Corps

 VIDEO: The Bicycle Thief - Video (English subtitles)

 VIDEO: Lowrider Bicycle - Video

 DVD: The Bicycle Thief - DVD

 BOOK: The Bicycle Wheel by Jobst Brandt

 BOOK: The Bicycle in Wartime: An Illustrated History - by Jim Fitzpatrick

 BOOK: Evolution of the Bicycle, Volume 1 - by N. Wood

 BOOK: Evolution of the Bicycle, Volume 2

 BOOK: Major Taylor : The Extraordinary Career of a Champion Bicycle Racer - by Andrew Ritchie

 BOOK: Raleigh and the British Bicycle Industry : An Economic and Business History, 1870-1960 (Modern Social and Economic History) by Roger Lloyd-Jones, Mathew Eason, M. J. Lewis

"The American Bicycle" by Jay Pridmore and James Hurd

"Schwinn Sting-Ray (Color Series)" by Liz Fried

"Schwinn Bicycles" by Jay Pridmore and